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  • Great actress.

    Love her in everything she does. Wish she still was on Blue Bloods.
  • Apparently CBS just doesn't get it about "invisible" diseases

    So many people just don't get it. There are "invisible" diseases like Lupus, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis (increasingly, no disfigurements seen thanks to newer meds), Fibromyalgia and many others, including Celiac Disease. These can be debilitating at times and then so much better for months or even years. The goal of doctors is to get patients back to their lives. You and your doctor should have been believed that you can return to work.. It sounds like they are uneducated and didn't get a medical expert's opinion. Shame on CBS.
  • Sexy!

    I follow her for many years in the TV series "Spin City" and each and every episode and each and every year, she is getting more beautiful. I'm madly in love with her. I eaven wrote her a letter a few months ago. When I heard that got engeged, I was heartbroken. Watching her on television is wonderful. In the film "Taxi" a film that I didn't like, there was one scene when Jennifer was flisked by another woman. It was a very sexy scene. I wish she was on television more. Jennifer Esposito is one hot woman. I'm giving her a 10.