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    • Jennifer: (on her favorite hair color) My favorite is red, actually. I think when I'm done with Once, I will probably be red for a while. There's just something very playful about being a redhead, and I enjoy it. Like, I always look forward to that.

    • Jennifer: (on her favorite physical trait) I feel like I got some good genes. My parents are both very fit people who've always taken care of themselves, and so I feel very lucky that I come from that upbringing. So working out and things like that are kind of a lifestyle for me. It doesn't take much for me to have strong arms.

    • Jennifer: (on Thanksgivng and tradition) The turkey and the stuffing and the mashed potatoes... there's just something so fun, because no matter where we are or who's hosting it, everyone gets involved in that. You know? Everyone's a part of the cooking, so it becomes such a great family experience of everyone putting that meal together and just being able to sit down and enjoy good food.

    • Jennifer: (on what attracts her to a man) I would say loyalty. Loyalty to their friends, obviously to their loved ones, to their family, to their jobs. You know, I think that's an attractive trait.

    • Jennifer: (on crying in Disney movies) They just tug at your heartstrings. They, like, kill the parents — like Bambi, oh my God — and then you have to watch everybody go through these crazy things, and then there's some big happy thing that happens at the end. I'm such a sucker.

    • Jennifer: (on why she loves acting) I am endlessly fascinated by people in general. I think that's why I love acting.

    • Jennifer: (on her perspective on England in general and London in particular) I love how much history you feel when you walk through the street of London.

    • Jennifer: (on how she prepares to interpret her characters) Every character is different, but I always tend to read a lot of memoirs pertaining to the characters life.

    • Jennifer: (on her opinion on fans) I am always so grateful for the passion of the fans!

    • Jennifer: (on one of her projects, while her TV series Once Upon a Time is on hiatus) I am directing a short film that is a comedy in the hiatus.

    • Jennifer: (her advice to aspiring actors) Only do it, if it is the only thing in the world that would make you happy as a career.

    • Jennifer: (on her putting herself in her characters) It's inevitable that there are parts of me in all my characters.

    • Jennifer: (on her opinion regarding Australia) I love Australia. I have been there a few times and I will be back some day.

    • Jennifer: (on the family tree of her role in the TV series Once Upon a Time) It is definitely complicated.

    • Jennifer: (on the tatto of her role in the TV series Once Upon a Time) The only tattoo emma has is a small flower on her left wrist.

    • Jennifer: I backpacked in germany when I was in college.

    • Jennifer: (on being filming on location with cold weather) The wardrobe department is amazing and they do everything they can to keep us warm. I love them all.

    • Jennifer: (on her working relationship with her Once Upon a Time co-star Colin O'Donoghue)
      He is lovely. I am grateful to have him and his whole family in my life.

    • Jennifer: (on her relationship with her Once Upon a Time co-star Ginnifer Goddwin)
      She is absolutely one of my best friends.

    • Jennifer: (on the best thing to being an actress)
      discovering empathy for people you might not already understand.

    • Jennifer: I really enjoy cooking when I have the time.

    • Jennifer: (on her role in Once Upon a Time and the magic that character has)
      It will take a while for Emma to discover some of her power. It is still an uncomfortable idea for her to do magic at this point.

    • Jennifer: (on her favorite item in the set of the TV series Once Upon a Time)
      There is a beautiful little painting in mm apt that is titled "first love" by the door. Love it.

    • Jennifer: (Good things about being on "House") There are so many good things about being on the show. I feel like all of us are just pinching ourselves every day, going "Is this a reality?" I love that every day I get to grow continuously as an actor and am surrounded by other great actors that constantly make me better. It's like once again being a part of that team mentality. I also feel really lucky because it's a great show, the writing is incredible and people are watching.

    • Jennifer: The only thing I would really say is just do whatever's making you happy - - you know, don't kill yourself doing something that's making you miserable. That's probably not the right thing to be doing with your life. I've always based my choices on either taking something, or turning something down, or going for something based on is this choice gonna make me happy?

    • Jennifer: (during the time she was engaged to "House" co-star Jesse Spencer) It's like my entire life came from one job. I met my husband on the show. I have a beautiful house. Every day I feel incredibly blessed.

    • Jennifer: (following Jesse Spencer's wedding proposal) I was in so much shock when he proposed that it took me two day before I cried! My brain couldn't catch up to everything. Jesse laughed at me for a couple of days because I wandered around not really able to grasp everything. But then I realized that all these things that I was hoping for in my life - all these things you don't dare to hope for too much just in case that's not your path - all of a sudden it was at the forefront and possible. I realized, "I will have a home and a family with him!" That's when it finally hit me and I cried - but it was a happy cry!

    • Jennifer: (on co-star Jesse Spencer's wedding proposal) It was so romantic! We were at the Eiffel Tower and the ring was not in a ring box but in a little old poll case with a butterfly on top. Jesse gave it to me and said it was my Christmas present.

    • Jennifer: (Cameron is her character on "House".) My resume for Cameron has me graduating medical school the year I graduated junior high.

    • Jennifer: I really do see the good in people, and I don't want to change that. That's really how I view things, so sometimes I'll look past a lot of huge red flags because I see something else in someone. Then of course it always comes back to haunt me in the long run.

    • Jennifer: I think "crimp" is a real understatement. It was not good. I love my dad so much, and he's an amazing teacher, so I really wouldn't trade that for the world, but it didn't make me too popular.

    • Jennifer: I always had a thing with Thanksgivings. I've started dating people and broken up with them around Thanksgiving several times. What is it about Thanksgiving? I guess that at least someone's there to console you.

    • Jennifer: I almost got evicted from my apartment complex. We spent the entire time on set on our boards, so we constantly got more comfortable and got better and better.

    • Jennifer: I spent a summer doing "public relations" in the parking lot at Arlington Race Track. There was a big concert with seven stages going. It was 102 degrees outside -- so muggy and hot -- and I'm sweating like crazy. People are all in a bad mood, hot, totally drunk, wasted, asking how to get places. One car pulled up, and the guy in the back seat said, "Come here, I need to ask you something." He's like, "Jennifer, can I just shake your hand for doing a good job?" I went to shake his hand and, from my wrist all the way up! I went, "Aaaaii!" It was so nasty.

    • Jennifer: Actually, everything moved so quickly. We had two days to learn everything. They gave me Tony Hawk's Trick Tips videos. I'd be in my PJs at night with my board trying to learn how to Ollie on my carpet or skate up and down my alley at 2 a.m.

    • Jennifer: I was on the cleanup crew. The whole track was covered in trash. The things we found...people's underwear, a shower curtain, the strangest things. By the end of the day I was covered in filth. It looked like I had tan lines. But, I didn't have a tan line; I had a filth line.

    • Jennifer: I grew up dancing when I was a kid in Chicago. I played soccer for a couple of years in high school. Once I moved to Los Angeles and was in the warm weather all the time I learned how to play tennis, wakeboard, snowboard, surf and ride dirt bikes. I also go hiking in L.A.

    • Jennifer: I was a kid, so I wouldn't consider that real modeling, but every Sunday you could open the paper and see me in ads for Kohl's, JCPenney, Montgomery Ward and stuff like that.

    • Jennifer: The big scandal was when I was in seventh grade and I modeled a bathing suit. Everybody freaked out!

    • Jennifer: I've been single for a little while partly because I've been working so much and partly because I don't want to settle. A lot of people run around and are real crazy in Hollywood, but I want to wait for it to be the right thing.