Jennifer Gareis

Jennifer Gareis


8/1/1971, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

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Jennifer Gareis



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Jenifer Gareis
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Jennifer Gareis is an American actress, best known for her role as Grace Turner on CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. She currently plays Donna Logan on The Young and the Restless sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, a role she has held since 2006.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jennifer returned to Pepperdine University to get her MBA. A week after starting her studies, she won the role of Donna Logan on The Bold & The Beautiful. She continued to study despite sometimes finding the situation overwhelming.

    • Jennifer has trained as a competitive swimmer most of her life. Since the age of five she has excelled in swimming, and in college was an NCAA All-American swimmer, specialising in the butterfly stroke.

    • Jennifer's height is 5' 6" (1.68m).

    • Jennifer graduated from McCaskey High School and then majored in accounting at Franklin & Marshall College.

    • In 1992, Jennifer was the 2nd runner-up to Miss Pennsylvania USA. Jennifer won both the 'Miss Hawaiian Tropic' and 'Miss New York' beauty pageants in 1994, as well as being a Top 6 finalist in the Miss USA competition.

    • Jennifer was once a promotional model and visited the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia for the 'Indy on the Gold Coast' race, posing with the winners.

  • Quotes

    • Jennifer: (on returning to uni while remaining on The Bold & The Beautiful) I always knew that at some point I wanted to do more with my education, so I'm getting my MBA from Pepperdine University. Less than a week after stating, I got this role [on B&B]. My contract is for four years on B&B, so I'm hoping I can stick with school. It can get overwhelming at times, but I really want to do both.

    • Jennifer: (on math and majoring in accounting) I always loved math and I'm still pretty good with numbers. My older sister pushed me in the direction of accounting; it seemed secure, so I went with it.

    • Jennifer: (asked when she began entering beauty pageants) In my senior year of college. I was an exchange student in Spain and there was this little pageant. My girlfriends were like, 'You should do this'. There was a $300 prize and I thought, 'I want that', so on a whim I entered and won.

    • Jennifer: (on visiting Australia) I was at the Gold Coast for a car race, working for a week. I used to be a promotional model and I would pose with the winners down in the pit. It was so noisy and everyone was saying to me, 'It's so darn cool', and I would say, 'No, it's not fun and it's giving me a headache, and it's hot and you're in a bathing suit posing.' I loved Australia, though. I'm just not one for car racing or sitting in the pit. I would like to go back.

    • Jennifer: I'm fashion-challenged. I'm terrible with it. Everyone's like, 'You can't be. You always look so put together when you leave work.' You don't understand. I have to call people and ask, 'Do you put this shoe with this purse?' I have a friend coming over to my house to put together outfits this weekend, because that's how bad I am.

    • Jennifer: (on faking on-screen chemistry) I've been lucky to have a lot of really hot co-stars, so I've never had to fake it. But an acting teacher showed me how to do that, so I have it as a back-up. But I haven't had to use it yet.

    • Jennifer: (on rumours she dated Ronn Moss) They are not true. I do specifically remember the whole rumour because my mother called me. Everyone was asking her. Mum would say, 'I hope she would tell me before it's in a magazine'. We had a good laugh.

    • Jennifer: (on performing a striptease scene) I suppose I was a bit nervous when they told me I was going to do this striptease dance. I went, 'Wow! They're really assuming I can dance'. I felt pretty comfortable. You have to do it… it's your job! I was a little bit nervous because there were like 50 extras and the whole cast. I was better after a while. The choreographer was great and helped me. I felt a lot of support from everyone on the show.

    • Jennifer: (on the sexuality she brings to her roles) It's funny. I don't think that I'm playing the sexuality role. But I'll watch myself on the TV and realise I slink around, and I don't even realise that I am doing it. It's ridiculous! It's just when I am acting. I don't think I slink in real life. I hope not!

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