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  • Best actress and her movies

    I liked her acting from the first movie, by the way, it was "The Bill Engvall Show". One of my favourite (despite The Hunger Games) is "The Winter's sooo great there. Also Jennifer stared in "Joy", "Garden Party", "The Poker House" and "The Burning Plain" - you can watch if have time))

    Really telented actress and now she lives in huge mansion
  • Perfection

  • Great Actress

    Probably one of my easiest reviews because she is great. She embodies one of the most important things in acting, she actually becomes her character in every movie she does. seen the trailer for Serena and can't wait to see how she does in it.
  • Requested by CarmineValpoc

    This review has been requested by CarmineValpoc and he thinks that Jennifer is a wonderful actress and loves The Hunger Games. I really love Jennifer Lawrence as an actress. This girl is so talented and so beautiful too. I honestly can't keep my eyes off her when I see her in a movie. There are two things about Jennifer Lawrence that never take my eyes away. First thing was her beauty as I just mentioned and Second was how strong her performances are for the role. She's got way more charisma and more beautiful than Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart just doesn't seem to impress me at all. She was good in "X-Men: First Class", "The Hunger Games", and some more movies she has been in. This actress makes very wise choices in movies and even if she's in a horrible movie, she will still manage to be a great actress. It's her sexiness and charisma that makes me a fan so much. She is also very funny too and just really knows how to have fun. She have a very unique and wonderful personality. She's like Amanda Seyfriend (another beautiful and talented actress) where they can both just be themselves and be silly and not even try hard to be funny at all. I hope to see more movies from Jennifer and that she will keep up the good work. I'm a huge fan of her work and she definitely deserves the awards she's been winning. I'm glad she's getting more noticed as she continues to act in more movies. There's nothing ugly about this talented and very sexy actress at all and I'm proud to call her one of the best young actresses to be working in Hollywood. 10/10
  • Good actress

    Good actress

  • Love how she sees herself.

    Good actress. Humble.