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  • Jennifer Aniston Overpaid, Overexposed and Over Rated

    The only reason Jennifer Aniston is still famous is because Brad Pitt dumped her. She is only the girl next door if you live next door to a self-centered, manipulative, spoiled brat. Her success is movies has all been the result of riding on other peoples coat tails, like she did with Jim Carrey. Every movie she has headlined has flopped and that is because she plays Rachel Green in all of them. Angelina Jolie is a movie star, Jennifer is a hack .
  • She isn't that great

    she was on the sucky show Friends and she does dumb movies! Why do people think she is so great!! She is just another annoying Hollywood star that everyone makes way to big of a deal out of!!! She just gets on my nerves, Friends is just not that great of a show in my opinion I think it SUCKS!!!!!! Jennifer Aniston is just Overrated.
  • Yuck

    I don\'t see the big fuss. honestly. I don\'t think she\'s that pretty and honestly, who wouldn\'t pick Angelina over her? Friends was okay but jumped the shark way before it ended, especially with her pregnancy. Then her movies are all the same to me. Cheesy romance movies where you can always predict what happens.
  • Jennifer Aniston is spoiled rotten!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer Aniston is the only person that I don't like. Although, I do love Brad Pitt. She thinks everything has to be about her. Like everyone has to tell her every little thing. She just makes me sick. Whoever likes her, I REALLY DISAGREE!! If I ever had the chance, I would fire her so fast, she'd be crying for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A poor imitation of Jolie at best!

    Jennifer Aniston is a pale, vapid, individual that lacks suitable talent to be a true thespian. She is, perhaps, best described as "summer stock". Fit for regional theater where people may find "name" more important than actual talent. Ms.Aniston is mildly entertaining in very light comedy, something that doesn't require a lot of intelligence or talent. Some of Ms.Aniston's recent work is very indicative of this style of film. "The Break-up" with Ms.Aniston's paramour of the moment, Vince Vaughn, is an excellent example. She just doesn't have it in looks or style to make it as an "A" list actor in Hollywood.
  • An overrated actress.

    I find it comical how people think Jennifer Aniston is such a "great" actress. In my opinion, she is ridiculously overrated. Don't you guys think it's funny that as soon as Brad Pitt left her, how her movie career has gone down the tubes? She isn't a money maker in terms of box office dollars and her acting is only for comedy. She is absolutely terrible in dramas. She looks so awkward in every one of them that she should just stick to what she is barely good at, which is making people laugh at her. I have to laugh at her when she is trying to be serious in dramas. Thank you.
  • empty

    One of the more overrated actors. Sure she was funny in friends....then what? None of her movie roles have impressed me. "Along Came Polly" was excellent but she was basicalaly "Rachel" in it. Doesn't impress me.
  • I honestly don't get it

    I don't understand what the big deal about jennifer aniston is!! i don't think she's very pretty. It's like it's expected of everyone else in the world to feel sorry for her because brad left her for angelina. I think Jennifer aniston can be a good actress, but she isn't as good as what she's hyped up to be. I just have never been a huge fan of her, she's just not my favorite actress out there. I also don't like her style. She basically always wears a black dress to everything, she's very predictable fashion-wise. I hate her chin and jaw-line. It doesn't suit her. The media hypes her up to be the greatest thing in the world, and i don't get it.
  • I hate her because she didn`t born a baby to her (ex)-husbend Bredd Pitt!!

    I read, that whole time after wedding she was afraid that she will lose her husbend-charming. Thought- thought and it happened!
    I knew they will break up!
    Angelina Joley is good part after Jeniffer!
    Bred Pitt has a good taste!
    If I was her I has had born my husband a baby. Angelina has tham 2 or 3 and Bred is very happy with it, he plays with her children!
  • empty

    Jennifer Aniston really made a name for herself when she was one of the six stars on the wildly popular "Friends." Her sense of comedic timing is very well honed and she always brings a sense of originality to her television and film roles.
  • She was on Friends and in a ton of movies, married to Brad Pitt and on the front of all tabloids, may we introduce to the world...Jennifer Aniston.

    Unlike most stars Jennifer isn't a mean or spoiled person. She wants a life with less paparatzi, who can blame her. After losing Brad Pitt I feel bad for her because everyone that knows her says she is a truly geniuely nice person. In every interview I have ever seen, I am forced to believe what they say. She is a nice person, talented actress, and sadly single. Losing the guy that won sexiest man alive has to be a bust.
  • Jennifer Anistion is so overrated. This talentless actress is only where is she to due huge flukes in her life. And the name she was riding on was PITT.

    Friends really didn't make her popular, it was a stupid hair cut that make her popular. I mean how disgusting is that. Her acting should make her recognized not a hair cut. And if anything, the stylist who gave her the cut should have been famous for making even her look good. And believe me she was not the prettiest friend's female cast member. Cox by far was way prettier than Aniston. Oh and another thing that got her noticed (but still not her acting) was her marriage to Brad Pitt. If you ask me this girl is famous for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the right reasons by Hollywood standards, but not my mine. I mean hey there's a reason way most of her movies are a flop or aren't recognized. It's Because she CAN'T ACT.
  • What Brad Pitt was thinking, we’ll never know.

    Personally I don’t understand her appeal, yes she’s cuter than most, somewhat witty but I think she’s had the good fortune of being cast in a role which rocketed her to prominence. Forever Rachel! Aside from that everything else I’ve seen her in is mediocre at best.

    I don’t understand what gets people so riled up about her. Cigarettes are not elegant, classy or in anyway alluring – Nasty habit regardless of who is doing the smoking. She’s not at the bottom of the barrel but she’s not a “mega-star” in my opinion.

    She’s just so – ordinary…not that it’s a bad thing. Ordinary can be fun – sometimes. However one thing in her favor is that throughout the entire “Bradgelina” fit; she’s kept pretty quiet. And it’s nice to see she’s not making catty remarks in the media like some people.
  • One of the hardest people in the world for me to rate. She is good, at the same time bad, at the same time decent. I pretty muchu boycott her for some unknown reason.

    One of the hardest people in the world for me to rate. She is good, at the same time bad, at the same time decent. I pretty much boycott her for some unknown reason. She is kind of pretty, KIND OF. I don't really know what to say. Why am I writing a review? Because I want the world to help me figure out why I boycott Jennifer Aniston. I don't know. Anyway, she was very popular back when I was kind of young and was in Friends. I guess I don't know what to think about her. She is really hard to rate and maybe I'll change this review when I figure out why I boycott her a bit.
  • Jennifer aniston is very overrated. She is a sad despressed woman who need friends to be famous and would not be famous if it wasn't for the tv show Friends.

    Jennifer Aniston is a very overrated actor. Her fame is riding from Friends but what else has she done. NOTHING. That her image is from friends is a crime. She is a nice person, talented actress, and sadly single but she is not even as good as Katie Holmes. Very Overrated.
  • She is really good!!!

    She might not be the best one that is out there, but she is pretty damn good anyway!!! Her role as Rachel in Friends was incredible, and I still think it was her best role ever... but her movie characters were good too, I jsut think that maybe they should explore other sides of her, inted of giving her the same type of character every time, she is a talented actress and I'm sure she cam pull it of!!!! She just needs ans oppportunity to show people she can do more serius roles, and just the romantic comedy kind of role...
  • Good things come to those who are patient.

    Jennifer is one of the most original actresses of her time. She is unspoiled and untainted even in the wake of a publicized divorce. Her strength and composure is definitely a trait one can't immulate. It is how you are within that will shine on the outside. She is a truly remarkable person, and I am very happy to see that she has moved forward with her life. As for Brad...he was a fool to have let her go especially for someone like Angelina Jolie- an unstable, shameless, attention whore even her own father ran from her!
  • used to be my favorite actress

    Jennifer Aniston was my favorite actress when Firends was still running. I saw every epiosde of Friends and then I was over Jennifer Aniston. I loved her in Along Came Polly and Rumor Has It. I still haven't seen the Break Up. I heard good and bad things about it. Even though jennifer isn't my favorite actress anymore, I still like her work alot. She seems like a nice person too. I just watched an E! documentary thing on her and she is hilarious in her interviews. She's literally one of the most famous people in the universe and she is still a down to earth california/new york girl.
  • Talented actress

    Jennifer Aniston is a great, talented actress. She is able to play a variety of characters on TV and in movies. Usually kids following in their parent's footsteps aren't the greatest actors but Jennifer Aniston is just as good as her father. I'm sorry for her breaking up with Brad Pitt but I'm sure she'll recover and continue being a good actress
  • She's pretty, talented, and hopefully happy.

    I loved her preformeance on the show Friends!! She is said to be the most famous one on that show! I can see why too, she worked hard to get where she is right now! Her movies are great, and so is her acting!! Although no one really knows the rtue story about her, Brad, and Angelina, I still think she's happy with her current lover! I'm gonna miss her in Friends, but her movie roles will make up for it!
  • She is an unique person

    I don´t know why all this drama with Jennifer and Brad´s break up, although it´s been a while since that, but i think she deserves something much better than Brad Pitt. If he left her, it was only because he didn´t love her. Anyway, he went with someone muuch worse!!! i don´t know what do men like about angelina Jolie, but she´s horrible!!! And all that stuff about helping poor children... that´s only crap! She only wants people to think she´s a good person, but she´s not!
    I´m glad Jennifer is dating with other people, though. Vince vaughn is much better than Brad, no doubt.
  • I think Jennifer A. is a fantastic Actress!

    Jennifer A. is a great actress! At least, thats what i think. A few years ago, i went on a plane and the movie they were showing was "Along Came Polly." Starring Jennifer A. and Ben Stiller. I thought that her acting was fantastic and i've liked her ever since. I've seen her in other movies and in 'Friends' which i am quite fond of her acting in. I'm not a fanatic about her, but i think that she is brilliant. If somebody asked me "Who are some of your favorite actresses?" I would definatly say that Jennifer A. is one of them.
  • empty

    good actress especially in romance
  • A class by itself

    I've been following Jennifer Aniston since "Friends" pemiere in 1994 and I just admire that woman. The only drawback to her that she's a smoker and I wish that she quit. (Which explain the reason I gave her a 9.0.) I've been writing a few letters to her. I was sad when she got a divorce from Brad Pitt. But since "Friends" left the air I've been following her on the big screen and if you ask me, she is a class by itself. that's why i love her. she turly a classy lady. I can watch her all day long.
  • Most well known for her role as Rachel on FRIENDS.

    Jennifer Aniston may never go down in history as a fantastic film actress. In fact, her talent is only really usable for comedies. Yet, as a sitcom actress there are few finer.

    Not many could portray the spoiled little rich girl, Rachel Green, and seemed lovable and naive, not annoying and whiny. Jennifer did it fantastically. Making the television audience feel for the vulnerable girl. She was able to grow her character into a mature mother over 10 seasons, growing as much as any telivision character has.

    Along with that, Jennifer is a gifted comedienne. Respected by her fellow coworkers and adept at making any situation worthy of laughter.
  • Jennifer Aniston is not only original, but she is very talented. She is a very interesting person and actress. She has the qualities of America's Sweetheart and that's why she is.

    She started her career as being a soap star's daughter. Then she began to started her career in movies such as Camp Cucamonga, Sunday Funnies, Leprechaun, Dreams for an Insomniac, She's The One, Director's Chair, Picture Perfect, 'Til There Was You, The Thin Pink Line, The Object of My Affection, Office Space, The Iron Giant, Rock Star, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Derailed, Rumor Has It..., Friends with Money, and The Break Up, and much more to come. She has also guest starred in TV Shows like Ferris Bueller, Molloy, The Edge, Quantum Leap, Herman's Head, Burke's Law, Muddling Through, Partners, Hercules, South Park, Freedom: A History of Us, King of the Hill, Dirt, and her most famous role is being Rachael Green in the big comedy show, Friends. This isn't the end of her career, don't worry, and so expect more of her.
  • review.

    jennifer ansiton is a famous actress who starred as rachel greene for 10 years on the hit tv show friends alongside courteney cox, lisa kudrow, david schwimmer, matthew perry and matt le blanc. the last episode scored over 50 million viewers in the ratings. it was not the highest rated episode however. her ex husband brad pitt guest starred in one of the funniest episodes of the entire 10 seasons.

    she has starred in the films, bruce almighty,lephrauchaun, the object of my affection, the good girl and many many more.

    over all jennifer aniston is a very good actress.
    the end.
  • Jennifer has not signed on for the Friends get together when everyone else has.

    Why is Jennifer not reappearing when everyone else is because she wants to be apart from the character rachel green, like that's really gonna happen. she was a great pick for rachel why wouldn't she want to been well- known with that part, everyone else has no problem why her.
  • Very good looking

    Jennifer is most famous for her role on the famous television show Friends. In the show she is involved in the storyline with Ross who is played by David Schwimmer. Jennifer plays the role of Rachel. In the show she is layed back and of course she is very good looking
  • Watched "Friends" since the beginning to the end and loved every episodes of it. Each character of "Friends" matured too as each season became better.

    Jennifer Aniston is one great actress and natural too. Like her cool ways and her outfits and hair-do's. Sad that her marriage did not work out but I'm sure that she has a great future ahead.
    More sad to watch the last episode of "Friends" and the interview with Oprah on the set, it was hard to let it go...

    Good luck, Jen, God Bless you! ;-)

    anthea S.
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