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  • Jennifer aniston is a terrific actor. She is pretty, enthusiastic and she has a lot of talent. She did such a terrific job on friends and some of the movies she did were also brilliant. I give her a million props on doing such a good job. I love her!!!!

    Jennifer aniston: a great actress!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When she was on friends, her character was supposed to always be spoiled and rude, but after a couple years she became more than spoiled, she became sweet and brought the character to life literally. When she was on friends, i kind of figured she was a favorite on the show for millions of viewers because everyone copied her haircuts and clothes in the later seasons. So to me she was definetly a trendsetter.

    Some of her movies was good for her. One of my personal favorites was Bruce Almighty. But most of all her breakthrough was friends. I love jennifer aniston and she is my number 1 role model.

    I hope you all can agree with me!!!!!!!!! Thank you
  • I love her

    She is the most amazing woman ever shes my hero thats for sure :) If i could meet her that would be my life i would be so happy :) yes i would :) I just dont know what to say about her shes also an amazing actress yes she is the best ever:)
  • ...

    I personally think that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful and fun actress of our times.
    She's famous for her role in friends "Rachel" which let us see how funny she actually is..
    I also think that she was great while she was dealing with the whole "Brangelina" situation. I mean she didn't try at all to use that kind of situation to make profit for her own.. she went through that with a lot of dignity, and that's not very common in that kind of world..
    She seems like a very kind and gentle person.. I really hope to see her back on the screens really soon!!
  • What Brad Pitt was thinking, we’ll never know.

    Personally I don’t understand her appeal, yes she’s cuter than most, somewhat witty but I think she’s had the good fortune of being cast in a role which rocketed her to prominence. Forever Rachel! Aside from that everything else I’ve seen her in is mediocre at best.

    I don’t understand what gets people so riled up about her. Cigarettes are not elegant, classy or in anyway alluring – Nasty habit regardless of who is doing the smoking. She’s not at the bottom of the barrel but she’s not a “mega-star” in my opinion.

    She’s just so – ordinary…not that it’s a bad thing. Ordinary can be fun – sometimes. However one thing in her favor is that throughout the entire “Bradgelina” fit; she’s kept pretty quiet. And it’s nice to see she’s not making catty remarks in the media like some people.
  • such a pretty lady

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  • Gorgeous, talented, and charming. Jennifer Aniston has it all.

    We all remember Jen from her best-known role as Rachel Green on Friends. After watching this show there should be no need to explain her talent, not to mention her beauty.
    But the days of Friends are over, and yet, I still admire her. I admire her not only for her looks and acting, but most of all for her charms. Jennifer Aniston seems to be a real and down-to-earth woman who is looking for happiness while she's earning heaps of money in the dream factory of Hollywood.
    The secret of her success as an actress lies in the composition of beauty, talent, and charm. The fans adore and support her not only because she has it all, but first and foremost because she is a real and fleshly woman who happens to be one of the biggest TV and movie stars.
  • Bloody brilliant!

    Jennifer, best-known for her role as Rachel on "Friends," was born in Sherman Oaks, California. She was exposed to acting at an early age by her father, John Aniston, who starred for on the soap "Days of Our Lives". Jennifer spent a year of her childhood in Greece with her family, but relocated to New York when her father was cast in "Love of Life." She joined the Rudolf Steiner School's drama club at age 11, and ever since then, knew she wanted to be an actress. Jennifer was a drama student at New York's High School of the Performing Arts, a school that was also attended by actor Al Pacino. In 1989, she landed her first television role as a series regular on "Molloy". Most recently, Aniston split from her husband of five years, Brad Pitt, after she suspected he had cheated on her with his co-star Angelina Jolie. Their divorce was finalized in early October 2005. She has been, since then, dating stars like Vince Vaughn and John Mayer.
  • read the review.....

    Jennifer Aniston is definately one of my favorites. She's an amazing actress with serious potential. In my opinion, she can take on any role whether it be serious or hilarious. She has extreme levels of commitment in her work, and I think that in that aspect, it proves just how amazing of an actress she is. She is willing to try any role. Another thing about Jennifer is.. well.. she's gorgeous! She's amazingly talented and extremely gorgeous. that never fails in the world of acting. I think, Jenn will be around for a long time acting in numerous things. She's definately a personal fave.
  • MY FAV!

    my all time favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston. She's amazing with everything she does, and can play such diverse roles. she can be anything when she acts, and it works. She's been my favorite ever since the beginning of friends, and now seeing her in huge movies like The Break Up, is just amazzing. I know for a fact that she will go on to be in bigger roles, and continue to lead the way for all up coming actresses. And even though shes gone through some extremely painful and heartbreaking things, shes recovering gracefully and i love it. i cant wait to see her next amazing role. =)
  • How could anyone not love her??

    She's one of the best actresses ever! She isn't given much chance to play harder roles. But with all her previous movies you can see she's an extremely versatile actress!! The Object of My Affection, The Goodgirl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, and The Break-up are some of the movies of her that I watched, and she shines on all of them!!! But one of the best was her latest movie, The Break-up, she's the best! If she's given an opportunity to portray a more challenging role, I know she'll do it sooooo good!! She can do drama and dark roles, she's awesome in romance, she rocks at comedy(FRIENDS!!!)'s not easy to do that!! She's one of the few actresses that can pull off such roles!! She's definitely the got the most beautiful face you could ever see in the world! She has a great body, amazing face, cool personality, and literally one of the most popular person known in the Earth! Tabloids and magazines usually writes stuff like she's furious or whatever in her divorce, but hello? do you see her, she obviously handles it very well! If you're surrounded by those people asking an awful lot of questions during your divorce, I just don't know what I can do to them! It amazes me how she can handle it very tastefully. And any good or bad publicity that comes out about her doesn't really affect who she is..She's great!
  • I hate people who think she is such a horrible person because she didn\'t give Brad Pitt a baby.

    Jennifer has had a hard life with her mom and now the thing with Brad Pitt. She never said she didn't want kids and she is now still suffering from the pain that Brad Pitt created. Didn't anyone read the Vanity Fair interview? She wanted kids! It's Brad Pitt who screwed it up! He wasn't even there for the FRIENDS season finale!
    She's a great actress and we know that!
  • Most well known for her role as Rachel on FRIENDS.

    Jennifer Aniston may never go down in history as a fantastic film actress. In fact, her talent is only really usable for comedies. Yet, as a sitcom actress there are few finer.

    Not many could portray the spoiled little rich girl, Rachel Green, and seemed lovable and naive, not annoying and whiny. Jennifer did it fantastically. Making the television audience feel for the vulnerable girl. She was able to grow her character into a mature mother over 10 seasons, growing as much as any telivision character has.

    Along with that, Jennifer is a gifted comedienne. Respected by her fellow coworkers and adept at making any situation worthy of laughter.
  • klinssan

    In addition to her career as a TV actress, Aniston has enjoyed a successful film career. Her biggest box office success to date was her appearance in 2003's Bruce Almighty, in which she played the girlfriend of title character Jim Carrey. Aniston then starred in the 2004 film, Along Came Polly opposite Ben Stiller. In 2006, Aniston appeared in the low-budget drama, Friends with Money, which was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival, received a limited release. Aniston's next film, The Break-Up, which was released on June 2, grossed approximately $39.17 million during its opening weekend, despite lukewarm reviews.
  • She is an actress born in sherman oaks former mrs pitt and friend star

    Jennifer is an amazing actress her best role ws on friends were she played Rachel Green she has done some movies but nothing has comapred to her sucess on friends she dated brad pitt and had a very publicised spilt with him she has done many blockbuster movies like the break up with vince vaughn and bruce almighty
  • Excellent actress and very good looking

    She was the best female actress out of all of friends completely believable, and she kept on going even when she went through the trouble of breaking up with Brad Pitt, she was great in the film 'the break-up' it is one of my favourite films and laughed all the way through, she is truely an amazing actress, even though i didnt think that much of her when she first started out at friends but after the first seris she grew on me and became my favourite femal out of the show, my favourite seris to she her in was seris 8, 9, 10. OH and she has the perfect hair!
  • Always liked Jennifer as "Rachel," but I have really been proud of her composure in the past year!

    I always liked Jennifer as "Rachel," but I have really been proud of her composure in the past year! She showed that it's possible to go through a break-up, and survive, despite being under constant scrutiny from the media. I am an even bigger fan of hers now. Who needs Brad Pitt anyway? He may look handsome, but he's probably pretty boring when it comes down to it. I wish Jen the best, and congratulate her on taking some roles that are so different to her role on "Friends." You rock Jen!
  • LOVE Jen Aniston,HATE Brad Pitt!!!

    i love Jen Aniston. i used to like Bad Pitt 2 but that was be4 he cheated on her and i hate people who say she didn't just give him a baby cause that's sooo stupid that wasn't the reason he cheated the reason was that he was a perv i mean Jen's 1 of the most beautiful women in the world
  • Wow she was born talented and is the best actress in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!

    jennifer aniston is my fave actress ever!!!! friends is my fave show!!!!! So what dose this equal? (actress + show = the best actress ever!!!
    if you haven't seen her acting then why are u reading this just go and find something with her in it and u will know what i mean!!!!!!
  • Jennifer Aniston is an amazing actress and an amazing person! Go Jen!

    I think Jennifer Aniston is so amazing! I love her..I used to idolize her when I was younger. I feel so bad for her and the whole Brad ordeal..I think they were Hollywood\'s cutest couple. But I think it\'s so great how her and Courtney Cox are still great friends. Well I give Jennifer a round of applause for being her and making it through these hard times! Love ya Jen!
  • I love her I lover her hair. She is one of the most comedic women in televison at this time.

    Jennifer Aniston is an amazing woman. She is humorus and emotional. She adds depth the the character of rachel greene and their are other more amazng roles waiting for her. With or without brad she will climb mountains she will move oceans she will make the world laugh. Sure she is no political leader but she with the help of her "Friends" made us laugh through hard times. Oh and her hair is the most amazing thing in the world!! LOL
  • Jennifer Aniston is an extremely talented actress.

    Her portrayal of Rachel Green on Friends was beyond brilliant. No matter how her character developed she could play it. From spoiled rich girl, to the Rachel we see in the middle of the series, to the responsible mother she ended up being in the end. Jennifer covered it all.
    Her movie roles are just as good. Her comedies are brilliant and funny as she is a talented comedienne. However her more dramatic roles, like in The Good Girl are just superb. She is able to step away from comedy and have a go at more serious work, and she did it brilliantly. Her portrayal of her character in The Good Girl is nothing below superb.
    She is just a brilliant actress, and is capable of any role thrown her way.
    In Friends she was perfect.
  • Jennifer Anniston got ripped off, she merely marrying yet another \"cheater\" husband . . .

    Jennifer Anniston got ripped off; she thought she thought she was marrying the love of her life, but was merely marrying yet another \"cheater\" husband, who will move on from Jolie when he works with another actress who tickles his fancy. Poor Jen; Brad sucks, no matter how hot he is. I mean really, the husband who says he loves you takes off to do a movie, probably reassuring you that he loves only you, then finds himself physically attracted to his co-star, then he decides to play the wussy role and not take resposibility for the break-up of the marriage, leave everyone guessing. Be a man and OWN it. Future co-stars beware - bad publicity coming your way!
  • Shes great

    Jennifer Aniston, born in February 11 1969 (age 40), is a popular american actress. She became discovered for her role as Rachel Green in Friends. Shes such an amazing actress, really talented and funny. She is so hot too. She is so funny and is a great actress. Some of her best roles have been iin Friends, Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Humor Has It, Along Came Polly, The Break Up, Friends with Money, Marley & I, and He is just not that into you. She is a great actress, she has such amazing films. Jennifer Aniston is amzing and is so pretty.
  • shes awesome!

    Jennifer Aniston is one of my most favorite actress's she plays great roles including her most famous one "rachel" in friends. she's amazing in everything she does. She seems so strong and independent shes def. a role model for me and im sure a ton of other people. I love ALL of her movies- they are all aweosme in their own way. My favorite one with her in it is either The Break Up or Along Came Polly they were both awesome movies where she plays 2 completely differnet characters but i think they combine to make something of what hse is in real life. shes awesome and is sooo pretty too! She has the best styles.
  • Jennifer Aniston is not only original, but she is very talented. She is a very interesting person and actress. She has the qualities of America's Sweetheart and that's why she is.

    She started her career as being a soap star's daughter. Then she began to started her career in movies such as Camp Cucamonga, Sunday Funnies, Leprechaun, Dreams for an Insomniac, She's The One, Director's Chair, Picture Perfect, 'Til There Was You, The Thin Pink Line, The Object of My Affection, Office Space, The Iron Giant, Rock Star, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, Derailed, Rumor Has It..., Friends with Money, and The Break Up, and much more to come. She has also guest starred in TV Shows like Ferris Bueller, Molloy, The Edge, Quantum Leap, Herman's Head, Burke's Law, Muddling Through, Partners, Hercules, South Park, Freedom: A History of Us, King of the Hill, Dirt, and her most famous role is being Rachael Green in the big comedy show, Friends. This isn't the end of her career, don't worry, and so expect more of her.
  • Jennifer has not signed on for the Friends get together when everyone else has.

    Why is Jennifer not reappearing when everyone else is because she wants to be apart from the character rachel green, like that's really gonna happen. she was a great pick for rachel why wouldn't she want to been well- known with that part, everyone else has no problem why her.
  • Good things come to those who are patient.

    Jennifer is one of the most original actresses of her time. She is unspoiled and untainted even in the wake of a publicized divorce. Her strength and composure is definitely a trait one can't immulate. It is how you are within that will shine on the outside. She is a truly remarkable person, and I am very happy to see that she has moved forward with her life. As for Brad...he was a fool to have let her go especially for someone like Angelina Jolie- an unstable, shameless, attention whore even her own father ran from her!
  • She is really good!!!

    She might not be the best one that is out there, but she is pretty damn good anyway!!! Her role as Rachel in Friends was incredible, and I still think it was her best role ever... but her movie characters were good too, I jsut think that maybe they should explore other sides of her, inted of giving her the same type of character every time, she is a talented actress and I'm sure she cam pull it of!!!! She just needs ans oppportunity to show people she can do more serius roles, and just the romantic comedy kind of role...
  • У тебя очень красивая улыбка и прекрасные 

    Очень красивая актриса, но иногда ее взляд навевает какую-то печаль и усталость от этой грязи актерской жизни. Этот взгляд человека находящегося намного выше всего своего окружения - с чистой душой и ослепительной улыбкой. Мне нравится она как актриса, как женщина, и как человек. Человека с такой безупречной улыбкой и ясными глазами должны защищать сами ангелы небесные. И я искренне желаю чтобы пара небесных ангелочков всегда сопровождали ее в работе, а особенно в ее личной жизни. Она достойна встретить человека, который будет преданно ценить и охранять чистоту ее души.

    P.S. Извините, что написал не на английском, я его плохо знаю, а програмами-переводчиками пользоваться не хотел
  • she is just Gorgeous

    i love her :D
    she is one of the best actresses these days. the best thing she did in her career of course "friends" she was funny, hilarious if i can say. and just beatifull.
    loved when she was with brad and especially the episode of friends when he was in it lol.
    most of her movies that she was part of was successful, still waiting for the role that may let her be nominated for the Oscar, but um .. i guess she needs a big role to do that.
    but still even if she wasn't nominated for an Oscar, she still one of the best and cutest actresses these days.
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