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  • Damn...

    I like her A LOT, and can't even explain why. She really shocked me with what she accomplished with her acting on Once Upon A Time. I caught a glimpse of her in House and How I Met Your Mother, too, but that wasn't as striking as OUAT. I really dislike stupid Emma, but how in the hell did Jennifer manage to portray her THAT well is way beyond me. I congratulate her greatly.

    When she breaks down completely like in the finale of season 1 of OUAT at Henry's hospital bed or shouting dead-serious when enraged by Neal or Regina is when I get bombed with goosebumps at her performance. For such a dumb, bland and quite useless character I don't know who could possibly be a better choice as an actress. Having a lead role certainly suits Jennifer.

    Honestly, she's raising a hell of a lot in actor favoritism in my eyes thanks to her portrayal of Emma. All kudos, Jennifer. You're truly amazing.
  • From House to Emma Swan etc

    I love her in pretty much every TV role i`ve seen so far. A lovely, incredible beautiful, down to earth and very talented actress. All the characters she played are very charismatic and miscellaneous. JMo is shining with eloquence, appreciation and dedication to her work. These individual characteristics make her to a great spokesperson to the respective shows she is starring.
  • once upon a time

    I love all on the show I be watching since 1st season.......but jennifer is number 1 in my story book......polly
  • Dr. Alyson Cameron

    Even though her role over this last season has been greatly diminished for the first three seasons of House Jennifer held her own with such heavy weight as Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. She could lay on the emotion, angst and feeling effortlessly and it was always a joy to watch her on screen. She fit her character well and more importantly played it well, I want to see Cameron back on the front lines and on our tv screens.

    I haven't seen Jennifer in much else but in the few small roles I have seen her in she always did a good job and I know that those great roles that will show acting skills are out there, just waiting for her to find them.
  • Dr. Allison Cameron on "House MD."

    Jennifer is my favorite character on House MD. I miss Dr. Cameron, and wish she were one of the main stars again. I miss the old team in general. But anyway, Jennifer plays her character beautifully. Dr. Cameron is an empathetic and honest person, which Jennifer portrays well.

    I've also seen Jennifer on the movie The Murder of Princess Diana. I only saw a couple of scenes, not the whole movie, but I thought Jennifer looked gorgeous as usual, and with the talent to match!

    Other than House MD and The Murder of Princess Diana, I haven't seen Jennifer in anything else, but I really hope I will in the future! :)
  • Jennifer Morrison is one of the most talented actresses in the business. I love watching her as Dr. Allison Cameron on House. She's definitely underused and I would love to see more of her in TV and movies

    Jennifer Morrison is one of my favorite people in the business. She's talented, pretty and looks great as a blonde or a brunette. From the first time I saw House, she became one of my favorite actresses. Her acting talent is far superior than some of the other actors that are in the business. She's underrated and definetely think she should be used more often. Disney stars get more credit than her and she's way more talented! Jennifer Morrison was made for the role of Cameron and She's amazing at it! So in the future, Jennifer Morrison needs to be seen in more projects!
  • A wounderful actress that plays her part with feelings. Jennifer is a young lady with a great futre ahead in the film industry

    I do love the show but, I think House is too much of bastered he needs to calm down a little. Ah Cameron that Gorgeous Fantastic lady, she is great I lover her the feelings that she displays in the show I can acctualy feel I know it sounds foolish but, she is a wounderful actress. I think you should expained on Robert having his own draw they are so good together and the medical terms how she dos it is realy some thing I hope that she stays on the show forever. a fan forever keep it up. Robert
  • Jennifer Morrison is gorgeous actress with the talent to match!

    Jennifer Morrison is gorgeous actress with the talent to match! When I first stared watching House I never really paid much attension to the equalty of the acting but Jennifer Morrison opened my eyes. I not only love her in House but I love her in all her movies. She continues to set a good example for her fan by not going and getting herself into trouble. She is, in my opinon, one of the best actress on house. And I am pretty sure that once the series of house is over she will go on to do many more great movies or tv shows!
  • I think Jennifer Morrison is an amazing actress! I love watching her on House.

    Jennifer Morrison is an amazing actress! I especially love watching her on House, and I think she is the perfect actress for the role of Cameron. I wish she was in more movies, but for some reason, I guess she isn't. And, just so you know, you might want to update the biography. She is NO LONGER dating Jesse Spencer. They called off their wedding, which is so sad! I thought that they made a really cute couple. I'm glad that she will be staying on House, but I sort of wish that it was kind of back to the way it was in Seasons one, two and three. I don't really like the idea of new ducklings that much. Not used to change.
  • nothing special...

    Jennifer Morrison is probably best known for her role as Cameron in House and she does an ok job as that character. Morrison is mediocre, which is why she has a supporting role on tv. She is nothing special and I have never seen her actually do anything amazing with her acting. Her character is also very annoying, which probably adds the reasons why I don't like her. Morrison just adds to the myriad of actors that play on television because they got lucky. She would have trouble finding good acting jobs in movies or a bigger role in another show. Oh well, it's a shame such a bad actor plays along side Hugh Laurie, which is amazing.
  • Jennifer Morrison is best know as Dr. Allison Cameron, and the first thing one may notice is that she is absolutely gorgeous, but behind all that she has done a superb acting job within that show.

    Jennifer Morrison frequently shines in the ensemble cast of House, because of her super acting talent. She is one of the more complicated characters, because of her obsession with troubled men, and she shows all extents of emotion within it. One episode she may be happy and cheerful, others sad and distraught, others as she goes after Chase for an escape. In the end, no matter what she is doing she shines, and is intricate to that shows flow.
  • Magnificent. The most beautiful actress on television today.

    Talented, wonderful, gorgeous, magnificent.

    She is obviously a tremendously talented actress, but there is no denying that she is one of the most heavenly people any of us have ever laid eyes on. Starring in the wonderful series 'House', Jennifer is an unbelievable asset to this highly acclaimed show. She portrays 'Dr. Cameron' as part of House's 'tripod' of Doctors working with him.

    Besides her featured role in House, I have enjoyed her in the films 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' and (I'm serious) 'Urban Legends.' She is still very young and I have no doubt she will only continue to gain more and more notoriety as time continues. She is no doubt one of the most fabulous female actors still in her twenties, which is very hard to believe.
  • Jennifer Morrison is gorgeous, and a very talented actor. Jesse spencer and Jennifer make best looking and cutest couple ever!

    Jennifer Morrison is gorgeous, and a very talented actor. Jesse spencer and Jennifer make best looking and cutest couple ever!Jennifer plays Dr. Allison Cameron really well, and it's great to see that her sense of fashion in the show has improved since season 1. She never looks bad on the show or in real life, and deserves to be the lead of a big-screen movie (not just a minor character in mr and mrs smith, but actually in the film). She is the main reason that i watch house religiously, and without her the show wouldn't be half as good.
  • Awesome, the BEST, and totally talented!

    Jennifer Morrison has got to be the most talented actress on everybodys soapbox. She's smart, gorgeous and hot! Who would not like an actress like her. Jesse Spencer is a lucky guy who was lucky enough to meet the perfect girl who just happens to be Miss Jennofer Morrison. In other words, congrats on the engagement and Gods blessings to the both of them for the wonderful, funfilled life that's ahead of both of them. that's why im giving her a total ten out of ten for the great work she's been doing on House and the other films that she is doing! Keep it up Jennifer!!
  • empty

    She is really cool! Her acting in "House" is really needed and is also one of the best characters on the show, I really think that she is a good actress and she is somehow different from the other two. She is really cool, and I am surprised that she has not starred in more movies or on more TV series. She is awesome!
  • Jennifer Morrison is one of the most talented actresses to grace the big screen and the small, in a long time. With landing the role of Dr. Allison Cameron on House, she is finally getting the recognition she so greatly deserves.

    Jennifer Morrison is one of those people that can do it all. She has amazing range in her acting ability, she can go from playing a happy-go-lucky young woman in one role to a shy responsible one in the next. Jennifer is a role model for many young girls and it's not hard to become completely inchanted by her. She is very hard working and it is so obvious how great working with her is. She's not afraid to try anything different, in acting and in life, making her a very fun person to be around. Since her new role on Fox's hit medical drama, House, M.D., she is finally becoming known in Hollywood and around the world as one of the rising young stars with great things to come.
  • Jen all the way!

    Rock oOn Jennifer! lol. I sa her in 'Grind', she didn't have a very big part but I thought she rok'd. She's really cool in house as well!. Somehow she can portray the character really well(cameron). WhOo. gO JENN! 110% is definately something that you can see she applies! She's my role model toO! ^^
  • She is my favorite actress of all time and my role-model!!!!!!She is so kind and sweet! When I grow up I want to be just like her. I also want to be a doctor, because of her. My favorite roles that she has played was in House MD. Thats all!

    She is my favorite actress of all time and my role-model!!!!!!She is so kind and sweet! When I grow up I want to be just like her. I also want to be a doctor, because of her. My favorite roles that she has played was in House MD. Thats all!
  • I Went to school with Jennifer! She is a sweet and loving girl and friend, and a very hard worker. She puts 110% into everything she does. Way to go Jennifer. Erica (Rush) Dollyhigh

    Jennifer is a great person on and off the set. She gives her all to everything and she does House a lot of good. She adds a lot of greatness to the set. She is great for this part and doesn\'t need to change a thing about her acting. Yes!
  • There are really only three words to describe her 'drop dead gorgeous'.

    There are really only three words to describe her 'drop dead gorgeous'.

    That smile, wow! She has been in several average to good movies, the ones I have seen, Stir of Echos, Intersection, Urban Legends Final Cut, Girl Fever, Grind, Mr & Mrs Smith and the fantastic tv series House. She definately is candy for the eyes and to finish it off, a fine actress also. Very natural acting style with a wide range of expression from cheerful and happy (Girl Fever and Grind) to scared and worried (Urban Legends) and downright scarey (Stir of Echoes). Jenny, keep up the good work!
  • Beautiful and Excellent...

    Jennifer Morrison plays Dr. Cameron on House, MD, a very successful show that airs on FOX. In this show, she plays a doctor whose questionable, yet obedient. Her obedience, though, sometimes proves to be controversial to her friends and partners Dr. Chase and Dr. Foreman. But, she is very talented and very beautiful. She could easily land her own show. She is what Angie Harmon did to Law & Order...she brings the knowledge, the hard-working potential, and the sassiness and drama to House.