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    • Jennifer: (On getting her ears pierced for the 2006 Oscars) A couple of months before the ceremony, I went to pick out the jewelry I'd be wearing on the night. I picked out the diamond cuff and the hair clip, and then they showed me the most gorgeous pair of earrings I'd ever seen. It wasn't until I came to try them on that I realized they'd forgotten I didn't have pierced ears. They could see how much I loved them, and how disappointed I was that I couldn't wear them, so they said that, if I really wanted to, they could pierce my ears for me there and then. That would give them enough time to heal before the ceremony, and I could then wear the earrings. And I really did want to wear those earrings, so I said 'OK', and they pierced my ears for me before I left the boutique. It felt a bit odd to have them done, although I did have them pierced for a couple of weeks a few years back for a movie I was in, but it was worth it because I knew it meant I'd be wearing those fabulous earrings to the ceremony.