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    • After working at a law firm, Jennifer went on to work as a chef before becoming an actress.

    • Although her father, Cary Grant, didn't want Jennifer to ever go into show business, her mother, Dyan Cannon, always wanted Jennifer to do what was in her heart.

    • Jennifer was often called her father's 'best production.'

    • Jennifer's dad, Cary, made the record 'Christmas Lullabye/Here's to You' after he was inspired by her birth.

    • The first time Jennifer ever appeared on television, was in 1993 in Moon Over Miami.

    • Jennifer enjoys doing yoga, as well as teaching it in her spare time. She also enjoys going on hikes with her dog, Oliver and watching movies.

    • Jennifer has worked with the Young Storytellers Program. She has volunteered as a mentor and an actress.

    • Jennifer spent two summers performing with Shakespeare & Co.

    • Several years after graduating from Stanford University and working with public interest law firms, Jennifer went against her father's wish and finally enrolled in an acting class.

    • In 1987, Jennifer graduated from Stanford University. After that she worked on projects from the homeless through a public interest law firm in San Francisco.

    • Jennifer studied law at Stadford University, even though she was always getting offers to be in movies, despite the fact that she had never acted.

    • As a child, Jennifer was always being offered parts from studios that wanted her to be in movies. However, her parents wanted her a have a normal childhood.

    • Jennifer attended school in Van Nuys at a private school named Buckley. This was the first school she attended.

    • Jennifer's father did not like household animals, even though she really wanted a horse. So, he bought her a horse when she was young. Afterwards, she became and accomplished rider.

    • Jennifer's parents, Cary and Dyan, divored in March 1968. Afterwards, she enjoyed spending time with both her mother and her father.

    • Jennifer was born 2 months premature and weighed only 4.5 pounds at the time of her birth.

    • Jennifer is the daughter of Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon.

    • Jennifer was married to Randall Zisk from May 30, 1993 till 1996.

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