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  • You've got your priorities all wrong, girl! Shake yourself!

    Scott Foley-->Michael Vartan-->Ben Affleck? Shouldn't that order be swapped around a bit, Jen? I mean, sure, I can definitely understand starting out with a bit player like Scott Foley. But moving from Michael Vartan to that box office poison Ben Affleck? Maybe circa 1997-1998 this would have been an understandable move. That was back when Affleck was rocking "Good Will Hunting" and "Armageddon" and Vartan was Monica's boyfriend on a single episode of Friends.

    But now, the tables have turned. Vartan is maintaining a solid role on Alias and co-starring with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is starring in "Surviving Christmas" and hoping Kevin Smith writes another Holden McNeil part for him.

    You've got your priorities all wrong, girl! Shake yourself!
  • Jen Garner ROCKS!

    Jen Garner rocks, and has to be simply the sexiest woman alive.

    Her kick ass talent and heart wrenching facial expressions make me LOVE alias, and make me motivated to learn how to 'defend' myself like her.

    But alas, she loses 0.1 point, and is not quite perfect, given that she's with BAFFLECK. Yuk Jen.
    But I still wish them all the happiness in the world, if thats REALLY who she wants to be with and raise a child with.

    I suppose now she wont be making it 'Down Under' for quite some time, given she'll have a tiny tot to tag along. *Sigh* Maybe one day!
  • wow..Jennifer garner is really Gergeous, she is my favorite actress! She really rock her show this year! Let's hope that her show will countiune to rock this fall for fifth season!

    Best show ever so far! I really love it. I really hope this show will countiune until 2008 or 2009 for the final season. I have watch that show since the day "alias" show arrive on the televison! let's see what's happening this fall..we will find out what's going on with that show! (Sighing) that's what I think of that show.
  • Jennifer Garner is awesome!

    Jennifer Garner is awesome, she is a great actress. No one else could star on Alias and make it the best show on TV. She was also the one who carried the movie Daredevil, as Elektra, and even though the spin-off movie was terrible, she worked hard to make the character believable.
  • pretty and very cool. You did a very good job. I won't miss your show for the whole world. very look alike to amy jo johnson. the one act kimberly in power ranger. I always mess up with two of you. Keep up the good work. sister jennifer garner
    jennifer Garner. You are very pretty and very cool when you doing the alias show. The great part of all through the show is that she is going everywhere with micheal vartan. Great guy. You are very look alike to amy jo johnson. the one act kimberly in power ranger. I always mess up with two of you. hahahahaha.

    hey jennifer garner

    Dun listen to other people words. You did a very good job. I won't miss your show for the whole world. ( if only i noe wat show you are acting in especially Alias.) you did a very good job with ur Alias Dad.

  • Jennifer Garner is so hot. I like to watch anything with her in it. She is so talented and is great in whatever she is in. I love her so much, she is so bloody gorgeous!

    Jennifer Garner is the most beautiful, gorgeous, talented woman in the world. I have been following her work since the wonderful show Alias. I live in Australia so we haven't got the fourth season yet but i bet u she is really hot in that too. Two thumbs up for Jennifer!
  • Jeniffer Garner is awsome

    Not only is she a great actress, but she's also incredibly hot, and a really nice person. She's known to be one of the sweetest people in hollywood, she's also khnown to never use her celebrity to cut in line, not even in award shows! She's pregrant now and she'll probably give birth to a beautiful baby. She just irradiates goodnes, and she kicks ass in ehr show. Alias would be nothing without her, she is the show. Her movies are all good, and even though the story might not be the best or the other actors are not as good, she just makes everthing better.
  • the best actress of all times

    Jennifer Garner is the best actress of all times, in every roll she plays she is flawless. No one can compare to her and i mean NO ONE. i have met her and she is the nicest person i have ever met. She isn't like most celebrities where they use there fame status to get what they want. she uses her fame status to help other people and charities, as for all the roumors about her how can any one belive them when they don't actually know her. She is my all time favorite celebrity and I have been a fan of hers ever since she started acting.
  • Jennifer & Ben are having a baby! I'm so, so, so, glad they are going to have a baby!

    I think Jennifer is the best! And I think it's great she's dating Ben. If she kept dating Vartan, there would always be something weird going on when they are filming 'ALIAS'. Ben's a really nice guy too. He's not ugly!!!!!!! I think Jen is sooo happy she's going to have a baby with him. I'm happy they are.
  • Liked her before Alias.

    While I didn't love "Time of Your Life" I really enjoyed Jennifer's character. I wish I had seen her in "Felicity" but no WB.

    I love "Alias." I am so glad someone gave Jennifer a starring vehicle. She has such good chemistry with all her co-stars.

    I even liked her in "Daredevil", but I didn't see "Electra."

    I wish her luck as a new wife and mom.
  • meh!

    She doesn't and never has done much for me. She's not a very good actress. I don't much care for her looks and she's kind of strange. I'm glad if Mr. Affleck found something in her, but I can't. She's done too many bad flicks for me too like her.
  • extremely talented and beautiful...

    jennifer garner first caught my attention in her tv series, alias. her sydney bristow character is everything i wanna be... someone who has an exciting job yet can still manage to attend graduate school. the actress is real convincing with her portrayals, it makes me think that garner and bristow are one and the same. alias is my top most favorite tv series because of her... i can't wait for the fifth season, i'm too excited to watch it.

    her movies "daredevil", "elektra", and "13 going on 30" are also on my list of good ones... she has this aura that makes her audience interested. and i proudly say that i am one of those who really admires her...
  • Jennifer Garner is definitely one of my favorite actresses. I love all the different roles she can plan. She's very talented.

    My first impression of Jennifer Garner was totally wrong! I couldn't stand her as Hannah, on Felicity. She played Noel's ex-girlfriend, and got in the way of Felicity's budding relationship with Noel. Since then, I've come to really admire her in Alias. She's in such great shape! I hope she and Ben Affleck have a great marriage together! I spotted her once in L.A. at The Grove when she was still with Scott Foley (they were together, coming out of the Barnes & Noble bookstore). Can't wait for the next season of Alias. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they tie in her pregnancy into the show.
  • I'm jealous and happy for Ben Affleck all at the same time!!!

    I love Jennifer Garner. She means the world to me. I agree with my friends that she is an ideal woman any good-hearted guy would love to marry. Of course, I'm sure no one knows and understands and feels her the way her new hubby, Ben Affleck (who is also one of my favorite actors in movie history), does. I really do think he should get an episode with her, as long as they can sustain the serious overtone of the show. Ben, I'm sorry I thought you were cliched in "Pearl Harbor." I still think you're a great actor.
  • I love Jennifer Garner especially for her work in Alias. She is a smart, strong character who adds emotion to the show.

    Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful people because of her personality and the fact that she seems to be relateable. Her and Ben Affleck are so cute together. It is also awesome that she does most of her own stunts! She reminds me of Julia Roberts, an american sweetheart.
  • Jen is amazing. She is gorgeous, smart, and talented.

    Jennifer Garner is an amazing actress. I first started watching her on Alias, which she made one of my favorite shows. She is gorgeous, and very talented. She can always add an amount of emotion to her work that makes her believable. She adds a level of sophistication to all of her works. She is such a strong actress. I am so excited for her and her baby. I hope that Alias will have another great season, and that Jen will venture into more other works. I would love to see her in more movies. She is truely a fenominal actress.
  • Meh....

    I don't think that Jennifer Garner is 'great' actress. She is okay, but not the best. She has played a couple of parts that she was good...but the other ones...they were pretty bad. I don't watch Alias...I think that show is pretty boring. The only movie that have seen with her that I liked, was 13 going on 30.
  • Jen is Great!

    Jennifer Garner is a great actress and look absolutely gorgeous. I think that without make up she look more fresh and active. Im not a really big fan of Allias but i love all the movies she has done. She has really nice cheek bones and that makes her face shape have a very nice angle.
  • Absolutely amazing

    I am addicted to Alias and I love Elektra and Dare Devil. I think she is great as the kick ass woman that girl aspire to be. She is gorgeous, intelligent and most importantly she is completely believable in her roles. I think she will be sticking around for a very long time!
  • One of a kind woman. She is so original and has her own identity.

    Jennifer is simply one of hollywood's most beautiful women. I make this comment because she does not need makeup to look beautiful. Her smile is captivating, contageous, beautiful, and inviting.

    I like to see actors whose character make you forget that it's all ficton and you really believe that this is going on fuh real. Jennifer is real.

    How can anyone not look at this beautiful woman and see natural class. She is not extreme but her simplicity is overwhelming. You're a perfect 10. And trust there is not better critic than a Trini.
  • a wonderful actress...

    i think jennifer garner is a great actress. you can tell that she really gets into the roles she plays. i loved her in dare devil and in elektra as well as alias. she also has natural beauty; you can see that she isn\\\\\\\'t fake like a lot of the other actresses out there today.
  • I think Jennifer is way to good for Ben Affleck because I truly believe that he is ugly. I liked her better when she was dating Michael Vartan because he's hot.

    Jennifer Garner is best known for her role on the show Alias. This is a great show because it shows that a woman can do what is commonly thought of as a man's job (be a secret agent) and kick ass while doing it. I just hate the fact that Vaughn died on the show...
  • Jennifer Garner is a very beautiful and talented woman. She used to be my favourite actress.

    Jennifer Garner is a really popular celebrity now. Most people adore her movies, including me. The best movie that she has stared in was "13 Going On 30". I totally fell in love with this movie.

    She is also a very beautiful person in the inside and on the outside. Most people now her from her series "Alias". I'm not a fan of Alias, but if i do have some spare time, i would sit down and watch it. She is a very Talented actress.

    I'm so happy that she is finally engaged. I hope that she has a great life and a great future.
  • Beautiful,Talented and a seemingly sweet girl i always think she is a 10!

    Sydney Bristow kicks major bootee!She is one of the most beautiful,natural beauties of all time.I love her in everything she does,even 13 going on 30!I loved the Thriller dance,and if anyone can pull off the 13-30 stuff it was her.The costume changes,the make-up from chic to punk,she always succeeds!woo-hoo for Jen and Ben
  • I'll give her a two since she was raised in WV.

    Is it me, or is everyone else tired of hearing about and seeing her? I know I am. She is used in too many movies. So she's married to Ben Afflec, SO WHAT? Its not like I care. She may be a good actress to someone, but she has yet to act in anything that peaks my interest or causes me to actually give a crap.
  • She's sweet and beautiful and going to be an EXCELLENT mother

    Jennifer Garner would probally be my best friend if i knew her!! Her baby will have THE BEST mom. she is a great actress. She's im my top 5 fave actors. She should win an award prety soon for something! I love her show Alias i like her character Sidney!!
  • finally getting the acolades she deserves

    i've never really noticed jen garner - she was always the best friend, the nerdy student, the extra part in a good movie ( dude! where's my car) or maybe not so good movie ( pearl harbor).
    but then she got her own show and who knew felicity's friend could kick butt. not only can she act but she draws you into her world and i think she grown into looks as well. and yes after 5 seasons as sidney bristow (why did they have to kill vaugh) jen garner is getting over-hyped but if i had legs up to there i flaunt them too.
  • Jennifer Garner is the hottiest woman on the plant, she is so great that it would be the would to this old man just to met her and her husband and new baby just once in my life time.

    If you would like to email this old man. here it is: or you can call me at 805-490-1289 that my cell 24 hours on never off. You now I had Danica Patrick e-mail me one time. can you believe that I was shocked. she never done it again but once is more then some people. Jennifer you are the best thing that ever happened to the Acting world.
    Love! because only GOD can Give true Love.
    Don Jr.
  • My personal opinion...

    I think Jennifer Garner is wonderful :) She's absolutely awesome on Alias, 'electrifying' in Elektra and soooo sweet on Suddenly 30. It is truly amazing that she can perform so well in such a variety of genres. Action, comedy, drama... There does not seem to be anything that she can't do.
  • Jennifer is one of my all-time favorite actress's. I love the charisma that she displays on the television screen.

    Jennifer is one of my all-time favorite actress's. I love the charisma that she displays on the television screen. I would love anything that she is in. Pearl Harbor was an excellent movie. I watch Alias every week. I am always interested in which direction the directors will go each week. It will be interesting to see what they due when Sydney has the baby.
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