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  • Best heroine ever.

    And also the best actress you can find on TV. Garner portrayed Sydney Bristow perfectly on Alias.

    The main challenge of portraying Sydney was that, she was able to go through a range of emotions within only a few seconds. From being a kick ass action heroine, she could transform into a vulnerable, every day girl, who has more trouble in life in only one minute than we have in our entire lifetime.

    Mrs. Garner 's not only a terrific actress,she's also a great person. She LIKES her job, and she does it by heart, and she's not big headed about it. You can ask for her signature anytime, you can bet she'll give you one. She's also NEVER EVER had a scandal. In every single interview, she's nice and cool,and very enthusiastic.

    But not only she has all off the skills, and the good personality. She looks... extremely sexy. She's one of the hottest females ever. She's not only attractive, but she's very fit too.

    Kudos for Jen. She could do her job properly even while being pregnant with her daughter, Violet. But in the top of all this, she also directed one episode of Alias. "In Dreams". It was, one of the best episodes of Alias. And the fact that she directed it is even better. Her direction was flawless. Her movie career is going nicely too. She started with Alias, which got her into the fame(but she never lost her touch). Elektra, Daredevil, The Kingdom... all great performances by her.

    Overall, if I had to spend my lifetime by looking at only one actress' performances, I'd definitely choose Jennifer Garner.