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  • Love her in "Dirty Dancing".

    Great person/dancer.
  • Jennifer Grey is sexy!

    I first notice Jennfer Grey in 1986 in the film "Ferris Bueller's Day Office." She comes across as very sexy and beautiful. Later I caugh her in the film "Dirty Dancing." Even since then, I was lovestruck with the actress. I wrote her a couple of letter to her because I find hber to be not only beautiful but sexy. I was heartbroken when she got married a few years ago and I can't write to her again. But I still think her from time to time. I haven't see her as of late, but I'm thinking of her. Big nose or not, she is very sexy.
  • Jennifer Grey is an amazing person. She shows true emotion when she is dancing and she really gets into the song and the part that she has to play to sell the dance to the judges.

    She has real emotions in her dancing and really feels the music as she is dancing. She is an amazing person doing all of this after having surgery on her neck and winning the battle with cancer. I give her a perfect 30 just for the strength that she has. Everytime I watch her dane I feel like I am right there with the dancers feeling every movement and every beat of the dance when I am watching Jennifer and Derek. They are on of the best couples I have seen in a long time on the show and I can't wait to see more of them this next week!