Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner


4/17/1972, Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Jennifer Anne Garner



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Jennifer Affleck
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Jennifer was born in Houston and raised in West Virginia. Her mother was an English teacher and her father was a chemical engineer. Jennifer's original aspirations were towards ballet and chemistry; however, New York and acting eventually beckoned. Jennifer began acting in television movies before moving on to…more


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  • Trivia

    • In August 2011, after quite a bit of media speculation on the subject, Jennifer and Ben confirmed that Jennifer was expecting the couple's third child, due in early 2012.

    • To celebrate the birth of each of their children, Ben gives Jennifer some jewelry from her favorite jeweller, Neil Lane. Following the birth of Violet in 2005, he gave her a platinum and diamond full eternity ring. After the birth of Seraphina in 2009, and as Jennifer had just had her ears re-pierced, he gave her a pair of platinum and diamond stud earrings.

    • On July 29th, 2010, Jennifer took her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, to see a magic show in Santa Monica, CA. While there, Jennifer was picked out of the audience, invited up on stage and sawed in half by the magician in a trick called the "bow saw".

    • For the first nine months that Jennifer lived in New York, she couldn't afford a place of her own and paid a woman $400 a month to let her sleep on a futon in her kitchen. At the time, she was only making $150 per week as an understudy in a Broadway production of A Month in the Country.

    • Because Jennifer currently doesn't wear pierced earrings very often, the holes in her earlobes can be quite difficult to see and it sometimes looks like her ears are not pierced. If she hasn't worn pierced earrings for a while, the hole in her left earlobe almost completely disappears, while the one in her right lobe is a bit more visible.

    • On the very first night of shooting 13 Going On 30, Jennifer treated the cast and crew to pizza, and personally handed out slices to everyone on the set.

    • For several weeks while filming Daredevil, Jennifer worked seven day weeks, spending Monday to Friday in Los Angeles filming Alias, and then flying to New York at weekends to shoot her scenes for Daredevil.

    • Her pets include a dog named Martha Stewart, and several cats, one of which is named Wesley - The names of the other cats are not known.

    • As a child, Jennifer used to share a room with her older sister Melissa.

    • She registered to vote in the 2008 Presidential election under her married name of Jennifer Affleck, and not as Jennifer Garner. Away from showbusiness, she prefers to be known as Jennifer Affleck (and as Jennifer Foley while married to Scott Foley). She also received a Special Thanks credit under her married name on the credits of husband Ben Affleck's 2007 directorial debut Gone Baby Gone.

    • Although she does have pierced ears, Jennifer only rarely wears earrings.

    • She was paid an estimated $3,000,000 for her first major movie role, 13 Going On 30. For Elektra and Catch and Release, she earned about $5,000,000 per movie.

    • Jennifer performed many of her own stunts on Alias, although her stunt double, Shauna Duggins, handled the most dangerous ones such as explosions.

    • Prior to the start of Alias, Jennifer took a month-long class in Taekwondo to gain experience in martial arts.

    • In 2006, Jennifer sang the song My Heart is So Full of You on the charity album Unexpected Dreams - Songs From the Stars.

    • From 2002 until 2009, Jennifer was stalked by Stephen Burky. Following his arrest in December 2009 for violating a 2008 restraining order, he pleaded not guilty to two counts of stalking by reason of insanity and, in March 2010, was ruled insane and sent to the California state mental hospital. The court also ordered that, if he was released from the hospital, he would have to stay away from Jennifer and her family for a period of ten years.

    • Her favorite earrings are a pair of 4-stone diamond studs given to her as an early Valentine's gift by her husband a couple of weeks after she'd had her ears re-pierced in January 2009.

    • Actress Christa B. Allen played a young Jennifer Garner in two of Jennifer's movies: 13 Going on 30 and Ghost of Girlfriend's Past.

    • In late January 2009, Jennifer and her older sister Melissa both had their ears pierced during a visit to a medical center in Santa Monica, CA. Although this was the third time that Jennifer's ears had been pierced, it was the first time that Melissa, then 39, had pierced hers.

    • Favorites:

      Sport: American Football
      Football team: West Virginia University Mountaineers
      Products: Kiehl's and Sjal
      Hobbies: Kickboxing and reading
      Book: "Roots"
      Personality: Martha Stewart

    • Awards and Nominations:

      - Jennifer won a Golden Globe in 2002 for "Best Actress in a Television Series - Drama" for her work on Alias.
      - In 2003, Jennifer was nominated for "Best Kiss" at Movie Awards for Daredevil, which she shared with her future Ben Affleck.
      - In 2004, Jennifer was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for Alias at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    • Honors:

      - Jennifer was named the #1 "Sexiest Woman of 2001" by Maxim Magazine.
      - Jennifer was named one of People Magazine's 'Breakthrough Stars of 2001.'
      - In 2002, Jennifer was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by the People Magazine.
      - In 2005, Jennifer entered the Forbes "Power 100 List of Celebrities." She ranked as the fifth best paid actress in Hollywood, accumulating an estimated $14 million over the year 2004/05.
      - Jennifer was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007.
      - Jennifer ranked #44 in Maxim's "Hot 100" list of 2008.
      - Jennifer is ranked #37 in the "100 Hottest Brunettes of AIM".

    • Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck's second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, was born January 6, 2009 in Los Angeles. Garner and Affleck are also parents to daughter Violet.

    • In March 2008, Jennifer hosted a fund-raising event in Boston, MA. in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

    • In 2007, both Jennifer and Ben Affleck appeared in a video called "Project Phin: Clean My Ride, Flex My Fuel", designed to lobby Congress on the the provision of automotive biofuels and increases in fuel efficiency for cars and light trucks.

    • From November 1st, 2007, until January 6th, 2008, Jennifer played the role of Roxanne in the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City.

    • In addition to her daily workouts, Jennifer is a strict believer in a nutrition plan that recommends eating every three hours. The meals, which Jennifer usually makes herself, include small servings of proteins and high-quality carbs.

    • As a child, Jennifer wanted to be an author.

    • In 2002, Alias creator J.J. Abrams gave Jennifer a pink bicycle for her birthday. Being the first one on set, she would often greet the production crew by ringing the bells on the bike's handlebars.

    • Jennifer earned a theater degree from Ohio's Denison University.

    • Jennifer is known for being pretty shy at parties if she doesn't know many people there.

    • To prepare for her role in 13 Going on 30, Jennifer had a sleep-over party with 13-year-olds.

    • In 13 Going On 30 (2004) Garner's character is editor of a magazine that features Jennifer Lopez on the cover. Lopez was engaged to Garner's husband Ben Affleck.

    • One of Garner's call signs on "Alias" (2001) is "Mountaineer". She was raised in West Virginia, and the Mountaineer is the mascot of West Virginia University.

    • Jennifer Garner signed to play Jude in Happy Endings, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with Alias and Elektra.

    • After college, Garner moved to New York and began auditioning for stage roles, landing her first part only a month after arriving in town in 1995 as an understudy in the Broadway production of A Month in the Country. She was paid $150 a week for the role.

    • Jennifer Garner reportedly turned down the role of Pamela Ewing in the upcoming "Dallas" movie, after discovering her husband Ben Affleck's ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez had signed to star in the remake.

    • In the summer of 2009, Jennifer and her daughters temporarily relocated from Los Angeles to Boston, Mass. while husband Ben Affleck was filming two movies there.

    • Garner worked 80 hour weeks during Alias' fourth season.

    • When she first moved to New York, Garner earned $150 a week as an understudy in a play.

    • While filming in the desert for 'The Kingdom', Jennifer Garner passed out from the heat and had to be rushed to the hospital.

    • Jennifer and Ben had their daughter baptised in 2006. Violet, who turned one on December 1, was baptised on Christmas Eve at the United Methodist Christ Church, in Charleston.

    • Jennifer loved the $250,000 Fred Leighton diamond chandelier earrings she wore to the 2006 Oscars so much, she actually had her ears pierced especially a few weeks before just so that she could wear them to the ceremony. Following the ceremony, she carried on wearing pierced earrings for a few months before letting the holes in her ears close up again.

    • Jennifer and Ben Affleck got engaged on Jennifer's birthday (April 17, 2005).

    • Jennifer's opening narration for Alias, which was used throughout season one, was phoned in. She was working on location and had to read it down the phoneline to J.J. Abrams who was recording it on the other end.

    • Jennifer had to go through five rounds of auditions before she was given the Felicity role.

    • When Jennifer appeared as an award presenter at the 78th Academy Awards in 2006, she tripped on the hem of her long Michael Kors dress as she walked out on stage and almost fell over.

    • Jennifer's hometown of Charleston, West Virginia threw a Jen and Ben "Baby Shower Night" (July 9, 2005) with all the gifts going to charity.

    • Jennifer made her directorial debut in 2005 with the Alias episode "In Dreams."

    • Jennifer's salary on 'Alias' started out at $45,000 an episode, before rising to $150,000 per episode in the show's third season.

    • Jennifer married Ben Affleck on June 29, 2005 at the exclusive Parrot Cay resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Victor Garber, Jennifer's Alias co-star, officiated.

    • Jennifer played the saxophone in her high school band, and can also play the piano.

    • Jennifer and Ben Affleck's daughter Violet was born in December 2005. In August 2008 the couple revealed Jennifer was pregnant with their second child.

    • Jennifer went to college at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, which is about 20 miles away from Columbus.

    • For her fifth season of Alias, Jennifer was promoted to writer/producer.

    • Jennifer and her sisters grew up in a conservative household, where make-up and going out to see movies were prohibited, and they had to wait until the age of 16 before being allowed to have their ears pierced. However, Susannah broke those rules and had her ears pierced without permission when she was 14. Jennifer didn't have her ears pierced until she was 27, when she had them done especially for her part in the TV disaster movie Aftershock: Earthquake in New York, but then let them heal up again after filming was completed. Melissa has never had her ears pierced.

    • Jennifer's father is a retired chemical engineer, and her mother is a retired English teacher.

    • In the summer of 2003 Jennifer recorded a recruitment video for the Central Intelligence Agency.

    • Jennifer is a member of Pi Beta Phi national sorority.

    • Jennifer moon-lighted as a hostess at Isabella's restaurant in New York while trying to launch her acting career.

    • Jennifer was initially going to go to Yale to study drama, but got an acting job in New York City instead.

    • Jennifer went to John Adams Junior High, and then George Washington High School, both in Charleston, West Virginia.

    • Jennifer has two sisters: Melissa Garner Wylie (who has a son, Jack) and Susannah Kay Garner Carpenter (who has a daughter, Emma).

    • Jennifer is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 metres) tall.

    • In her early years Jennifer was an was aspiring and dedicated ballerina, and used to practice several hours a day.

    • Jennifer says that she is often mistaken for former Power Ranger and Felicity co-star Amy Jo Johnson.

    • Jennifer spent the last trimester of her pregnancy filming Alias.

    • Jennifer's most prominant relationships have all been with co-stars. She met her first husband Scott Foley on the set of Felicity. Following her divorce from Foley, she then dated Alias co-star Michael Vartan. She first met her second husband, Ben Affleck, while filming Pearl Harbor, and they became very close while filming Daredevil.

  • Quotes

    • Jennifer: I grew up in a family that did not talk about beauty at all. We all had straight plain hair. We didn't have our ears pierced. We didn't wear makeup. We were very conservative. And I still feel that way. I still don't wear makeup. I still wear my hair plain. And, while I do have pierced ears now, I don't wear earrings very often. Anyway, I want my kids to know that they're pretty on the inside, to really feel pretty. Because I think it's important for woman to have ownership of their own beauty, no matter what they hear, read, are told.

    • Jennifer: (On how her daughter Violet doesn't understand the concept of maiden, married and professional names) 'Why don't people know that you're Jennifer Affleck?' She says that to me all the time. She did have a moment though where she was like, You're Jennifer Affleck - why do people call you Jennifer Garner?

    • Jennifer: I'm a huge fan and avid supporter of my local Farmers Market. Showing kids how foods go from farm to table is an important first step in creating healthy eating habits.

    • Jennifer: I'm sure that everyone else there must have thought it was all some big set-up and that I was in on the trick, but I really wasn't. I was genuinely surprised when he asked if I'd get up and join him on stage, and I was a bit reluctant at first, because I was a bit worried about what people would think. And I thought I'd just be helping out with a card trick or something like that, so I was really shocked when he said he was going to saw me in half! I've no idea how he did it - All I know is that I didn't feel a thing, but the saw definitely started out above me and ended up beneath me, and I could hear and feel the vibration as it cut through the wood in the frame he put around my waist.

    • Jennifer: I do think that it's important for yourself every now and then to put on some makeup, blow out your hair, put in some nice earrings, and get dressed up just for the heck of it and walk around as a reminder that you're as beautiful to yourself as you are to your kids.

    • Jennifer: You see pictures and you see this harried woman in jeans and sneakers, running around and just lucky if I get a shower, but it's pretty much the same as every other mom out there. You know, I can't dress up every day, it's just not in my nature. Even if I own the clothes, which by the way I do, I look at them and think 'I can't be a mom in those clothes,' they just don't suit me.

    • Jennifer: No matter what, it is very tricky and difficult just to be a good parent at all. I have a lot of help. And for that I'm very grateful

    • Jennifer: (On working with Russell Brand on the remake of 'Arthur') No one but Russell Brand could have remade this movie. He's the reason we all did it. I absolutely fell for him while I was working with him.

    • Jennifer: I do like having my ears pierced, because there's a lot more choice in pierced earrings than there is with clip-ons, and they're a lot more comfortable to wear - Sometimes I completely forget I've got them in and end up going to sleep wearing them. But I'll never be one of those women who feel that they always have to wear earrings and aren't properly dressed without them. For me, they'll always be something I wear occasionally to complete a special outfit, or for a part in a movie.

    • Jennifer: (On an embarrasing incident when she very publicly tripped and fell in a shopping center) People knew I was the Alias chick, and I laughed so hard. What can you do? Might as well let people in on what a buffoon you are.

    • Jennifer: You can do a lot with Scotch tape. Almost anything! I love that you can hem a dress, and its an instant remedy in a fashion crises.

    • Jennifer: (On being rescued by Ben Affleck when a wire stunt went wrong during filming of Daredevil) Out of nowhere comes this 6ft 4in red devil who just kind of put his arms out and shouts: 'I've got her!' I'm telling you, it was like, 'I've got my own superhero.'

    • Jennifer: (Explaining why she had her ears re-pierced in early 2009) My sister Melissa had been thinking about getting her ears pierced for a while, but was a bit nervous about having them done - She'd never had them done even though she's thirty-nine, and was worried about it hurting. My other sister, Susannah, has had her ears pierced since she was fourteen, and I'd had mine done a couple of times in the past, but let them grow over again both times. We both told her she'd nothing to worry about and it didn't hurt at all, so she said she'd trust us and get them done - but only if I went with her and got mine done too. So she watched me get my ears pierced, and then she finally got hers done too.

    • Jennifer: (about finding time for romance with husband Ben Affleck) You steal the time. You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper. You sit next to each other on the couch with computers on your lap. After the kids are asleep, you...well, you know. Whatever it is.

    • Jennifer: I will tell you what I can't abide--and I think the Internet has really created a space for it--women criticizing other women, and mothers criticizing other mothers. It just makes me crazy, whether it's between staying at home, going to work, how long you breast feed, if you use formula. I feel like we should just assume everyone is doing the best they can. Women should take care of each other, not tear each other down. I would just like to see a mother who really believes that she has done it all so right. You know what I mean?

    • Jennifer: I am the model middle child. I am patient, and I like to take care of everyone. Being called nice is a compliment. It's not a boring way to describe me.

    • Jennifer: (in 2008 about her daughter) Ben and I try very hard not to talk about Violet to the press. We don't want to give the paparazzi any power. They really invade your kid's space. I tell them, "Please don't put your cameras in her face," and they don't care. My kid doesn't belong in magazines. She's two! People recognize her in a different state when she's with someone who's not me. They say, "Oh, that's Violet Affleck." That's not okay with me.

    • Jennifer: (On getting her ears pierced for the 2006 Oscars) A couple of months before the ceremony, I went to pick out the jewelry I'd be wearing on the night. I picked out the diamond cuff and the hair clip, and then they showed me the most gorgeous pair of earrings I'd ever seen. It wasn't until I came to try them on that I realized they'd forgotten I didn't have pierced ears. They could see how much I loved them, and how disappointed I was that I couldn't wear them, so they said that, if I really wanted to, they could pierce my ears for me there and then. That would give them enough time to heal before the ceremony, and I could then wear the earrings. And I really did want to wear those earrings, so I said 'OK', and they pierced my ears for me before I left the boutique. It felt a bit odd to have them done, although I did have them pierced for a couple of weeks a few years back for a movie I was in, but it was worth it because I knew it meant I'd be wearing those fabulous earrings to the ceremony.

    • Jennifer: I don't know anyone who was never a geek, really, when they look at their own lives. I think that from the outside looking in, you think that you weren't necessarily a tragic geek, but yes, you did lean in that direction.

    • Jennifer: (about daughter Violet) It's very important to us that she remains a kid. If she wants to do theater someday, okay, but as for doing it for a living, that's not a kid's job.

    • Jennifer: (about Britney Spears) After watching her performance on the 2007 VMA's, I wanted to just go and... I don't know, mother her.

    • Jennifer: (about losing her pregnancy weight) It took me a long, long time. I just wasn't that motivated. I wanted to play with my baby. Then I got on the treadmill, stopped stuffing my face, and lost the weight. I cut out croissants, bagels and muffins--all the good stuff--and I went back to having a salad once a day, and protein.

    • Jennifer: I call my mom now and say, "You know all the dinners you made that I said "no" to and then went off and ate peanut butter? I'm sorry. I get it now. I slaved over roasting this, and Violet goes, "No, no, no!"

    • Jennifer: (about gaining 30 pounds while pregnant with daughter Violet) You're not supposed to in Hollywood. You're supposed to kind of just eat a salad, but I definitely didn't do that.

    • Jennifer: (joking about her daughter's relationship with her stunt body double) I have a problem with my child actually right now. She's obsessed these days with my stunt double, Shauna Duggins. She's a really good friend of mine. She's like my partner in crime. She's amazing; she's like me except cooler, hotter and with a better body. My daughter recognizes this and makes me call her 'Shauna Girl' and she draws Green Shauna, Pink Shauna, Blue Shauna.

    • Jennifer: You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben [Affleck] is like that, like, on crack.

    • Jennifer: Violet is the most beautiful thing. Just that she exists and I get to hang out with her. I think that I can read her mind because I'm with her all the time. Then she'll do something off the wall and surprising. There's no one who is more fun.

    • Jennifer: I do think about aging. I have those moments of panic and vanity, but life keeps getting better, so you can't worry about it too much.

    • Jennifer: (on her daughter Violet) She looks like both of us. She's somewhere in-between the two of us. Ben and I like more things in ourselves that we now see reflected in Violet. To see my dimples in her makes me like my dimples, because I share them with her.

    • Jennifer: I'm pretty chilled as a pregnant chick and I feel like I'll be pretty chilled about the whole thing. I mean, I feel kind of warrior-like about it. But I do have the moments in the middle of the night where I'm like, 'Wow, this has to come out!'

    • Jennifer: There's nothing more emotional than seeing your partner--the man you love--with your baby at any time: the first time, the second, yesterday, today. There's nothing more beautiful.

    • Jennifer: (on Ben Affleck as a dad) He does a good job. I mean, okay, maybe I wrote out what he was supposed to make for her (to eat) today while I was gone. But that's just me being paranoid. He's great – he can do it.

    • Jennifer: (on losing the baby weight) It took me a long, long time. I just wasn't that motivated. I wanted to play with her. Then I got on the treadmill, stopped stuffing my face and lost the weight. I cut out croissants, bagels and muffins – all the good stuff. And went back to having a salad once a day and protein.

    • Jennifer: I was rocking [Violet], and she was fascinated by the light hitting the ceiling. I thought, "God, for the past five years, I haven't stopped to look at light on the ceiling for [one] second." To slow down and go at her pace has been such a gift.

    • Jennifer: Having a baby fills your life in such a way that no matter what you're doing, there's something bigger. I've just been in heaven being with her the past year.

    • Jennifer: (when asked about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck) I'm not going to go there. That's his life and his past. He has always been so respectful of her, and, in turn, I'm going to be respectful of him.

    • Jennifer: I've known for a long time that your looks will only take you so far, and I think I'm in the process of showing what I can do as an actress. I wouldn't mind if someone says I'm a good actress who's also kind of nice to look at. There's a lot worse things people can say about you.

    • Jennifer: I know there's this very fine line separating success from obscurity. I don't take anything for granted.

    • Jennifer: The only thing I ever wanted to get out of this business was to find enough work to pay my rent and have a little money in the bank at the end of the month. I was never ambitious in the sense that I was desperate to become famous and walk up the red carpet.

    • Jennifer: Back in school I loved guys and I was always chasing them but they never seemed to be interested in me! It took a while until that process reversed itself. Sometimes I think it was better the other way around!

    • Jennifer: (on training for "Elektra") Having done so many fight scenes in Alias and then for Daredevil, the training wasn't as tough as it was when I first started learning to do fight sequences. Now my body is a lot better adapted to all the moves, even though I still wind up getting bruises all over me.

    • Jennifer: Fashion taste is so much a thing of the moment that it's almost impossible to always be on the cutting edge anyway, so I try to keep things simple and classic. I got some pretty good press for my Oscar dress, so I can't complain.

    • Jennifer: I only feel [pressure] when I go to film premieres and there's so much fuss about wearing the perfect dress. That can be intimidating. I don't have the greatest fashion sense myself, but I think I know what kind of dresses look good on me or not.

    • Jennifer: (on being part of a celebrity couple) We just don't talk about our relationship! It's tough when you're both working hard and you read stories. It's just a no-win situation to say anything at all.

    • Jennifer: (on her relationship with Scott Foley) When I was going through my separation, I remember feeling really awful because so many trashy stories were being printed which were pretty cruel and for the most part totally fabricated. But I had a lot of people around me who were telling me that you have to just ride it out and eventually the stories will just die down. But it's OK. I've developed a thick skin.I just try to lead my life and not worry about the speculation about my love life.

    • Jennifer: I will definitely streak somewhere before I would get drunk.

    • Jennifer: (on all her lingerie scenes in "Alias") I was in about half the lingerie that they wanted me to be in! Every now and then I'd get a script that would be like, 'Sydney's in a bikini,' and I'd be like, 'I can't! You have to give me notice. I have to have months to get ready. Don't make me do it.'

    • Jennifer: (on the old saying that having a newborn is like detonating a bomb in a marriage) I was ready for that, I kept preparing, but it hasn't been the case at all. Maybe it's because we were newlyweds. I think it's just he is also a very understanding individual. A compassionate, generous guy. He's great with her and she loves him, and it makes it a lot easier on me.

    • Jennifer: (on her days since giving birth to her daughter Violet) Most of the time by far, I'm at home with my daughter. My husband is superinvolved and very present, so I don't have that feeling of wandering around the house bumping into things. I have just enough stuff that gets me out where I feel like, "Oh look, I exist in the world."

    • Jennifer: It's not a straight line, this job. You go along and you go backward and then to the side and then you leap forward, and it's like, holy sh*t! I definitely think if I never got another job, I'd go to grad school! Just because I want to remind myself that my job's not what makes me happy in life.

    • Jennifer: I would just like to have as varied a career as I can, for as long as it wants me and I want it. But it's hard. It's not a generous career. You know, when things are good, you kind of have to take advantage, and no one really cares if you have a kid, and you wanna... but that's okay.

    • Jennifer: I didn't grow up in a politically active family like [Ben Affleck] did, and I'm jealous of him that way. I've always felt slightly behind. But it's like baseball: The more you know about it, the more you like it. I'm finally learning the difference between Sunni and Shiite, you know what I mean? And thank goodness, I find that [Ben and I] are pretty much on the same page.

    • Jennifer: (on her family) We hardly saw movies. It was a much bigger deal for us if Annie came through. We saw Flowers for Algernon when I was probably six, and Mom said that at the end, I stood up on my chair and was screaming and clapping.

    • Jennifer: My sisters are the single biggest thing about me. They're the ones cushioning me on either side.

    • Jennifer: I would be happy if there was a uniform for life and we didn't think about it. I do appreciate people who have style. I like to look at it. And I even like when I accidentally stumble onto something that is a combination of me and something fancy--that makes me happy. But otherwise, the whole thing terrifies me.

    • Jennifer: I never got recognized! I'd be with my husband [actor Scott Foley from "Felicity" 1998] and people would think I'm his manager, and they'd start giving me their business cards.

    • Jennifer: I knew we were going to marry someday, but I was absolutely surprised when he actually proposed. And surprised he had bought a ring. I ran around the yard screaming.

    • Jennifer: The thing is, everyone says that when you're in Hollywood, you're living in the fast lane. But that's what it feels like — everything speeds up. If [a relationship] is not going to work 10 years from now, it feels like it's accelerated to this frenzy and then, it's not working...boom! And you're like, "What just happened?"

    • Jennifer: Now I see people around, like [Isabella's regulars] Steve Martin and Katie Couric, and they think they know me. But I'm like, 'That's because I seated you at table five every Wednesday.'

    • Jennifer: Sometimes I look at [skinny actresses] and think, Oh God, I should look like that. I'm jealous because the clothes hang on them so well. But I would have to torture myself to look like they do.

    • Jennifer: I'm well-known for action but it was never even a hint of a consideration when I was starting to work as an actress. To be honest, comedy wasn't up there either. I was always kind of the vulnerable girl next door.

    • Jennifer: Jenna in 13 Going on 30 is probably closer to my actual personality than Sydney [on Alias] in a lot of ways.

    • Jennifer: (on her character Sydney losing two years of her life in "Alias") We were all shocked. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this but when we were shooting Sydney waking up in Hong Kong, I could not stop crying and it wasn't supposed to be an emotional scene, JJ asked me why and I said, "Because I can't stand it for her. It isn't fair that she lost two years and the love of her life."

    • Jennifer: What's great today with women from the new generation is that they're able to top men, while staying extremely feminine. That's a fantastic evolution.

    • Jennifer: I would have never thought that I'd be taken seriously in this field! But I have an insatiable appetite for action.

    • Jennifer: Our society says to focus on one thing to become the best at it. But the real point of a liberal arts education is to experience a variety of things.

    • Jennifer: People think that I just go from one workout session to another. No. My workouts are never more then an hour long. I definately let myself have a day off every now and then. I do a lot of running on camera which is fun - watching the camera guys kind of go "Can you go slower, Jen?" and I go "Yeah! I'm beating the camera guys!"

    • Jennifer: (on "Alias") In the first season when I was nominated for the first time, and I was over the moon, it didn't occur to me that it could happen. This makes me feel like its not about the buzz, its not about the new kid in town. This makes me feel like we have done 57 solid episodes and i've been there for every single day of every single one and it MATTERS.

    • Jennifer: I mean, maybe I'm just lucky that I came from a great place, but I'm so glad and so relieved to see people that I've known forever and to just sit down and talk about our dogs and gardening and normal real life and our parents and siblings. I think I would feel that way if I worked on an oil ship somewhere and only got home every nine months. I think that it's not as crazily different, my job, from anyone else's, as people let themselves believe. I think people get wrapped up in their own idea of what it is, but it's really not that.

    • Jennifer: That's eventually if I could do anything, it would be to be on Broadway or to do a big movie musical. I can't think of anything I would love more.

    • Jennifer: (on her favorite musical roles) Gosh, I love everything. I love being in the chorus. I was in the chorus of Little Abner in Summerstock once and it was so fun, the dancing and finding the harmony, being part of a big group. I loved--I played Gypsy when I was younger and I loved, loved, lu-hu-hoved Gypsy. I think that's such a beautiful musical. I loved--I was Dream Laurey once in Oklahoma and that is such a beautiful ballet. I love Cabaret. I did that in college and I love them all.

    • Jennifer: (on her best friend growing up) I grew up next door to this guy named Danny Moore. He is now married with a couple of kids. He still lives in Charleston and I still see him every time I go home. And Dan and I had this ritual, we called it porch talk where every night when we got home from our various things, and then through high school it would be from dates or whatever it was, he would throw rocks or pennies at my window if my light was on, or I would at his window. I would come downstairs or he would and we would sit on the front porch of either house and talk about, go through everything. And we were absolute sweetest best of friends and it was always innocent, but I think we probably both did have crushes on each other but we never- - he set me up with all of his friends instead and I talked him through his various relationships.

    • Jennifer: I think the whole point of being an actress is to do different things, and so far I've been lucky that I haven't been stuck somewhere.

    • Jennifer: (on kissing a girl for Elektra) You know, I'd have to say it's the first time I've ever kissed a girl. I didn't object it, I didn't really think about it much either way. When the time came it was just a kiss. It was totally, completely fine. We'd just talk about our sisters or talk about, you know, "Oh wait you've got a hair stuck here" and I think it's the only person on screen I've kissed where I'm making sure her lipstick is straight and then we'd actually kiss, they'd say "cut" and we would laugh and get on with it. It was nothing to speak of.

    • Jennifer: (on her expierence with comic book fans) I'm lucky that the color of my costume is the toughest I've ever got. People don't come up and go "You sucked as Elektra! You should have been Greek! I hate you!" They might say that behind my back, but my experiences have been really, really positive, which has only made me enjoy the world more.

    • Jennifer: There are times where everything is going right at the same time and you just have to love them for all they're worth. I feel like I'm in the middle of one of those, so I'm just appreciating it."

    • Jennifer: Life is good in general. Even when things are a little sloppy, there are things you can look at and say, 'Wow! This is a really great aspect of my life' and maybe I didn't know about it before or didn't appreciate it.

    • Jennifer: (on hiding the baby for "Alias") We talked about trying to hide it and I just said that's ridiculous. First of all, I think it's a really honest, mature, real storyline for her and for me to get to play with her. Also, it would just be ridiculous right now, if not in a couple of months.

    • Jennifer: My big sister Melissa is such a stud, and my little sister Suzanna has always had a perfect body and big blue eyes. We were a force.

    • Jennifer: I'm much more willing to see myself as human and flawed, and accept someone - the whole picture. My life is definitely changing for the better. I couldn't be happier or feel more comfortable with the direction it's going in.

    • Jennifer: (on stumbling on her dress at The 2006 Academy Awards) I kind of stepped on the lining of my dress, and I just felt my feet absolutely going out from under me.

    • Jennifer: (during her interview with Jay Leno) You can just start to feel really pregnant, like you are the hugest person on the face of the planet. And then I felt just bigger and bigger like she ... oops!

    • Jennifer: (on "13 Going on 30") It's like Big in many ways, but it makes me nervous to say that because Tom Hanks was so brilliant and it's such an incredible, beautiful movie that to compare myself to him is nerve-racking.

    • Jennifer: I want to be funny. I want to be like a huge fat old man and stuff like that. Now is the time to do stuff that's fun.

    • Garner: (on "Alias" co-star Carl Lumbly) We looked him up on IMDb, and we just cracked up - his resumé goes on and on. He was even on "Cagney & Lacey" (1982).

    • Jennifer: I lost weight breastfeeding! That and a moderate exercise and eating plan with the help of my personal trainer. I wasn't about to jump on the celebrity mom bandwagon of getting super-skinny, super-quickly. I am more concerned about keeping healthy and spending time with Violet than anything else.

    • Jennifer: (on her weight after giving birth) I'm in the worst shape ever. My trainer just shakes her head and says, 'This is a disaster.' I am as physically unfit as I've probably been in my whole life.

    • Jennifer: (on her work in Daredevil) It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, physically. It was just night after night and day after day of fighting!

    • Jennifer: I want a graduate degree, I want to be a business woman, an investment banker, a writer, a pianist. I really wish I could cook. I've never had specific goals in life. I don't say, 'I'd like my next step to be this', and then write it down and go after it. Actually, I don't write anything down. I just think things to myself and they actually start to happen. So watch out.

    • Jennifer: I wish that I had read Electra when I was growing up because I think she's a very empowering young woman.

    • Jennifer: I'm naturally happy. I have definitely had dips, but two of my mom's most oft-repeated momisms are Happiness is your responsibility and Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning, and both are true. There is always a new day.

    • Jennifer: (on working with Colin Farrell)The great thing about Colin is that he doesn't pretend to be anything that he's not. He's having a great time. He celebrates life everyday. I love that about him.

    • Jennifer: (on the role of Elektra) She is driven by vengeance and she's a very powerful woman. The great thing about this movie is that it starts with her falling in love and so what was fun about playing her was that I got to play both the tenderness and the blissfulness of falling in love, and also her vengeful, darker side. [This part was a] fun addition to my career.

    • Jennifer: (admitting her remaining pregnancy weight is sparking baby bump rumors) Everyone calm down. Nobody's pregnant. You still have that little bit of extra skin... But still, it's enough for people to think that you're knocked up.

    • Jennifer: (on her body shape after giving birth) I'm in the worst shape ever. My trainer just shakes her head and says, 'This is a disaster.' I am as physically unfit as I've probably been in my whole life. It's such a horror in front of the mirror with no clothes on.

    • Jennifer: (About the arrival of their first child) Ben and I realize how incredibly blessed we are. It's a dream come true.

    • Jennifer: (on her first husband Scott Foley) I wanted to see him as a white knight and was crushed whenever anything normal happened. I wanted to be the princess... Now, I'm much more willing to see myself as human and flawed, and accept someone.

    • Jennifer: I don't have this princess fantasy about marriage anymore.

    • Jennifer: The first thing I check out on a guy is his hands. I imagine them picking up a baby; it's a sensual thing. They should look capable and strong and have a bit of artist in them--like he's picked up a guitar or could draw a sketch.

    • Jennifer: I've been pretty chill as a pregnant chick, so I feel like I'll be pretty chill through the whole thing.

    • Jennifer: I think the whole point of being an actress is to do different things, and so far I've been lucky that I haven't been stuck somewhere.

    • Jennifer: (On transitioning to a lead role for "Elektra") It's been a scary one, to be honest. I've really missed hiding behind a big, red devil.

    • Jennifer: (on struggling at first with her career) When I first got to New York I lived on a futon on this woman's kitchen floor for nine months. I paid her $400 a month while I was understudying a play on Broadway that I got $150 a week for. I got the flu and bronchitis because I didn't have a warm coat in the middle of winter.

    • Jennifer: (on High School) It wasn't like I was one of the hugest nerds. I was just a quiet, little, happy nerd, going along with my other nerd friends.

    • Jennifer: I think it's fair to say that Scott gets more jealous than I do. However, on the night before our wedding, I turned on the TV and there was the Felicity episode in which Tyra Banks straddles Scott and thrusts her ta-tas in his face. He was like, 'Tyra Banks is hot.' I thought, 'Oh, how nice.' But what can you do? She is hot. I'd kiss her.

    • Jennifer: (On winning a Goldon Globe in 2001.)My husband was as flabbergasted as I was. I think he almost flew out of his skin. He was so surprised and excited. He is just the most supportive and proud friend. My family is just beyond out-of-control excited.

    • Jennifer: (Regarding the series finale of "Alias") We came in with a bang and we're going out with one.

    • Jennifer: If you were to hang out on the set of Alias, you would very quickly agree with the cast and crew that I'm 30 when the camera is rolling and 13 when they say 'cut.' I think all of us have our inner 13-year-old a lot closer to the surface than we're willing to admit even to ourselves.

    • Jennifer: I would roll up pennies to take the subway to work in Times Square. I was broke, but I was happy.

    • Jennifer: (On his casting her in "Alias") I've often said to J.J. Abrams, the creator of the show, 'I don't know why you cast me in this role. I don't know why you thought I could do it. I know I was good in Dude, Where's My Car?, but seriously... I can't thank you enough!

    • Jennifer: Beauty comes from a life well lived. If you've lived well, your smile lines are in the right places, and your frown lines aren't too bad, what more do you need?

  • Such a wonderful person.

    Humble. Decent actress. So happy for her and Ben.
  • Nobody is Perfect...but she is close to one

    I saw Jennifer Garner for the first time in Alias. How beautifully she sanked into the role of Sydney Bristow. While I was engrossed in the serial Alias, I just realized that the life of a TV series actor is normally short because they have to live through a character and its very difficult for the audience to judge them in another role/character later on. We have seen that pretty often where even the best of actors were not able to do-away with the gestures they performed in the previous roles. Even the best who better than others showed glimpses when playing the roles involving similalr acts (like Jennifer Anniston acts very well but whenever she performs comedy, you can see your favorite Rachel in her)...Given, that Alias actually revovled around Sydney Bristow, so Jennifer Garner had a tougher role being the centre of attention in a series which ran over 5 years.

    But, Jennifer Garner is awesome. Even in a full action movie Elektra with almost a similar role, she was able to seggregate Elktra from Sydey Bristow.

    I just miss her and she is also losing her age for more action movies. Would love another action movie of hermoreless