Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson


9/12/1981, Chicago, IL

Birth Name

Jennifer Kate Hudson


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Jennifer first caught the public's eye during her stint as a finalist on the third season of "American Idol." Her ranking as seventh that season was quite controversial, since she was considered to be a superior singer to many of the finalists who continued with the competition and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Following the murders of her mother, brother and nephew, Jennifer set up 'The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims' to aid other families who are forced to deal with such tragic situations.

    • In 2008, Jennifer's mother, brother and nephew were tragically shot to death by her ex-brother-in-law William Balfour.

    • Jennifer was ranked #80 on Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2007 for her music video "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going".

    • At the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2007), Jennifer was awarded "Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role (Theatrical Motion Picture)" for her performance in Dreamgirls.

    • At the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Jennifer won in the category "Choice Movie Actress: Drama" for her performance in Dreamgirls.

    • Jennifer received two BET (Black Entertainment Television) awards June 26, 2007. She won awards for best actress and best new artist.

    • On June 19, 2007 Jennifer was one of 115 people to be admitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which is the group who's members vote on Academy Award nomination ballots.

    • Jennifer was to perform at Starbuck's annual meeting in March 2007, but her performance was cancelled, reportedly due to her diva demands. Jennifer's agency had demanded hair and make-up artists, five cars, humidifiers, security for her and her assistant and baked chicken wings at 10am. The chairman of Starbucks cancelled the event.

    • Jennifer's 2007 Supporting Actress Oscar was presented to her by George Clooney.

    • Jennifer is only the third African-American woman to appear on the cover of Vogue, as of the March 2006 issue.

    • As of 2007, Jennifer is the eighth youngest winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, as she was 25 years and 166 days old.

    • Hudson won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her protrayal of Effie White in Bill Condon's film Dreamgirls.

    • Jennifer is the third African-American to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, after Hattie McDaniel and Whoopi Goldberg.

    • Jennifer doesn't go to clubs, drink alcohol, or smoke, so when asked where she would celebrate after the Academy Awards presentation, she answered that she would be having a 'praise party' at Progressive Baptist Church.

    • In 2007, Jennifer won the 'Best Supporting Actress' award at the British film awards for her role in Dreamgirls.

    • Hudson won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her protrayal of Effie White in Bill Condon's film Dreamgirls.

    • Jennifer's favorite female vocalists are: Angie Stone, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, and Aretha Franklin.

    • Jennifer has a five octave range, leading her to be compared to such greats as Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, and Jennifer Holliday.

    • Jennifer performed a duet with Barry Manilow on the On Air With Ryan Seacrest television show, and was later invited to sing with him on tour.

    • Jennifer performed in a special benefit revival of the Broadway musical Hair, on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre, September 20, 2004.

    • Jennifer was named one of the '10 Actors to Watch' for 2006 by Variety magazine, and Movieline named her one of its 'Breakthrough Actors' of 2006.

    • Jennifer was advised to slim down on her season of American Idol, but was asked to put on extra weight for her role in Dreamgirls.

    • Jennifer accepted another position at Disney, in addition to her performances on their cruise ships, she toured for them in Hercules: The Musical.

    • Jennifer was named the 2006 'Female Star of Tomorrow' by ShoWest.

    • Jennifer was hired by Disney as a featured vocalist, chosen to entertain thousands of travelers on the Disney Wonder cruise ship in 2002.

    • Jennifer's 1st professional performance was in a local stage productiion of Big River.

    • Jennifer honed her vocal skills through dozens of musical productions, talent shows, church socials, and family gatherings that she performed for all through her school years.

    • Jennifer attributes her singing ability to her late maternal grandmother, Julia Kate Hudson, a long-time member of her church's choir.

    • Jennifer sang for the first time in public at the age of seven, in front of a small church congregation. Her soulful sound had them on their feet, and inviting her back week after week for her solos.

    • Jennifer beat out over 800 actors and singers, including American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino for the role of Effie White in the film Dreamgirls.

  • Quotes

    • Jennifer: (releasing the following statement after setting up 'The Hudson-King Foundation for Families of Slain Victims') The specific purpose of the foundation is to care for the needs of families who have lost relatives to a violent crime. This encompasses their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter as well as grief counselling.

    • Jennifer: (on the likeness she has with her Sex and the City character) I make clothes and knit scarves. But I really love purses! I'm a purse girl, not a shoe girl. I remember, I had a scene where you didn't see my feet. So I took my shoes off. But the director, Michael Patrick King, was like, 'Put those heels back on. You're not fully in character unless you're in heels.' He was serious. I had to put my heels back on."

    • Jennifer: (on what she has in her private life that gives her security) My faith in God is everything at this point. Also, my family and friends that I've had around me pretty much my whole life and my boyfriend, we've been together for eight years. I try to keep people around me who've been around me, who've seen me struggle. They know how dedicated I am and how hard I've worked. They know me - not the Jennifer from American Idol and Dreamgirls, but the real Jennifer.

    • Jennifer (on her grandmother): She was my biggest inspiration for everything, because she was a singer and she had the passion for it, but she never had the chance and that was the thing that pushed me forward to continue.

    • Jennifer: (on winning the 2007 Golden Globe award for 'Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture) Oh, my God. Thank you so much. Wow. I have always dreamed but never, ever this big. This goes far beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

    • Jennifer: I was brought up singing gospel, and I really enjoy getting the church up on their feet, their hips swaying, their hands clapping, it's a great feeling to evoke that energy for the Lord.

    • Jennifer: People are all the time asking me if I hated Simon for mentioning my weight, and I really do not. I am proud of who I am, that is why I auditioned for the show, because I thought that I had something to bring to the table. Now, as for my favorite...that would be Randy, of course, he took a chance on me.

    • Jennifer: I can't say that I wasn't shocked when I was voted off of American Idol, because I was. I had just sort of settled in to the pressure, and was feeling confident, when I got the wind knocked out of me. I knew though, that my career would just be beginning at that point, I had been seen.

    • Jennifer: Working with the extraordinary cast of Dreamgirls was humbling and exciting all in one. I pushed myself with every scene, to stay caught up with the talent I was portraying, as well as the talent I was working alongside.

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    Yes, Jennifer Hudson has talent. But, she's really no better than any other singer in her genre. I feel like people commend her for losing so much weight and not for her acting or singing skills.
  • Jennifer Hudson is a great singer and great actress.

    Jennifer Hudson is a spectacular singer and actress. She has won a Golden Globe and an Oscar. She desrved both awards for her role in the movie Dreamgirls as Effie. She has the perfect voice for the movie. Her voice should have carried her at least to the top three of American Idol in season 3, but she surprisingly left in 7th place. I was shocked especially because Jennifer was a stunning singer. She's now got a successful career underway which is really good because she desrves it more then lots of other stars in the world. Jennifer Hudson is amazing!

    BJ 8)moreless