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  • Most well known for her role as Rachel on FRIENDS.

    Jennifer Aniston may never go down in history as a fantastic film actress. In fact, her talent is only really usable for comedies. Yet, as a sitcom actress there are few finer.

    Not many could portray the spoiled little rich girl, Rachel Green, and seemed lovable and naive, not annoying and whiny. Jennifer did it fantastically. Making the television audience feel for the vulnerable girl. She was able to grow her character into a mature mother over 10 seasons, growing as much as any telivision character has.

    Along with that, Jennifer is a gifted comedienne. Respected by her fellow coworkers and adept at making any situation worthy of laughter.
  • She was on Friends and in a ton of movies, married to Brad Pitt and on the front of all tabloids, may we introduce to the world...Jennifer Aniston.

    Unlike most stars Jennifer isn't a mean or spoiled person. She wants a life with less paparatzi, who can blame her. After losing Brad Pitt I feel bad for her because everyone that knows her says she is a truly geniuely nice person. In every interview I have ever seen, I am forced to believe what they say. She is a nice person, talented actress, and sadly single. Losing the guy that won sexiest man alive has to be a bust.
  • Love her

    Loved her from the moment she started friends. the simple quality of a love lost and found in the plain old fashioned love story. if in another life, i wish i was brad and wouldnt make the mistake of leaving her :). as aquarius's we are romantic and calm, but the wild side unleashed when confronted with ignorance. keep and positive attitude and all will prevail.
  • Good things come to those who are patient.

    Jennifer is one of the most original actresses of her time. She is unspoiled and untainted even in the wake of a publicized divorce. Her strength and composure is definitely a trait one can't immulate. It is how you are within that will shine on the outside. She is a truly remarkable person, and I am very happy to see that she has moved forward with her life. As for Brad...he was a fool to have let her go especially for someone like Angelina Jolie- an unstable, shameless, attention whore even her own father ran from her!
  • I love her I lover her hair. She is one of the most comedic women in televison at this time.

    Jennifer Aniston is an amazing woman. She is humorus and emotional. She adds depth the the character of rachel greene and their are other more amazng roles waiting for her. With or without brad she will climb mountains she will move oceans she will make the world laugh. Sure she is no political leader but she with the help of her "Friends" made us laugh through hard times. Oh and her hair is the most amazing thing in the world!! LOL
  • I love her

    She is the most amazing woman ever shes my hero thats for sure :) If i could meet her that would be my life i would be so happy :) yes i would :) I just dont know what to say about her shes also an amazing actress yes she is the best ever:)
  • Jennifer aniston is a terrific actor. She is pretty, enthusiastic and she has a lot of talent. She did such a terrific job on friends and some of the movies she did were also brilliant. I give her a million props on doing such a good job. I love her!!!!

    Jennifer aniston: a great actress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When she was on friends, her character was supposed to always be spoiled and rude, but after a couple years she became more than spoiled, she became sweet and brought the character to life literally. When she was on friends, i kind of figured she was a favorite on the show for millions of viewers because everyone copied her haircuts and clothes in the later seasons. So to me she was definetly a trendsetter.

    Some of her movies was good for her. One of my personal favorites was Bruce Almighty. But most of all her breakthrough was friends. I love jennifer aniston and she is my number 1 role model.

    I hope you all can agree with me!!!!!!!!! Thank you
  • Jennifer Aniston is an amazing actress and an amazing person! Go Jen!

    I think Jennifer Aniston is so amazing! I love her..I used to idolize her when I was younger. I feel so bad for her and the whole Brad ordeal..I think they were Hollywood\'s cutest couple. But I think it\'s so great how her and Courtney Cox are still great friends. Well I give Jennifer a round of applause for being her and making it through these hard times! Love ya Jen!
  • Jennifer has not signed on for the Friends get together when everyone else has.

    Why is Jennifer not reappearing when everyone else is because she wants to be apart from the character rachel green, like that's really gonna happen. she was a great pick for rachel why wouldn't she want to been well- known with that part, everyone else has no problem why her.
  • Stared in one of the best tv shows ever.... Friends

    Jennifer is really a true star. she always has that cute look about her and usally acts in romantic Comedys like Along Came Polly. is a great Actress in Friends and every thing else she does. She also does quite a bit of Advertising. She was onse in an advert for beer.
  • Talented actress

    Jennifer Aniston is a great, talented actress. She is able to play a variety of characters on TV and in movies. Usually kids following in their parent's footsteps aren't the greatest actors but Jennifer Aniston is just as good as her father. I'm sorry for her breaking up with Brad Pitt but I'm sure she'll recover and continue being a good actress
  • Aniston - a brilliant actress.

    Whilst watching Friends I always thought that Jennifer Aniston could act and had great comic timing but in her films she always played parts so similar to Rachel that I began to wonder if she was just like that in real life. But then I watched the film "The Good Girl". Although this was not my favourite film starring Jen I was amazed at how brilliant she was at portraying Justine, a supermarket lady who has an affair with a younger drunk. She was completely different to her other roles and I was like "Yes, Jennifer Aniston can definitely act. Personally, I think her best film is "The Object of My Affection" in which she played Nina, a pregnant social worker who falls in love with her gay room mate. Trust me it's a tear jerker but will also make you laugh. "Head up young person, head up."
  • I hate her because she didn`t born a baby to her (ex)-husbend Bredd Pitt!!

    I read, that whole time after wedding she was afraid that she will lose her husbend-charming. Thought- thought and it happened!
    I knew they will break up!
    Angelina Joley is good part after Jeniffer!
    Bred Pitt has a good taste!
    If I was her I has had born my husband a baby. Angelina has tham 2 or 3 and Bred is very happy with it, he plays with her children!
  • I think that Jennifer Aniston is one of the more talented actresses in Hollywood.

    I think that Jennifer Aniston is one of the more talented actresses in Hollywood. She is goregous, has such a fabulous figure, and endured the extremely public break-up of her marriage and her husband's affair with his co-star with diginty and grace. All of her roles are funny, sweet, and very original. I absolutely loved her on Friends, watching her go through everything ten years could throw at her. Break-ups and make-ups with coutless men, the birth of a daughter, death, her parents' divorce, weddings and funerals. She added so much to that show with her impecable comedic timing and her endless humor.
  • She's a good actress, funny and totally sexy!

    I love Jennifer! She was so funny and great on Friends and she looks great! She's totally beautiful and very sexy! I am glad that Brad and her are no longer together because now she can find an even better man! Brad's not good enough for her. So in conclusion, she's great! Totally hot and funny!
  • Jennifer aniston is very overrated. She is a sad despressed woman who need friends to be famous and would not be famous if it wasn't for the tv show Friends.

    Jennifer Aniston is a very overrated actor. Her fame is riding from Friends but what else has she done. NOTHING. That her image is from friends is a crime. She is a nice person, talented actress, and sadly single but she is not even as good as Katie Holmes. Very Overrated.
  • I hate people who think she is such a horrible person because she didn\'t give Brad Pitt a baby.

    Jennifer has had a hard life with her mom and now the thing with Brad Pitt. She never said she didn't want kids and she is now still suffering from the pain that Brad Pitt created. Didn't anyone read the Vanity Fair interview? She wanted kids! It's Brad Pitt who screwed it up! He wasn't even there for the FRIENDS season finale!
    She's a great actress and we know that!
  • Jennifer Anistion is so overrated. This talentless actress is only where is she to due huge flukes in her life. And the name she was riding on was PITT.

    Friends really didn't make her popular, it was a stupid hair cut that make her popular. I mean how disgusting is that. Her acting should make her recognized not a hair cut. And if anything, the stylist who gave her the cut should have been famous for making even her look good. And believe me she was not the prettiest friend's female cast member. Cox by far was way prettier than Aniston. Oh and another thing that got her noticed (but still not her acting) was her marriage to Brad Pitt. If you ask me this girl is famous for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the right reasons by Hollywood standards, but not my mine. I mean hey there's a reason way most of her movies are a flop or aren't recognized. It's Because she CAN'T ACT.
  • Jennifer Anniston got ripped off, she merely marrying yet another \"cheater\" husband . . .

    Jennifer Anniston got ripped off; she thought she thought she was marrying the love of her life, but was merely marrying yet another \"cheater\" husband, who will move on from Jolie when he works with another actress who tickles his fancy. Poor Jen; Brad sucks, no matter how hot he is. I mean really, the husband who says he loves you takes off to do a movie, probably reassuring you that he loves only you, then finds himself physically attracted to his co-star, then he decides to play the wussy role and not take resposibility for the break-up of the marriage, leave everyone guessing. Be a man and OWN it. Future co-stars beware - bad publicity coming your way!
  • Wow she was born talented and is the best actress in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!

    jennifer aniston is my fave actress ever!!!! friends is my fave show!!!!! So what dose this equal? (actress + show = the best actress ever!!!
    if you haven't seen her acting then why are u reading this just go and find something with her in it and u will know what i mean!!!!!!
  • jennifer Aniston, is an awesome actress. Brad Pitt and her are a picture perfect couple. They will always be a number one match in my eyes. jennifer is a growing actress with every film that she makes.

    Jennifer Aniston is an awesome actress, she is growing with every movie film she is making. Starting from the tv series Friends Jennifer is becoming a world wide sensation across the world. Every one should love her for she is becoming the next americas sweet heart. I love Jen/Racheal Aniston
  • she fit nd shud be in more show with linsay lohan and hilary duff

    she fit nd shud be in more show with linsay lohan and hilary duff .

    Jennifa aniston should be in loads of films with linsay lohan and hilary duff bcoz there all fit and gd luckin

    she is a great actress and looks fit good at acting fit great acting all the time adn should be in one of the greatest shows 'lost' then i will watch more and i awatch it all the time
  • LOVE Jen Aniston,HATE Brad Pitt!!!

    i love Jen Aniston. i used to like Bad Pitt 2 but that was be4 he cheated on her and i hate people who say she didn't just give him a baby cause that's sooo stupid that wasn't the reason he cheated the reason was that he was a perv i mean Jen's 1 of the most beautiful women in the world
  • well, ya now, jen ain\\\'t what she used 2 be and all! (jk) but as her friend from my childhood, her tenage yrs. i suppose she has got to be the greatest ever. of course she is!well, here i am 2 explain how wonderful she can be!

    well, jenn is my like totally bf and i wouldn\\\'t let her down and all. i\\\'d die before i\\\'d let that happen, by me or not! but i totally am on it for her. any movie that she\\\'s done (there all the best!)i have it!even friends, which i used to be obsessed with!!

    any way, i luv her like a sister and always will!
  • Always liked Jennifer as "Rachel," but I have really been proud of her composure in the past year!

    I always liked Jennifer as "Rachel," but I have really been proud of her composure in the past year! She showed that it's possible to go through a break-up, and survive, despite being under constant scrutiny from the media. I am an even bigger fan of hers now. Who needs Brad Pitt anyway? He may look handsome, but he's probably pretty boring when it comes down to it. I wish Jen the best, and congratulate her on taking some roles that are so different to her role on "Friends." You rock Jen!
  • Jennifer Aniston is spoiled rotten!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer Aniston is the only person that I don't like. Although, I do love Brad Pitt. She thinks everything has to be about her. Like everyone has to tell her every little thing. She just makes me sick. Whoever likes her, I REALLY DISAGREE!! If I ever had the chance, I would fire her so fast, she'd be crying for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jennnifer is a positive role model for any one who has been through somthing hard.

    I think jennifer has been through a lot(break up with brad pitt) and I think that it is great that she is still making movies! Personly, I can't wait to see The Break Up with her and now boy friend Vince Vaughn!! ;-)Friends is my all time favorite show ener, and I look foraward to seeing more of her in the furture!
  • she is really the best!

    i just love jennifer! she is really the best ... i mean even though we don't know her personal .. we can just see and feel what a beautifull, smart, cute, kind and fantastic women she is .. and that makes her uniQue.. i loved her in friends.. she was so funny.. and she looks terrific.. i just loveee jen ! ;) ..
  • Limitlessly talented, but she stole Courteney Cox's chance for Emmy nods.

    Rachel is a relatively uninteresting character in FRIENDS, but Jennifer Aniston manages to play it in a way that makes her funny and endearing. That's really makes a star: being able to take a dull character and turn her into an idol. She does deserve her Emmys and Golden Globes, though I'm still sore that Courteney Cox never was even nominated for an Emmy or Globe, and secretly, I partly blame Jennifer Aniston because she gets so much press.

    Still, Jennifer Aniston is undeniably talented, and her role in the Good Girl really showed that she can be as good dramatically as she is good comedically.

    I hated Brad Pitt for cheating on Jennifer, but I also wished that Jennifer would have taken maybe a few years off to create a family with Brad, so he didn't go cheating on Jennifer.

    Oh well, Jennifer Aniston is still at the top of her game, even though FRIENDS is over so it is very acceptable that she still wants to keep making movies and not worry aobut babies at the moment.

    I wish her all the luck and eventually create a strong, lasting relationship with someone, and create a family with him.
  • Yuck

    I don\'t see the big fuss. honestly. I don\'t think she\'s that pretty and honestly, who wouldn\'t pick Angelina over her? Friends was okay but jumped the shark way before it ended, especially with her pregnancy. Then her movies are all the same to me. Cheesy romance movies where you can always predict what happens.
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