Jennifer Lien

Jennifer Lien


8/24/1974, Chicage, Illinois, USA

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Jennifer Ann Lien


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    • Jennifer Lien: I am a woman, and that plays a part in my performance. But I don't think about my role in a male/female sort of way. I just act.

    • Jennifer Lien: Star Trek has always been a widely respected television show and I was definitely interested in being part of something of such quality. When I read the pilot script it became obvious to me that Kes is a well-rounded character with a lot of potential.

    • Jennifer Lien: (on leaving Star Trek: Voyager) They decided not to renew my contract. I didn't ask why I wasn't being renewed. I just said 'okay' and moved on.

    • Jennifer Lien: My mom is a real inspiration.

  • Jennifer is a great actress. I really loved the character of Kes. I thought she was smart, kind, intelligent, and sweet. I was very heart broken when Jennifer left Star Trek: Voyager. She is so hot, talented, and sexy! i really hope to see more of her!moreless

    Jennifer is a great little actress. Her performances in ST:V, AMX, and SLC Punk were awesome. She also has one of the most sexiest voices i've ever heard of. Which explains all her wonderful voice work. I would love to see Jennifer in more features very soon. She's to beautiful and skilled. Her perfomance in AHX at the time was even considered Oscar worthy. She's just a great actress, and i miss her on my screen very much! Please come back to us Jennifer.moreless