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  • I can't stand her

    Sorry to be so harsh, but I can't stand Jennifer Finnigan. She may be a sweet person and she's cute but average looking, but she's an awful actress. She was not convincing on Close to Home, she was like prosecutor Barbie. On Close to Home, her acting was wooden, stilted and unnatural. The way she acts is almost painfully annoying and boring--it's like she's not even acting at all.

    There is absolutely NO dramatics in her voice when she speaks or even expression in her face! Not even when she's talking about something intense! I understand her character is very "important" and reserved, but that doesn't mean she has to bore us all to tears with the NO emotion she has on screen. On Committed, she was a bit better but still annoying as hell. Her idea of acting comedically was raising her voice to be heinously shrill.