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  • Jennifer Garner is a great looking, strong woman. She is so talanted and is always in a happy mood I think shes fantastic!

    Jennifer Garner's first big gig would of have to have been being on the hit show Alias. She has done a few short parts in movies such as Dude Where's My Car and Catch Me If You Can but now people know her more now thanks to Alias, which by the way is an amazing show!
    Later on Jennifer was the star of 13 Going 30 (called Suddenly 30 in Australia)a funny movie about a 13 year old girl wakeing up one day to find that she was 30! Shes also done movies such as Daredevil and Electra which she was great in.
    She continued Alias but later on she met Ben Afleck. She married him and ended up having a beautiful baby girl named Mia.
    So all in all Jennifer Garner is one woman to watch she's absolutley stunning!