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  • She isn't that great

    she was on the sucky show Friends and she does dumb movies! Why do people think she is so great!! She is just another annoying Hollywood star that everyone makes way to big of a deal out of!!! She just gets on my nerves, Friends is just not that great of a show in my opinion I think it SUCKS!!!!!! Jennifer Aniston is just Overrated.
  • Jennifer Aniston is spoiled rotten!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer Aniston is the only person that I don't like. Although, I do love Brad Pitt. She thinks everything has to be about her. Like everyone has to tell her every little thing. She just makes me sick. Whoever likes her, I REALLY DISAGREE!! If I ever had the chance, I would fire her so fast, she'd be crying for weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A poor imitation of Jolie at best!

    Jennifer Aniston is a pale, vapid, individual that lacks suitable talent to be a true thespian. She is, perhaps, best described as "summer stock". Fit for regional theater where people may find "name" more important than actual talent. Ms.Aniston is mildly entertaining in very light comedy, something that doesn't require a lot of intelligence or talent. Some of Ms.Aniston's recent work is very indicative of this style of film. "The Break-up" with Ms.Aniston's paramour of the moment, Vince Vaughn, is an excellent example. She just doesn't have it in looks or style to make it as an "A" list actor in Hollywood.
  • Yuck

    I don\'t see the big fuss. honestly. I don\'t think she\'s that pretty and honestly, who wouldn\'t pick Angelina over her? Friends was okay but jumped the shark way before it ended, especially with her pregnancy. Then her movies are all the same to me. Cheesy romance movies where you can always predict what happens.
  • An overrated actress.

    I find it comical how people think Jennifer Aniston is such a "great" actress. In my opinion, she is ridiculously overrated. Don't you guys think it's funny that as soon as Brad Pitt left her, how her movie career has gone down the tubes? She isn't a money maker in terms of box office dollars and her acting is only for comedy. She is absolutely terrible in dramas. She looks so awkward in every one of them that she should just stick to what she is barely good at, which is making people laugh at her. I have to laugh at her when she is trying to be serious in dramas. Thank you.
  • Jennifer Anistion is so overrated. This talentless actress is only where is she to due huge flukes in her life. And the name she was riding on was PITT.

    Friends really didn't make her popular, it was a stupid hair cut that make her popular. I mean how disgusting is that. Her acting should make her recognized not a hair cut. And if anything, the stylist who gave her the cut should have been famous for making even her look good. And believe me she was not the prettiest friend's female cast member. Cox by far was way prettier than Aniston. Oh and another thing that got her noticed (but still not her acting) was her marriage to Brad Pitt. If you ask me this girl is famous for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the right reasons by Hollywood standards, but not my mine. I mean hey there's a reason way most of her movies are a flop or aren't recognized. It's Because she CAN'T ACT.
  • Jennifer Aniston Overpaid, Overexposed and Over Rated

    The only reason Jennifer Aniston is still famous is because Brad Pitt dumped her. She is only the girl next door if you live next door to a self-centered, manipulative, spoiled brat. Her success is movies has all been the result of riding on other peoples coat tails, like she did with Jim Carrey. Every movie she has headlined has flopped and that is because she plays Rachel Green in all of them. Angelina Jolie is a movie star, Jennifer is a hack .
  • I honestly don't get it

    I don't understand what the big deal about jennifer aniston is!! i don't think she's very pretty. It's like it's expected of everyone else in the world to feel sorry for her because brad left her for angelina. I think Jennifer aniston can be a good actress, but she isn't as good as what she's hyped up to be. I just have never been a huge fan of her, she's just not my favorite actress out there. I also don't like her style. She basically always wears a black dress to everything, she's very predictable fashion-wise. I hate her chin and jaw-line. It doesn't suit her. The media hypes her up to be the greatest thing in the world, and i don't get it.
  • I hate her because she didn`t born a baby to her (ex)-husbend Bredd Pitt!!

    I read, that whole time after wedding she was afraid that she will lose her husbend-charming. Thought- thought and it happened!
    I knew they will break up!
    Angelina Joley is good part after Jeniffer!
    Bred Pitt has a good taste!
    If I was her I has had born my husband a baby. Angelina has tham 2 or 3 and Bred is very happy with it, he plays with her children!
  • Great actress...

    She is a great actress. She is a fantastic actress, mostly because she is more attractive mostly through the way that she actress that she acts and she is rather than for all of her beauty. That is really something hard to accomplish nowadays so I really think that Jennifer Aniston is a great actress. And she has not even get to half of her career, she surely has a lot to go toward to. She is really great in all of her roles and that is what characterizes more about. Most of her movies are about love or romantic comedies, and she really knows how to potray that. She is awesome.
  • Sladka e

    Jennifer, best-known for her role as Rachel on "Friends," was born in Sherman Oaks, California. She was exposed to acting at an early age by her father, John Aniston, who starred for on the soap "Days of Our Lives. "

    Jennifer spent a year of her childhood in Greece with her family, but relocated to New York when her father was cast in "Love of Life." She joined the Rudolf Steiner School's drama club at age 11, and ever since then, knew she wanted to be an actress.

    Jennifer was a drama student at New York's High School of the Performing Arts, a school that was also attended by actor Al Pacino. In 1989, she landed her first television role as a series regular on "Molloy."

    Most recently, Aniston split from her husband of five years, Brad Pitt, after she suspected he had cheated on her with his co-star Angelina Jolie. Their divorce was finalized in early October 2005. She has been rumored to be dating actor Vince Vaughn, but insists that they are just friends.
  • Jennifer Aniston is best actress ever!!!:) <3

    she so best in F.R.I.E.N.D.S <33 and i love all shes movies !!!:) she just simply the best <3
  • jennifer aniston is a fabulous actress

    jennifer aniston is best known for her hairstyles and her performance on a programme named F.R.I.E.N.D.S she played rachel green. She was about to have a million dollar wedding with Brad Pitt but that did not work out. Courteney cox first auditioned for rachel green but jennifer aniston suited rachel much better. Courteney got the part of Monica Geller instead. As i said jennifer is also known for her hairstyles her hairdresser charges over 1000 pounds for her hair to just be styled and blown dried. Her hair is one of the best parts of her body. Brad pitt also came on friends as a guest star when they were still together but he created an I hate rachel green club and ross joined the father of rachels baby!!
  • I really miss seing her every week.

    Jeniffer Aniston is one of the funniest, sweetest, charming actress on entertainment.

    Obviously her role on "Friends" showed her to world, and the world couldnt stop loving her. She is one of the dearest personalities today. As "Rachel" she showed she could be funny and charming playing a role that it was suposed to be spoiled and kind of self centered. But she also has appeared in a variety of movies becoming an autentic american sweetheart in romantic comedies, and a serious actress in films like "Derailed" (2005).

    Now that she has made her way into Hollywwod it will be dificult to stop her, There's no doubt she can achieve anything. She's a truly star.
  • empty

    One of the more overrated actors. Sure she was funny in friends....then what? None of her movie roles have impressed me. "Along Came Polly" was excellent but she was basicalaly "Rachel" in it. Doesn't impress me.
  • empty

    Jennifer Aniston really made a name for herself when she was one of the six stars on the wildly popular "Friends." Her sense of comedic timing is very well honed and she always brings a sense of originality to her television and film roles.
  • She was on Friends and in a ton of movies, married to Brad Pitt and on the front of all tabloids, may we introduce to the world...Jennifer Aniston.

    Unlike most stars Jennifer isn't a mean or spoiled person. She wants a life with less paparatzi, who can blame her. After losing Brad Pitt I feel bad for her because everyone that knows her says she is a truly geniuely nice person. In every interview I have ever seen, I am forced to believe what they say. She is a nice person, talented actress, and sadly single. Losing the guy that won sexiest man alive has to be a bust.
  • She is an unique person

    I don´t know why all this drama with Jennifer and Brad´s break up, although it´s been a while since that, but i think she deserves something much better than Brad Pitt. If he left her, it was only because he didn´t love her. Anyway, he went with someone muuch worse!!! i don´t know what do men like about angelina Jolie, but she´s horrible!!! And all that stuff about helping poor children... that´s only crap! She only wants people to think she´s a good person, but she´s not!
    I´m glad Jennifer is dating with other people, though. Vince vaughn is much better than Brad, no doubt.
  • review.

    jennifer ansiton is a famous actress who starred as rachel greene for 10 years on the hit tv show friends alongside courteney cox, lisa kudrow, david schwimmer, matthew perry and matt le blanc. the last episode scored over 50 million viewers in the ratings. it was not the highest rated episode however. her ex husband brad pitt guest starred in one of the funniest episodes of the entire 10 seasons.

    she has starred in the films, bruce almighty,lephrauchaun, the object of my affection, the good girl and many many more.

    over all jennifer aniston is a very good actress.
    the end.
  • Watched "Friends" since the beginning to the end and loved every episodes of it. Each character of "Friends" matured too as each season became better.

    Jennifer Aniston is one great actress and natural too. Like her cool ways and her outfits and hair-do's. Sad that her marriage did not work out but I'm sure that she has a great future ahead.
    More sad to watch the last episode of "Friends" and the interview with Oprah on the set, it was hard to let it go...

    Good luck, Jen, God Bless you! ;-)

    anthea S.
  • As much beautiful as talented!

    I watched all the episodes of Friends, and i came to the conclusion the most talented among the actress and the actors of the cast were Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrov.
    While i could expect Lisa Kudrov to be a great actress, i was kind of surprised to find out throughout the show how much talented JA is. Maybe i was initially misleaded by some prejudice or i was distracted by her beauty, but i'm happy to say i learned to see her with a more sense of acting critic. She was already a good actress but she improved really fast from season to season!
    She expressed her full comedic potentiality ("Yes, yes Bombay is bery bery nice in this part of the year!"), nonetheless her dramatic abilities.
    So, before stopping to her appereance give her a chance to show how GREAT she is as an actress!
  • One trick actor. But thats ok.

    GREAT PERSON!!! Chooses bad movies. She is better then most of her choses.
  • Jennifer Aniston is a great actress, [well to me and most of my family anyway]that deserves more credit that she is given. She is [was] great on "Friends" and all the movies that she was in.

    I have been watching her in "Friends" since I was a little kid.My mom got me hooked on that show and I would always say how I would want to be like "Rachel". I love[ed] the show because of all the great actors in it. Jennifer Aniston I would have to say is my favorite actress, well adult actress.Some people think that she is a fake but I think that she really is a good actress and a great charecter. She plays parts and makes it seem like nobody else could fill her spot. I actually wish I knew more about her than what I do know now.
  • Excellent, Sexy Actress. What A Friend!

    Jennifer Aniston is one of my all time favourite sitcom actresses, just from her stunning role in the hit TV series "Friends". Aniston first appeared on the show in 1994 and as the show grew so did the casts fame and wealth.

    Personally I am not a fan of celebrities who soak up the limelight and I know for a fact that Jennifer Aniston is not.

    Throughout her life, she has done a lot of acting work. But her talent was only truely recognised from "Friends". The highest viewed show ever recored in history, her face was known throughout the world.

    Nearer the end of the show, Jennifer Aniston announced she was engaged to Brad Pitt, Hollywood's most famous male - the press went crazy and Jennifer Aniston went straight through the fame-level roof.

    I think Jennifer Aniston's acting abilites improve as she works, it is good for her to understand and be able to adapt to a nice character. It would be interesting to see her involved in a couple of horror films, maybe playing the character of a villain or murderer.

    In the movie business, she is doing well also. With two new films out in the cinema, both reviewed with high "5 Stars" I'm sure we have a lot more to see from this talented Hollywood hotty.
  • one of the most beautiful woman in the world

    what can i say about jennifer aniston, when i first saw her on friends i just fell in love with her and her character. I wish i was ross and be with her forever. i liked her in the good girl, it was a departure from her character from friends and i love her in it and i thought she might get a nod for best actress but she didn't.
    When she married brad pitt i though he was the luckist son of a **&%^$ in the world. To make love to this woman how could not leave her. But the bastard did for angelica jolie. I love anelica jolie, but come on it jennifer aniston and she ahsn't been around the block like jolie.
    She need her new film with vince to be a big hit her her and her career, but i think she well going forever.
    Also i name my daughter after her.
  • Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Karen Green in Friends from 1994-2004. She is now one of the most popular actresses in the world!

    Jennifer Aniston is absolutly stunning in every single way. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women in the world, she is also super talented! She was amazing in Friends, and she was able to take it a step further from the TV-show, and in to the movie world, and do another amazing job...
    I feel so bad for what happened between Brad and her. They were the perfect couple. It seems as she is taking it very well, but I do not like Brad for marrying and having a baby with Angelina so soon.. He couldn't even wait a year?? That pisses me of!
    She is not just talented, she is also very grounded, not many superstars are! She's amazing.. I hope Brad regrets leaving Ms. Perfect!
  • Jennifer Shines On ....In the Break Up

    I think she is everything rolled into one page . She beatiful .....cute .....and very talented. I am not a big freinds fan myself :( After seeing The Good Girl
    I was very impressed. I think her and Vince are the golden couple. They both have talent :))))) Lots and lots of talent. I looking forward to seeing more of her in new movies. And watching her talent grow. Chicago Loves You Jennifer. It is amazing how beautiful she is in person. She is one of hollywood\\\\\\\'s most talented and beautiful women. I put it 9.8 because there is no 10. Ha ha

    Thank You

  • Beautiful.

    I think Jen is one of the most beautiful women out there in showbiz. Although, I don't know what she ever saw in Brad Pitt. I loved her in friends. She always has great characters to play and is whitty. I believe that since Brad crushed her heart, she has been recieved a lot better everywhere. It is sad she had to get hurt though. I just had to buy Along Came Polly. Great movie. Can't wait for her next movie.
  • A beautiful and talented woman.

    Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful and most talented women on USA, she had go to to many shows, but my personal favorite is the one where she made Rachel Green in Friends because she was so funny, and she was also very cute in there, it was something I can't explain but it ends up with Jennifer being a very talented and very beautiful woman with a great future in front of her.
  • Great actress and human being!

    I am glad that she is holding up really well
    Despite what is happening to her
    And the divorce issues as well
    Also despite not having good movies as of recently, she does have a lot of potential
    Post-Friends and onward
    I doubt she will do another series just as good as Friends was and still is
    Hoping that she will get better scripts and better acting gigs
    For a great actress and all-around nice gal!
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