Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer


2/12/1976, Glasgow, Scotland, Untied Kingdom

Birth Name

Jenni Falconer



Also Known As

Jenny Falconer
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Jenni Falconer was born 12 February 1976, in her home town of Glasgow , and is a well known Scottish television presenter in the UK. At the age of 7 Jenni and her family relocated to the south of england. Then in 1994 she decided to move again…more


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    • Jenni: (When being asked what was the greatest challenge of your career so far, she replied with) Without a doubt, my first day presenting Big Country (BBC1 Scotland). It was my first assignment and they told me I was going on a tandem skydive - at first I thought they were joking! When I got up there, I had no idea how scared I'd be. I didn't want to jump.In the end, the guy I was attached to had to practically throw us both out the plane. I screamed all the way down, but as soon as I landed, I turned to camera and said how much I loved it! And I did - I just wished I'd known that before!!!

    • Jenni: (When asked the question if you won a million pounds for a charity of your choice - what would it be, she replied with) I'm patron of a Scottish charity called BC2000 (Breast Cancer 2000) so without a doubt, I'd give it to them. They do an amazing job in raising funds to try and beat this disease that is affecting more and more people. The more we can do to help prevent or even detect it, the better.

    • Jenni: (Talking about her having Raynauds)I can't allow it to rule my life, but there are times when my fingers go so numb when I'm doing an interview that it's difficult for me to hold the microphone.

    • Jenni: (Referring to Cirque De Celebrite) One of the advantages of hosting a big show is that you get to have a great outfit and there's 10 shows so that means 10 great outfits.