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  • She looks hot. Jennifer Finnigan is like my Sweet Temptation.

    Jennifer is young, talented, and very gorgeus. Her character in Committed was the best one there next to the clown lol. Her role in "The Bold and the Beautiful' as Bridget was the best one there was in the show. She takes the scene everytime she appears in a show. She is my Sweet Temptation. Jennifer is hotter than Kimberly Williams. Jennifer Finnigan? She's cool!
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    She is kind of cool. She is really a different kind of actress and she has something that not all of them have. Of course, she should star up in more movies to see how she is, but I still think that she is a good actress.
  • Jennifer Finnigan is beautiful & a talented actress.

    Jennifer Finnigan portrays Annabeth Chase. She is very beautiful, talented and overall an outstanding lead actress for the show. I think her character is a good strong role model for all women out there, never giving up without a fight and standing up for what she believes in. She is just an amazing actress!

  • Stars in Close to Home.

    Jennifer Finnigan is a very talented and convincing actress. She is currently the star of Close to Home, a spectacular crime drama. As a teenager, she starred in the later episodes of student bodies where she played the main character's crush and eventual girlfriend. She messed up his relationship because he loved her more than the girl he was dating, which happened to be her best friend, but everything turned out fantastic. she was a lot nicer cute. Jennifer has come a long way since student bodies. She was pretty funny in Commited and now she is a serious rising star in a drama.
  • Talented, beautiful and down to earth.

    Jennifer has played a variety of different roles which I think shows her strength as an actress. To move from playing a dizzy blonde in committed to playing being in a drama like close to home are two completely different roles but she is great in both.

    I think she still has more potential and there will be more great stuff to come from her. I chose the talented classification but she is also a personal favourite of mine because she is a really genuine person and down to earth. She used to be shy but decided to do the thing that scared her most performing in front of people and became an actress. Im glad she overcame her fear or I would never have got to see her in close to home one of my favourite shows.
  • She's beautiful and talented.

    Wow. She impresses me with every episode of "Close to Home" totally destroys the whole dumb blone stereotype. Jennifer Finnigan wasn't a household name before, but she certainly is now.

    Her portrayal of character of Annabeth Chase is amazing, simply amazing. She is a great actress. I've never seen such a young actress pour so much passion into one role. She overshadowed the hugely popular co-star Christian Kane
    (who was killed of later). Annabeth is strong, charasmatic, smart, passionate, sticks by her ideals and Jennifer portrays her perfectly. Annabeth is truly the girl of my dreams not really for her beauty but for all these qualities.

    Jennifer is the best reason to watch "Close to Home" if you're a fan of this show, you know how talented she is. She simply is one of the better actresses I've seen in quite a while and that's saying a lot. It's a shame I haven't seen her Daytime work, but "Close to Home" is an excellent , excellent show with a great actress in Finnigan.
  • The Daytime Emmy winner for Younger Outstanding Actress, Jennifer Finnigan who plays Bridget Forrester Sharpe on The Bold and the Beautiful was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Being from Montreal, Jennifer speaks fluent French. Her hobbies include cr

    I don't really like her, she has this annoying face with those big eyes,she always looks like she's sick, and she acts in a really irritating way. I didn't like her in the bold and the beautiful but I do in Close to Home, but that's just because the plot and the subject are intresting. I hope she'll fix her way of acting, bacause she definitly needs to.
    I don't really have something against her though, I'm just trying to keep up with my neighbour because she just keeps on writing reviews and she's making me crazy. So Winny: STOP IT!
  • I can't stand her

    Sorry to be so harsh, but I can't stand Jennifer Finnigan. She may be a sweet person and she's cute but average looking, but she's an awful actress. She was not convincing on Close to Home, she was like prosecutor Barbie. On Close to Home, her acting was wooden, stilted and unnatural. The way she acts is almost painfully annoying and boring--it's like she's not even acting at all.

    There is absolutely NO dramatics in her voice when she speaks or even expression in her face! Not even when she's talking about something intense! I understand her character is very "important" and reserved, but that doesn't mean she has to bore us all to tears with the NO emotion she has on screen. On Committed, she was a bit better but still annoying as hell. Her idea of acting comedically was raising her voice to be heinously shrill.
  • Wow!

    Jennifer Finnigan seems to have that rare ability to capture and keep your attention no matter what she's doing. I found myself watching Committed, a show I thought was rather silly, just because she was so enchanting.

    I truly hope she's found a long-time home with her current series, or if not, that she finds one suitable to her talents. She deserves it. She really seems to be a diamond and it would be nice to see her truly sparkle. TV, movies...why not? Nothing should be beyond her.

    Needless to say, in addition to her being a great actress I also consider her to be very beautiful, with a very unique look. Her combination of looks and talent should take her a very long way.
  • Anabeth Chase is allright but I love Marnie.There is a sort of tender mistery into Jennifer´s smile that makes you impossible to forget her

    Close to home is a very good show,and Anabeth Chase is a powerful character. She is a sweet mother and a loving wife,but at the same time she has to deal with twisted murders and complex situations. Anabeth\'s searching for the truth in every chapter is outstanding but I loved Marnie Fliss from the first time I saw her. The extrange relation with her father,The old clown,her neighbor and all that fabulous village´s atmosphere are imagenes that I cannot forget. The silhouette of Marnie dancing on that terrace while the cops into the chop illuminated her with the chop\'s lights and greeted her by her birthday causes that I cannot forget the smile of Jennifer Finnigan