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  • An amazing actress, who deserves more attention.

    Jennie Garth is an amazing actress, I've been following her career for a very long time now. The first time I remember seeing her, was an episode of “Growing Pains”. When I heard about “Beverley Hills, 90210” adding her to the main cast, I knew I had to check out the series. Jennie's role of Kelly Taylor was amazing. She was the right woman for the job, nobody could've pulled it off better than her.

    When “...90210” ended, I knew she would take a break and be back before you knew it. Sure enough, she landed a role in the WB series, “What I Like About You”. I'm just as big of a fan today as I was back in the 80s when she first hit the TV Screen. What I like about Jennie, is that she's just herself and not trying to show off or act like a big shot. She's one of the best things to come from Illinois, I should know, I live near her hometown of Champaign-Urbana. If you haven't seen “What I Like About You”, you really should... she's amazing!