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  • Best Of The Best!!!

    Jennifer Garner is the best actress that I have ever seen on TV and Cinema, not just because she is gorgeous, but she plays her roles with every bit of her energy, and from this every performance that she does it unbeliveably awesome, and if you want proof then just watch Alias. In 2003, she filmed DareDevil, with future husband, Ben Affleck. After wokring on DareDevil she started dating Ben Affleck. In June 2005, Jen and Ben got married in West Virginia. Shortly after the wedding Jen announces that she is pregnant. While being pregnant she continued to still film Alias, and they put the pregnacy into the story line of Alias. Jen gave birth in to a baby girl in December 1st 2005. Now that she has finished her multi-award winning show Alias, she has had time to focus on her new baby. At the moment she has been cast to star in some new films which will be released next year.