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  • She is amazing!

    Jennifer Hale is an amazing voice actress. She is the voice of several videow game characters like Samaus Aran. She also stars in several tv shows like the Grim Advantures of Billy and Mandy, Totaly Spies, Wolverine and the X-men, The Powerpuff Girls... She has also stared in Schooby Doo movies. I really enjoy hearing her voice. She adds such character to every role that she plays and none of her characters have the same personalities or voices that even sound anything alike. The only simularities that I have noticed about the characters that she plays is that most tend to have red hair. I think that Jennifer is very talented and think that she is one of the best voice actress that I have every heard of.
  • A great actress no doubt about it!

    Jennifer Hale is probably one of the greatest voice actresses that ever lived. She has voiced lots of characters over the years, and she still has that energy that only she can provide to the characters. Some of her best parts are Ivy from the series "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?", the leader of the eco-goth rock band The Hex Girls, Thorn from the "Scooby-Doo" franchise, and of course, let us not forget about her part as Number 86 from the series "Codename: Kids Next Door" or as Samantha "Sam" Simpson from the series "Totally Spies!". All and all, she has done so far a great job, providing voices to many characters, and I hope she continues that way for many years to come. In a scale from 1 to 10, I give her an 11!
  • Best voice ACTRESS ever!

    Jennifer hale does alot of voice acting. She even played the voice of Bastila Shan in Star Wars KOTOR.
    She is talented and has a great, great, voice! She has played voices of many, many, many female characters and people in animation and video games. She is my favorite voice ACTRESS ever! I thank her for voicing Bastila Shan in Star Wars: Kotor, and other Star Wars games including the Metal Gear video game series. She has done so much perfect voice acting and I hope she does more in the future. She does a great job at voice acting. Good for her.
  • she's ok...

    well, the only voices that i couldnt differentiate was her was Margo(Brandy and Mr.Whiskers), Sam and Mandy(Totally Spies). Apparently, she uses the same voice over and over again. i fing it kinda irritating. just like the voice actress who does the voice of Starfire in Teen Titans.
    but im not sure if she really did the voice of Billy and Mandy, i thought it was the mother. nvm. but anyway, i still think she is one of the good voice actress. she just has to work on her voice. but of course, she did not beat the most awesome, talented voice actress of our time: Tara Strong.
  • Underrated gifted beautiful

    Jennifer hale is one of the most versatile and talented voice actors in show business; her range of characters speaks for itself, from the wacky insane characters to sincere, strong, heroic and even sexy is just some of the type of characters she has played. I personally like her work from star wars knights of the old republic; mass effect and metal gear solid video games, my favorite animation roles she has played are from spiderman and cowboy bebop the movie. I know her cartoon work is good but I am a fan of her more mature roles and hope to see more in the future.
  • Very good and versatile acting

    I've only heard Jennifer Hale in Totally Spies.
    I live in Asia, so it's rather hard to come across her other work. While reading wikipedia articles about Totally Spies, I was a bit surprised to learn that Jennifer Hale not only provides Sam's voice, but Mandy's too. Those two characters have completely different voices and personalities. I couldn't have guessed they were voiced by the same person. Kudos to Jennifer for bringing them both to life.

    Her co-star Andrea Baker had said in an interview, "It is so fun to play off of someone's, face and body language as well as their voice. I mean nothing can take the place of Jennifer Hale's face when she is playing Mandy ..." I wonder if the Totally Spies DVDs have footage of the actors when they record their lines?

    EDIT: I see that Jennifer voiced Cinderella in the Disney sequels. Wow, she has done so many roles!
  • Smart Sam from 'Totally Spies'...

    What can I say more! Jennifer Hale is very very talented and everything!!! She started her voice carrer in 1993. and she made a lot a lot cartoons, TV shows cartoons and much much more!!! I really liked her role in 'Tottaly Spies' where she plays a smart girl Sam!
  • Jennifer Hale has a really nice voice and she voices pretty cool characters.

    I think Jennifer Hale is really talented and I never knew that she was Canadian like Tara Strong.I like how she does Mandy\'s voice on Totally Spies. I think it\'s really hard to believe that she voices both Sam and Mandy. Also on the show Hannah Montana I noticed that there is a character named Traci who actually talks like Mandy and acts like her. When she uses her real voice for promos on her official website her voice actually sounds really deep and dark and I like it. I also liked that even though her characters are mostly girls she can provide a deep boy-like voice which I also heard on her website but I noticed a lot of voice actresses can do that. Last she has a really nice singing voice also in her voice demos and I wish I knew when she sang those songs.
  • Jennifer Hale is one of the most supremely gifted versatile voice actors currently operating in the business.

    Jennifer Hale is one of the most supremely gifted versatile voice actors currently operating in the business. I first ran across her unique talents on the Spiderman cartoon in the mid-90s in which she played the somewhat arrogant but still highly likable Felicia Hardy, and also her unforgettable super alter ego the Black cat. I admit, at that time, I didn't know who did the voice of the Black cat. All I knew was, whoever the lady was, she had an uncommon mastery of her craft.

    Moreover, Jennifer Hale is not just a "one show wonder" either. She also provides the voice of superspy Sam on totally Spies… personally I think Sam is the best and most competent of the Spies. I think Jennifer Hale's voice acting goes a long way in giving Sam that confident dependable image… as a matter of fact that supreme inner strength seems to be a hallmark of all the characters voiced by Jennifer Hale. It seems like every character she voices could beat the crud out of a super villain, and still be so enticing that the same bad guy would ask her for a kiss before being dragged off to jail. Also, he doesn't limit herself to just television. She has voiced several characters in animated movies most notably the rock star in training Thorn in several of the more recent Scooby Doo movies. With any luck, we will be able to enjoy many new extraordinary voices from this wonderful actress in the coming years.
  • I LOVE HER VOICE! Her role as Dr. Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid is awesome! I wish someone would give her a big role in a movie sometime!

    One of my favorite voice actors of all time! The sad thing is, she is in a lot of things and a lot of people don't know it is her. Look up her entire resume - she does TONS of stuff! My favorite role she's done is Dr. Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid. When I found out that she also did Emma Emmerich in Metal Gear Solid 2, I was dumbfounded. Those are two TOTALLY different voices! Then, seeing that she does #86 in Codename: Kids Next Door, it's easy to tell that she is multi-talented. Check out her site! There are some sample clips of what she does. She is AWESOME!
  • I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk.

    I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk. I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk. I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk. I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk. I like her voice acting skills. She's really good. She has that certain accent that really makes you want to hear her talk.
  • Jennifer Hale is super cool.

    Jennifer Hale is a very talented voice actress,I really like the way she voiced Sam in Totally Spies,I also liked her when she does her "squeaky" voice for Mandy in Totally Spies and Princess Morbucks in Powerpuff girls.She is personally my favourite actress!!!She really does have a perfect voice for all the characters!
  • Jennifer Hale's voice is so cool!

    I can always hear it when Jennifer Hale is doing a voice. The role I personally know her best as is Sam on Totally Spies. There's something to her voice and how much it can do that is so intriguing. I never guessed that she was Ms. Keane on the Powerpuff Girls until I saw it up on her credits. Anyway, I find it fascinating how she can do a voice as high and slightly annoying as that and a voice as dark and mysterious as Thorn in the "Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost" movie at the same time. Give her more roles!
  • A marvelous voice actress.

    Jennifer Hale has a distinct voice and she brings a lot of spirit to her characters. Usually they're redheads, which is better suited to her voice.

    She also is very good about doing strange laughs as seen with Mandy [From Totally Spies] and Billy's Mom [From Billy and Mandy]

    Jennifer rocks.
  • Some of her voices are good, but some are icky.

    Jeniffer hale does the voice of many cartoon characters, mostly hed-haired girls or black-haired ones.

    When you hear her voice on Princess Morbucks on Powerpuff Girls, it doesnt really sound nice, but when she does the voice of Sam on Totally Spies, she is good.

    I do feel she is a talented voice actor, i just wished her voice acting will improve without being so irritating.
  • Such a beautiful and talented voice actor.

    Jennifer Hale is among one of the best female voice actors in the world. She has always been known to give her characters really sexy voices such as the Black Cat, and Sam from Totally spies. I really enjoy her work and think she's an absolute angel. I hope to hear more of her wonderful work for she is truely a talented and excellent voice actor.