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  • Jennie Garth is an amazing actress. When I first saw What I like about you, I knew that I was in love with it. It was so funny. That show introduced to the phenomenal work of Jennie.

    I thought that Val and Holly Tyler were very funny siblings. I'm a person who loves to laugh and it takes more than reading from script to show that you're talented. Jennie definitely puts effort into her work. After tuning in each week to watch what the gang was up, to I checked out Beverly Hills,90210. I couldn't help but compare Kelly and Val. I couldn't believe they were played by the same person. It's amazing how Jennie can play something so serious and then play something funny. I wish her all the success and reward for her work and hope to see more of her. I will definitely always be a fan of hers.
  • I have to say I am so glad she is going to be on the 90210 spin off. Even though she played a rich snob and still couldn't help to like her. Had great clothes and great boyfriends. It will be nice to see Kelly all grown up. I know the show just went off 8

    years ago but it will be nice seeing her help kids out in trouble and see what's she's like now. I'm excited at first i was like oh if they don't get any of the orginal cast don't know if i want to watch. SHe was one of my favorite cast on 90210. She's also done some good movies and liked her on what i like about you even though it was corny at times. I'm excited about 90210 spin off and hope they bring some more cast from the old show to the new show. I know it won't be the same as the orginal 90210 but i do hope it's as good.
  • An amazing actress, who deserves more attention.

    Jennie Garth is an amazing actress, I've been following her career for a very long time now. The first time I remember seeing her, was an episode of “Growing Pains”. When I heard about “Beverley Hills, 90210” adding her to the main cast, I knew I had to check out the series. Jennie's role of Kelly Taylor was amazing. She was the right woman for the job, nobody could've pulled it off better than her.

    When “...90210” ended, I knew she would take a break and be back before you knew it. Sure enough, she landed a role in the WB series, “What I Like About You”. I'm just as big of a fan today as I was back in the 80s when she first hit the TV Screen. What I like about Jennie, is that she's just herself and not trying to show off or act like a big shot. She's one of the best things to come from Illinois, I should know, I live near her hometown of Champaign-Urbana. If you haven't seen “What I Like About You”, you really should... she's amazing!
  • Jennie is great!

    I first because a fan of Jennie Garth when I was watching reruns on Beverly Hills, 90210. Then I started watching What I Like About You. Then i saw the Lifetime movie "Danielle Steel's 'Star'", then i saw The Story of Laurie Kellogg. And Jennie is just great. Her preformances are amazing, especially in 'Laurie Kellogg'.
  • Not bad but...

    alittle overated.
  • for some reason she has alot more to show for than what was shown through out her career. she always looked beutiful in every show i saw of her.

    Jennie garth will always be remembered for her days on beverly hills 90210. She was one of the cast memebers that made that show what it is today without a doubt. she had skills that the dirctors didnt use at times, her emotional ouburst scenes were very talented at times, and she gave aweseome performances in alot of episodes. her and illan mackay will always be the best tv series couple, nobody could beat them in any way. ive watched this show latly, on re runs and i got to say, now i know why people loved this show so uch back in the day.
  • Jennie is fabulous!

    Jennie is not only beautiful but lighthearted and fun to watch. She makes you giggle and feel good about yourself. This is why I think she has been doing tv for so long. I watched her first on 90210. Cute, sad, misunderstood. You felt for her! She grew up and we missed her for awhile and then comes What i Like About You and she is back and full of humor. I was afraid this show was going to end and was very glad when it did not. The show is fun and ends my week in a great frame of mind. Jennie has also done several films, dramatic and funny and I have loved them all. She is one of the best out there to just make you WANT to watch!
  • Jennie is by far the BEST actress in the WHOLE world!

    Jennie is the most talented actress of all time. She can play so many roles like Kelly Taylor and Val Tyler. Everything she does is a success and she is involved with so many charities. Jennie is a wonderful role-model and an excellent person. Her family is great too! Watch Jennie every Friday on What I Like About You!
  • In my opinion, Jennie Garth is a versatile, likable actress, who's best series to date is the feel-good comedy series "What I Like About You."

    Actress Jennie Garth, who gained international recognition and stardom when she starred as Kelly Taylor on Aaron Spelling's "Beverly Hills 90210," is, in my opinion, a talented, versatile and genuinely likable actress.

    Though she's mostly recognized for her role on the long-running "90210," Garth also gave a dramatic, memorable performance in the television movie "Star," based on Danielle Steele's novel, during the early nineties, and she is currently starring opposite Amanda Bynes on the hit sitcom "What I Like About You" (WB). To her fans' delight, Garth has now proven that she's not only a great, dramatic actress, but a brilliant comedienne as well.

    Garth is also known for her involvement in various charities
  • I absolutely worshipped "Kelly Taylor" when I watched 90210 as a kid.

    I absolutely worshipped "Kelly Taylor" when I watched 90210 as a kid. I think that Jennie Garth went through a weird stage with her looks, but she was so gorgeous with exception for that one season. She really did a great job with character development and staying true to that. She always had the deepest story lines on the show which proved what a great actress she was. I just loved her!