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  • I have to say I am so glad she is going to be on the 90210 spin off. Even though she played a rich snob and still couldn't help to like her. Had great clothes and great boyfriends. It will be nice to see Kelly all grown up. I know the show just went off 8

    years ago but it will be nice seeing her help kids out in trouble and see what's she's like now. I'm excited at first i was like oh if they don't get any of the orginal cast don't know if i want to watch. SHe was one of my favorite cast on 90210. She's also done some good movies and liked her on what i like about you even though it was corny at times. I'm excited about 90210 spin off and hope they bring some more cast from the old show to the new show. I know it won't be the same as the orginal 90210 but i do hope it's as good.