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  • She amazes me!!! This woman never seems to age. She is like a fine wine..."Better with age", and she surely doesn't show hers...

    I am truely amazed by this fantastic woman. Jennifer has looked great from the word GO! There is something about her that keeps everyone coming back for more...and I am one of those people. I try to read all the magazine interviews and watch all movies and TV programs that has her in them. She has kept busy since she started back in 1980 with her first part in My Bodyguard. She looked so cute in that. I know her family must be real proud of her accomplishments. She never stops amazing me in all the parts she has played. Her roles are not always the easy ones but she manages to do a great job. Jennifer is the only person I have seen that can change her moods so quickly in her acting. Laughing one second and crying the next seems so easily done. I hope she continues to bless us with more TV interviews, movies and magazine articles. I would hate to think after TLW that she would just disapear from us. She has one movie coming soon and I can't wait til it is out. They started filming this February. Jennifer is a very private person and I respect her for that. I only wish we could get a small glimps of her precious daughter. She must be goreous also. I will continue to be a fan as long as I am still here on earth. She is one fine lady. Just a little tid-bit...Jennifer looks a lot like my mother when mom was young. My grandkids thought it was their Nanny. I told them it was someone else and they were confused. They are only 4 and 5 years old. I hope Jennifer lives a long and healthy life doing what she does best....

    Love you Jennifer Beals

    A devoted fan