Jennifer Finnigan

Jennifer Finnigan


8/22/1979, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Birth Name

Jennifer Christina Finnigan



Also Known As

Christina Finnigan
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Maddie on Better Wi...
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Maddie on Better Wi...
  • Jennifer Finnigan as Maddie on Better Wi...
  • Josh Cooke as Ben and Jennifer Finnigan ...
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The Daytime Emmy winner for Younger Outstanding Actress, Jennifer Finnigan who plays Bridget Forrester Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful was born and raised in Montral, Canada. Being from Montral, Jennifer speaks fluent French. Her hobbies include creative writing, singing, taking piano lessons, swing dancing and travelling.…more


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    • Jennifer Finnigan: (what she likes about her "Close To Home" character) There's a lot of procedurals on air right now, and a lot of them are female-driven, but the women tend to be very - I don't want to say masculine but just sort of hard-edged. What I love about Annabeth is that she is a real woman; she's vulnerable and feminine and affected by things. One thing that gets me about a lot of these procedurals is that the characters sometimes seem unaffected by all the tragedy - and she's not. She takes that to heart, and that's who I am as well.

    • (about why she wanted to play in "Close to Home")
      Jennifer Finnigan: I read it and went, How could I not? I've never really felt as connected to a role as I did with this one. The writing was brilliant. She's just this amazingly strong character. She's got so many dimensions. All these procedurals out there, as great as they are, it's rare that you get to see these women in their home life and in that different environment and that vulnerability and that softer side.

    • (about the daunting schedule of a drama series when planning a wedding)
      Jennifer Finnigan: Yes. It does, but when it all comes down to it, I think right now I'm meant to be doing drama. Jonny and I discussed it a lot. Thankfully, he's an actor, so he gets it. If anyone's going to be understanding about it, it's him. But just to be realistic, I said, "Honey, there are going to be times where I probably won't see you for three, four days in a row," and that's hard. It's a scary reality we're going to have to deal with, but he knows that I'm really committed to my work, and he would never want to interfere with that.

    • (about how she met, actor, Jonathan Silverman)
      Jennifer Finnigan: We met at a barbecue, a daytime barbecue. A common friend introduced us, and we talked from two in the afternoon until two in the morning, and we laughed so much. We just instantly clicked, like I never did. He's my sanity.

    • Reporter: What charities are most important to you?
      Jennifer: Definitely pediatric cancer, AIDS research, and there's a new charity I found out about that interests me for young kids and teens who are suicidal because they are gay and afraid to come out.

    • Reporter: Who do you admire the most?
      Jennifer: My parents, for their integrity and strength.

    • Reporter: Which Hollywood actor/actress are you most looking forward to working with?

      Jennifer: Without a doubt, Meryl Streep, first and foremost. God, I could learn so much from her, she's so brilliant.

  • I can't stand her

    Sorry to be so harsh, but I can't stand Jennifer Finnigan. She may be a sweet person and she's cute but average looking, but she's an awful actress. She was not convincing on Close to Home, she was like prosecutor Barbie. On Close to Home, her acting was wooden, stilted and unnatural. The way she acts is almost painfully annoying and boring--it's like she's not even acting at all.

    There is absolutely NO dramatics in her voice when she speaks or even expression in her face! Not even when she's talking about something intense! I understand her character is very "important" and reserved, but that doesn't mean she has to bore us all to tears with the NO emotion she has on screen. On Committed, she was a bit better but still annoying as hell. Her idea of acting comedically was raising her voice to be heinously shrill.moreless
  • Talented, beautiful and down to earth.

    Jennifer has played a variety of different roles which I think shows her strength as an actress. To move from playing a dizzy blonde in committed to playing being in a drama like close to home are two completely different roles but she is great in both.

    I think she still has more potential and there will be more great stuff to come from her. I chose the talented classification but she is also a personal favourite of mine because she is a really genuine person and down to earth. She used to be shy but decided to do the thing that scared her most performing in front of people and became an actress. Im glad she overcame her fear or I would never have got to see her in close to home one of my favourite shows.moreless