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Jennie Raymond

Jennie Raymond


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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The path to becoming a dramatic actor was inevitable for Jennie Raymond. She was born in Halifax and graduated from Dalhousie University in 1994 with a BA in theatre.

Her work at home in Canada, particularly Atlantic Canada, is already well known. She's performed with Shakespeare by…more


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  • Adept at navigating the ever changing world around her Ms.Raymond is a conduit tothe vibrant spirit world & the ever pulsing naturalorder still prevelant in northernAmerica. Born in atlanticCanada she beholds the memory of atlantis in her eyes Thespian,atmoreless

    Very good work from a talented actor that is what one see's in the collected body of work by Ms.Raymond.

    This actor clearly carries the tools of an accomplished actor. from the first time you see her face till the first words escape her mouth this viewer was touched by the sincerity and emotion that Ms. Raymond can convey.

    There is in the way she carries herself a confidence, she moves with a purpose and a barely concealed strength that is with her in all her scenes.

    If ever a woman arose to lead men and earn and keep their respect such a person would embody the traits of Ms. Raymond.

    She seems to carry the virtue and compsure of a spirit long travelled as well a container well crafted and cared for. For those who don't quite get that it means she is full of wisdom and has a great body!

    Check out PIT PONY on dvd.moreless