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  • Nobody is Perfect...but she is close to one

    I saw Jennifer Garner for the first time in Alias. How beautifully she sanked into the role of Sydney Bristow. While I was engrossed in the serial Alias, I just realized that the life of a TV series actor is normally short because they have to live through a character and its very difficult for the audience to judge them in another role/character later on. We have seen that pretty often where even the best of actors were not able to do-away with the gestures they performed in the previous roles. Even the best who better than others showed glimpses when playing the roles involving similalr acts (like Jennifer Anniston acts very well but whenever she performs comedy, you can see your favorite Rachel in her)...Given, that Alias actually revovled around Sydney Bristow, so Jennifer Garner had a tougher role being the centre of attention in a series which ran over 5 years.

    But, Jennifer Garner is awesome. Even in a full action movie Elektra with almost a similar role, she was able to seggregate Elktra from Sydey Bristow.

    I just miss her and she is also losing her age for more action movies. Would love another action movie of her
  • Jennifer Garner:Sydney Bristow Rules!

    When I first watched Alias I had never seen Jennifer act but of course after you watch Alias you will never stop watching Jennifer act. She portrayed Sydney so brilliantly that the character will never be forgotten,it was legendary. I love her movies especially 13 Going On 30,it reminds me so much of my life and the thoughts I have and yes I was 13 in 1987 and I was 30 in 2004 when the movie came out.The part in the movie where she presents the way she wants the magazine to go,where she says we won't know something good if it hits us in the face,that is so true. Well Jennifer is something good she is a beautiful and talented actress that I look forward to watching for years to come.
  • Jennifer Garner is one of the greatest actress ever to have graced this earth.

    Jennifer Garner, is a very talented actress, who has been in many movies and now has her own TV show "Alias". But now that is being axed and now all of her fans are left wondering, What will Jennifer do next? She is and WILL be one of the greatest actress to ever grace this earth. She is flawless and is so talented that it can not be put into words. Although she is still unknown in the United Kingdom, she is big in America. Just look at how cool she was at the Oscars when she fell over on stage (and she even laughed at herself). That just shows how amazing she is.

    We love you Jennifer Garner!
  • Best heroine ever.

    And also the best actress you can find on TV. Garner portrayed Sydney Bristow perfectly on Alias.

    The main challenge of portraying Sydney was that, she was able to go through a range of emotions within only a few seconds. From being a kick ass action heroine, she could transform into a vulnerable, every day girl, who has more trouble in life in only one minute than we have in our entire lifetime.

    Mrs. Garner 's not only a terrific actress,she's also a great person. She LIKES her job, and she does it by heart, and she's not big headed about it. You can ask for her signature anytime, you can bet she'll give you one. She's also NEVER EVER had a scandal. In every single interview, she's nice and cool,and very enthusiastic.

    But not only she has all off the skills, and the good personality. She looks... extremely sexy. She's one of the hottest females ever. She's not only attractive, but she's very fit too.

    Kudos for Jen. She could do her job properly even while being pregnant with her daughter, Violet. But in the top of all this, she also directed one episode of Alias. "In Dreams". It was, one of the best episodes of Alias. And the fact that she directed it is even better. Her direction was flawless. Her movie career is going nicely too. She started with Alias, which got her into the fame(but she never lost her touch). Elektra, Daredevil, The Kingdom... all great performances by her.

    Overall, if I had to spend my lifetime by looking at only one actress' performances, I'd definitely choose Jennifer Garner.
  • Review

    I have never seen someone explode into greatness like Jennifer was able to do. She got her start on Alias for her first big television show, ran that out for 5 years doing an amazing job along the way AND managed to get herself into the news with Ben Affleck AND into a half a dozen movies. Jennifer Gardner is everything that you could ever want in a television star. Shes got the body and the ability to translate things for the viewers when we need things to be dummied down for us. I didnt think I would ever watch an Action-Adventure / Drama show that had a female lead, but Jennifer Gardner has showed me exactly why I should give every show a chance. Her performance on Alias will go down as likely one of the greatest no-name > superstar performances in movie AND televsion history.
  • An amazing actress!

    Jennifer Garner is amazing and very talented. She's beautiful, funny, and very good at what she does. I loved her in 13 Going On 30. She was so funny as Jenna Rink. It made me laugh to see a 30-Year-Old woman acting like a teenager. She really brought a smile to my face.

    I think when you're feeling down, watch a movie with Jennifer Garner in it, and you'll feel so much better. She'll make you laugh and smile. I absolutely love her work, and I hope she continues to make great movies.

    Jennifer, Sweetie, keep up the good work. You're very talented.
  • Jennifer Garner is one of the most underrated actresses in the entertainment industry.

    Jennifer Garner is underappreciated in the entertainment industry because of her genuine demeanor and attitude. She obviously seems to have a very optimistic and happy personality. She seems like the person that can make people happy when she enters the room. She is most known for her role as Sydney Bristow in the TV series hit “Alias” as the undercover agent for the CIA. The role of Sydney Bristow will live with her forever because of the incredible performance of the character. Even though she has not had a lot of success in big movies, she is still a great actress, who needs to get a great movie character that will get her the desired credit and respect from more people and the media. Daredevil and Electra were decent films, but they were just not the greatest. Overall, Jennifer is one of my favorite female actresses.
  • empty

    A great actress with an amazing talent and a lot of spirit is really an amazing actress that everyone likes. Maybe she doesn't have much great movies, but her acting in a TV series "Alias" is enough to make her one of the best.
  • Born in Houston, raised in West Virginia.

    Jennifer Garner is so amazing. She is a very talented and beautiful actress. Her acting amazes me. She is such a joy to watch, especially on such a good show like Alias. She gracefully and beautifully plays all of her roles so wonderfully. She is very talented. She is so amazing, words cannot describe her. She got married to Ben Affleck in 2005 and had a beautiful baby girl, which she named Violet, that December. Jennifer Garner is a very gifted, talented, beautiful actress who is definately a godsend. She is the perfect actress and she makes television worth watching.
  • My favorite actress!

    Seriously from the moment that I saw her on Alias I became her biggest fan. I had never seen someone as beautiful as her. Alias quickly became my favorite show just because she was there. I was so dissapointed when she never won an emmy and the show went off the air. I have also seen every movie that she has been in from Dude, Wheres My Car to Dardevil to 13 Going on 30 to Elektra. Im waiting to see what she does in her career now. Anything that she does im sure will be a sucess. Jennifer Garner is officailly my favorite actress.
  • Best Of The Best!!!

    Jennifer Garner is the best actress that I have ever seen on TV and Cinema, not just because she is gorgeous, but she plays her roles with every bit of her energy, and from this every performance that she does it unbeliveably awesome, and if you want proof then just watch Alias. In 2003, she filmed DareDevil, with future husband, Ben Affleck. After wokring on DareDevil she started dating Ben Affleck. In June 2005, Jen and Ben got married in West Virginia. Shortly after the wedding Jen announces that she is pregnant. While being pregnant she continued to still film Alias, and they put the pregnacy into the story line of Alias. Jen gave birth in to a baby girl in December 1st 2005. Now that she has finished her multi-award winning show Alias, she has had time to focus on her new baby. At the moment she has been cast to star in some new films which will be released next year.
  • great actress

    what can i say bout garner except that she is a good actress and she does good in every movie she does.i liked the following movies she was in like 13 going on 30 daredevil elektra.once i saw alias i got hooked within the first min of it.i loved that show and i was so sad when it went off air :(
  • Jennifer Garner is for sure the best actress of all. It worth to see any Jen Garner movie because you won`t be dissapointed. And if you`d like to see the best movie ever made watch ALIAS. It really rocks!!! I love Jennifer Garner!!!!! She`s awesome!!!

    Jennifer Garner rocks!!! She is my favourite actess and probably the best of all. I said \"probably\" OMG!!! I meant \"of course\". I saw a lot of movies with Jen Garner and I can say that she is such a great actress because she acts so naturaly in front of the camera. My favourite movie is ALIAS with Jennifer Garner of course... I think ALIAS is the best movie ever made and there can`t be a better actress to play Sydney Bristow. I like ALIAS since I saw the first episode. Since then I can say that I`m addicted to ALIAS. I have watched almost of movies with Jennifer Garner and I like them all. Jen can make any movie a total succes. She was the best, she`s still yhe best and she`ll always be the best.
  • i fell in love with jen from the first epi of alias and she has never dissappointed, i mean really she is a talented actress, and i am exited to see her work. an actress that seems to shine both in and out, definately some one to look out for

    the amazing ass kicking Sydney bristow could not of been done better, Jenefer garner shined for the last five years oon alias, i mean wow, the ass kicking was worth watching every time. a star that will hopefuly shine for years to come i mean wow i can not wait to see what she does next. Even he pregnancy made the show more spectacular and honetly so intelegent. she really made T.V. worth watching. i am so sad to see her leave. i hope she returns to T.V. i will never forget the asskicking. i mean wow. i love jen.
  • Does it really have to end? (ALIAS)

    While her solo movie debut - Elektra - may not have been a hit - her rise to fame in ALIAS was truly underrated! SHE WAS FANTASTIC! The show would not have been such a cult classic if it were not for Jennifer Garner! She will be so sadly missed! I hope beyond hope that someday the show will return! (A girl can dream, can't she!)
  • Jennifer Garner is a great looking, strong woman. She is so talanted and is always in a happy mood I think shes fantastic!

    Jennifer Garner's first big gig would of have to have been being on the hit show Alias. She has done a few short parts in movies such as Dude Where's My Car and Catch Me If You Can but now people know her more now thanks to Alias, which by the way is an amazing show!
    Later on Jennifer was the star of 13 Going 30 (called Suddenly 30 in Australia)a funny movie about a 13 year old girl wakeing up one day to find that she was 30! Shes also done movies such as Daredevil and Electra which she was great in.
    She continued Alias but later on she met Ben Afleck. She married him and ended up having a beautiful baby girl named Mia.
    So all in all Jennifer Garner is one woman to watch she's absolutley stunning!
  • Jennifer Garner Rules!!

    I think she is the greatest and I try to watch anything she's in, whether it's on TV or in a movie or whatever. I especially like the early work she did, but I like the newer stuff, too, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!
  • I love Jennifer Garner more than any other celebrity in Hollywood.

    I want to tell the world and the solar system that JENNIFER GARNER rules and Ben Affleck is a very very lucky man. She is so down to earth but at the same time she can be glamourous. She is so talented, too. She is so great. I bet Ben A. still gets tongue tied around her!
  • This Actor .. woo woo sure all of u knows about her , cuz nothing ever she done & it look silly she's like strong , but don't lose her Female weapons..brilliant

    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer Anne Garner was born on April 17, 1972 in Houston, Texas to Bill & Pat Garner. Bill is a retired chemical engineer and Pat is a retired college English teacher. Her parents were always supportive of Jennifer and helped her to pursue her dreams. "My parents never said anything except, 'Go for it.'" While growing up Jennifer studied ballet for six hours a day which helped teach her discipline that would help her later in life.
    Jennifer is the middle daughter. She has always had a close relationship with her two sisters, Melissa (who is older) and Suzannah (who is younger). Even though Jennifer has said "We did have raging fights about [borrowing clothes] and using the phone". You can tell that Jennifer really respects and admires her sisters. "My big sister Melissa, is such a stud and my little sister Suzanna, has always had a perfect body and big blue eyes. We were a force." The family often has foreign exchange students in their home, so Jen often shared a room with her sister Melissa. Melissa was the class valedictorian and a champion majorette. Jennifer wanted to stand out so she took up the saxaphone and joined the swim team.
  • Jennifer is one of my all-time favorite actress's. I love the charisma that she displays on the television screen.

    Jennifer is one of my all-time favorite actress's. I love the charisma that she displays on the television screen. I would love anything that she is in. Pearl Harbor was an excellent movie. I watch Alias every week. I am always interested in which direction the directors will go each week. It will be interesting to see what they due when Sydney has the baby.
  • My personal opinion...

    I think Jennifer Garner is wonderful :) She's absolutely awesome on Alias, 'electrifying' in Elektra and soooo sweet on Suddenly 30. It is truly amazing that she can perform so well in such a variety of genres. Action, comedy, drama... There does not seem to be anything that she can't do.
  • Jennifer Garner is the hottiest woman on the plant, she is so great that it would be the would to this old man just to met her and her husband and new baby just once in my life time.

    If you would like to email this old man. here it is: or you can call me at 805-490-1289 that my cell 24 hours on never off. You now I had Danica Patrick e-mail me one time. can you believe that I was shocked. she never done it again but once is more then some people. Jennifer you are the best thing that ever happened to the Acting world.
    Love! because only GOD can Give true Love.
    Don Jr.
  • She's sweet and beautiful and going to be an EXCELLENT mother

    Jennifer Garner would probally be my best friend if i knew her!! Her baby will have THE BEST mom. she is a great actress. She's im my top 5 fave actors. She should win an award prety soon for something! I love her show Alias i like her character Sidney!!
  • Beautiful,Talented and a seemingly sweet girl i always think she is a 10!

    Sydney Bristow kicks major bootee!She is one of the most beautiful,natural beauties of all time.I love her in everything she does,even 13 going on 30!I loved the Thriller dance,and if anyone can pull off the 13-30 stuff it was her.The costume changes,the make-up from chic to punk,she always succeeds!woo-hoo for Jen and Ben
  • One of a kind woman. She is so original and has her own identity.

    Jennifer is simply one of hollywood's most beautiful women. I make this comment because she does not need makeup to look beautiful. Her smile is captivating, contageous, beautiful, and inviting.

    I like to see actors whose character make you forget that it's all ficton and you really believe that this is going on fuh real. Jennifer is real.

    How can anyone not look at this beautiful woman and see natural class. She is not extreme but her simplicity is overwhelming. You're a perfect 10. And trust there is not better critic than a Trini.
  • Absolutely amazing

    I am addicted to Alias and I love Elektra and Dare Devil. I think she is great as the kick ass woman that girl aspire to be. She is gorgeous, intelligent and most importantly she is completely believable in her roles. I think she will be sticking around for a very long time!
  • I'm jealous and happy for Ben Affleck all at the same time!!!

    I love Jennifer Garner. She means the world to me. I agree with my friends that she is an ideal woman any good-hearted guy would love to marry. Of course, I'm sure no one knows and understands and feels her the way her new hubby, Ben Affleck (who is also one of my favorite actors in movie history), does. I really do think he should get an episode with her, as long as they can sustain the serious overtone of the show. Ben, I'm sorry I thought you were cliched in "Pearl Harbor." I still think you're a great actor.
  • Jennifer Garner is definitely one of my favorite actresses. I love all the different roles she can plan. She's very talented.

    My first impression of Jennifer Garner was totally wrong! I couldn't stand her as Hannah, on Felicity. She played Noel's ex-girlfriend, and got in the way of Felicity's budding relationship with Noel. Since then, I've come to really admire her in Alias. She's in such great shape! I hope she and Ben Affleck have a great marriage together! I spotted her once in L.A. at The Grove when she was still with Scott Foley (they were together, coming out of the Barnes & Noble bookstore). Can't wait for the next season of Alias. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they tie in her pregnancy into the show.
  • extremely talented and beautiful...

    jennifer garner first caught my attention in her tv series, alias. her sydney bristow character is everything i wanna be... someone who has an exciting job yet can still manage to attend graduate school. the actress is real convincing with her portrayals, it makes me think that garner and bristow are one and the same. alias is my top most favorite tv series because of her... i can't wait for the fifth season, i'm too excited to watch it.

    her movies "daredevil", "elektra", and "13 going on 30" are also on my list of good ones... she has this aura that makes her audience interested. and i proudly say that i am one of those who really admires her...
  • the best actress of all times

    Jennifer Garner is the best actress of all times, in every roll she plays she is flawless. No one can compare to her and i mean NO ONE. i have met her and she is the nicest person i have ever met. She isn't like most celebrities where they use there fame status to get what they want. she uses her fame status to help other people and charities, as for all the roumors about her how can any one belive them when they don't actually know her. She is my all time favorite celebrity and I have been a fan of hers ever since she started acting.
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