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  • She's beautiful and talented.

    Wow. She impresses me with every episode of "Close to Home" totally destroys the whole dumb blone stereotype. Jennifer Finnigan wasn't a household name before, but she certainly is now.

    Her portrayal of character of Annabeth Chase is amazing, simply amazing. She is a great actress. I've never seen such a young actress pour so much passion into one role. She overshadowed the hugely popular co-star Christian Kane
    (who was killed of later). Annabeth is strong, charasmatic, smart, passionate, sticks by her ideals and Jennifer portrays her perfectly. Annabeth is truly the girl of my dreams not really for her beauty but for all these qualities.

    Jennifer is the best reason to watch "Close to Home" if you're a fan of this show, you know how talented she is. She simply is one of the better actresses I've seen in quite a while and that's saying a lot. It's a shame I haven't seen her Daytime work, but "Close to Home" is an excellent , excellent show with a great actress in Finnigan.