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  • A pleasure everytime,I can never get enough of that refreshing smile and those sexy outfits.

    My god this girl is just my all time favorite host,that smile and playful tomboyish attitude just blows me away she has so much sex appeal,she reminds me of your best friends little sister thats always trying to hang around with the guys,you know secreatly your in lust for her,she isn't a super model by any means,she is something much better,she's real.I am a 51 yr old man with a high school crush on the cohost of a show I watch all the time and I have a 400 plus DVD collection,so I guess you know why I watch DVD On TV lol.
  • I find my self scrambling just to get a peek of Jennifer!

    This girl is HOT! Not only is she pleasant to watch, has a beautiful smile, she is never on long enough to get your fill of looking at her! I find my self scrambling just to get a peek of Jennifer!

    A pleasure to see, and it has become a game to catch her on TV for more than 2 seconds. I, my self, would like to see her on for......... let's say FOREVER! Dave :0)