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  • she is ok

    Her role in Emily Rose was so bad I forgot it was her that played the part. I HATE her character in Dexter, I really wish they would kill her off or something. I am a faithful Dexter fan and I overlook her character because all the others I just love.
  • Deb is awesome

    i think she is the most beautiful actress ever. her smile makes me forget the blood scene and crime roles. her patty mouth is always overflowing with words which is surely to tell her openess and carefre nature. jennifer has done a very good role and i love her acting. Please dont kill her in the next season dextor..!!
  • Great actress!!

    I think Jennifer Carpenter is a great actress and I love her portrayal of Debra Morgan!! I like the light heartedness she brings to the show and the fun loving, potty mouth she does bring to the show. I hope she continues on the program after the divorce it must be hard working together, but I think personally that the show needs her!! Keep up the great work. I love the show and most all of the cast!! Cant wait to see where the next season will go after Deb walked in on Dexter doing his thing!! Maybe he will just have been dreaming and Debra can go on in ignorant bliss of what Dexter is up to LOL!!!

  • Very versatile actress, if you are willing to get to know her body of work.

    I'm tired of the negative attitude people seem to have towards her. She is a very talented actress and, in my opinion, she is very underrated. I think most people only know her as Deb Morgan on Dexter and they seem to confuse her character for her. They even attack her personally. If people would take the time to check out her other work, for example Beyond the Ashes, they will see that she is a very capable actress who is able to give a very profound performance. She has a great range. She can go from indieflicks to horror flicks to a very awesome TV series. I would also love to go to America and watch her do play someday.
  • skinny and weak

    i dont like her looks, shes too skinny with an overall muscular weakness that makes her unable to walk straight. her back aint straight and her shoulders bend to the front makin her look abit hunchbacked. i wouldnt hug her in fright of having my eyes poked out. its quite funny you see her work out all the time in season 2 in Dexter. the love hungry sister role she plays in dexter makes her seem so desperate, running after men twice her age blindfolded, makin me dislike her role even more. final advice, get rid of that hunchback missy
  • Excellent Actress.

    Jennifer Carpenter enjoys both a wonderfully funny and sad part on the series. Her character is part little girl and part woman. My boyfriend and I can't stop laughing at some of the lines she has, potty mouth and all. We just finished a marathon weekend of watching the entire first and second season (don't get Showtime on DISH) and are now on to the third. Riveting series overall. Totally addicting. Can't wait to see if Deb and Frank hook back up in Season 3. Hope the show doesn't send Jennifer's character away with Frank though - we love her.
  • needs to be cut from score

    this actress (barely and actress) needs to be cut, shes ruined about every episode of dexter.

    i have never liked her nor will anyone i think likes her over acting. cursing in every single scene. no one likes her

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  • Another bueatiful face.

    A bueatiful person who did a good job in the Emily Rose movie. She is a good actress wit a good body. At first I thought that in Emily Rose is she did that she did all that contortinist stuff but she didnt. She did everything else. And atleast shes in something recent, "My Name Is Earl". And I dont watch that show.