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  • Nobody is Perfect...but she is close to one

    I saw Jennifer Garner for the first time in Alias. How beautifully she sanked into the role of Sydney Bristow. While I was engrossed in the serial Alias, I just realized that the life of a TV series actor is normally short because they have to live through a character and its very difficult for the audience to judge them in another role/character later on. We have seen that pretty often where even the best of actors were not able to do-away with the gestures they performed in the previous roles. Even the best who better than others showed glimpses when playing the roles involving similalr acts (like Jennifer Anniston acts very well but whenever she performs comedy, you can see your favorite Rachel in her)...Given, that Alias actually revovled around Sydney Bristow, so Jennifer Garner had a tougher role being the centre of attention in a series which ran over 5 years.

    But, Jennifer Garner is awesome. Even in a full action movie Elektra with almost a similar role, she was able to seggregate Elktra from Sydey Bristow.

    I just miss her and she is also losing her age for more action movies. Would love another action movie of her