Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy


6/26/1992, Garden Grove, California, USA

Birth Name

Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy



Also Known As

JMac, Jeanette McCurdy, Nettie, Net Net, Jen McCurdy, Biscotti
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Jennette McCurdy was born on June 26, 1992. She was first inspired to become an actress when she saw Harrison Ford in Star Wars when she was young. Jennette has been in numerous commercials. Jennette has guest starred in many shows such as Zoey 101, Malcolm in the…more


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    • Jennette: (on her choice of charities) St Jude's doesn't charge any of the patients-they pay for room and board, and the whole family gets to stay with the patient in Memphis. I've visited the hospital multiple times. Any charity that aids or supports trying to find a cure for cancer is very close to my heart. My mom had cancer multiple times, so it's something that I can relate to.

    • Jennette: I have a blast on set. It's great working with the awesome crew! There are so many great folks behind-the-scenes that no one really knows about...Jana, Jacob, Tyler, Rick, and Paul are all like big brothers and sisters to me! As for embarrassing moments, I've had about a bajillion, but probably my most embarrassing one was when I toppled down the stairs in the lot during the middle of a big scene! I just slid all the way down the first flight of stairs and knocked down a bunch of stuff as I went!

    • Jennette: I love being the youngest AND only girl in the family. My three older brothers are awesome! They're fun, supportive, and hilarious. Oh yeah, I'm definitely a tomboy! I love sports, hate dresses, don't own a single pair of high-heels, am not a fan of makeup, and I'm not afraid to get messy!

    • Jennette: I LOVE Meryl Streep and Reese Witherspoon. I think that they're both phenomenal actresses! My role model is definitely my mom... there's no one like her!

    • Jennette: (about becoming an actress) Although somewhat reluctant to venture into the unknown, my mom knew my dream was from my heart. The family agreed to make the necessary sacrifices to allow me to follow my dreams. I met an actor who became my best friend. She and her mom directed me toward agents and so forth. They have also been, a constant source of help, encouragement, knowledge, and friendship. Once I was directed in the right way through some great acting coaches, agents, manager, my family, directors who took a chance on me, and above all, God, I am now well on my way of fulfilling my dream. I have even met Han Solo (Harrison Ford) himself, when I worked on his movie, Hollywood Homicide. Wow, what a dream come true!

    • Jennette: (about learning to cry on cue) It's definitely hard to think all of the sad thoughts that are required to cry on cue. You really have to put yourself into the role but bring along sad memories of your own so it's pretty draining by the end of a dramatic day.

    • Jennette: (about her most memorable moment on set) Probably my most memorable time on set was my birthday. We were shooting the dance episode so we had all these awesome dancers down from New York and New Jersey and Florida (I'm friends with all of them! They're great!). Everyone on set made my birthday extra special by ordering my favorite ice creams and giving me a billion balloons and this huge b-day card. And a bagpipe player played Happy Birthday for me!

    • Jennette: (about how she got the role of Sam) Well I had actually done a guest starring role on a show called Zoey 101, and the creator/producer of that is also the creator/producer of iCarly, so he had me in mind for the role of "Sam" ever since I shot Zoey 101.

    • Jennette: (about her character on iCarly) Me and Sam are similar in that we're both a bit edgy and kinda wacky, but I'd say Sam is kinda like me to the 10th level. For example, I wouldn't go smashing boys into lockers or anything like that. And Sam hates school but I love school.

    • Jennette: Acting will always be my first passion, but figure skating is my second.

    • Jennette: I have been taking piano lessons since I was four.

    • Jennette: (about her life so far) Wow! What a dream come true!