Jennifer PJ Anbey

Jennifer PJ Anbey


11/24/1983, Escondido, CA

Birth Name

Jennifer Leigh Haaff


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  • not an actress? what are you talking about angel? I'm going to have to assume that you are one of the many people who has lost an acting job to PJ, because most of what you have to say is untrue, and just plain bitter.moreless

    here's a little Vocab lesson for you:

    'Reality- that which is not fake.' Unlike most so-called reality shows, starting over actually seemed real. It was a transitionary reality, women getting out of one reality to start a new one. Yes, PJ's parents are saints, but if you understand the nature of the show you'd understand that what she stated about them on the show was her reality. it is what PJ believed to be true. through the counseling provided by the show, and through experience later, she realized that she was wrong. Her relationship with her parents is strong. They are wonderful parents, and she is a wonderful daughter.

    'Professional Actress- A woman who gets paid to pretend to be someone else'. If what you say about PJ were true, then you proved yourself wrong. If she was pretending to be someone she wasn't on that show, then it would count as professional acting. But she was herself, and being on a reality tv show shouldn't get anyone any acting credits. The fact that PJ is always involved in something theatre-related, and that she gets paid to do so, is what makes her a professional actress. So she's not on TV or in the movies all the time- that was never her goal. She is a theatre actress.

    Everything PJ said about being a mormon and a virgin was 100% true at the time. To some it may not seem that PJ has changed too much since the show- but if you know her, you see it. Her 'High self esteem' stems from completely believing in herself and her abilities, whereas it used to stem from whether she thought others believed in her. It's not narcissism, it's confidence.

    what you saw was the PJ of the time, and you believed what you wanted to believe. I know PJ the actress, and Jennifer the person- and both women are AMAZING.moreless
  • Jennifer "PJ" Anbey is a fraud. She is no more professional actress than any other woman or man who has appeared on any reality tv shows.

    Why is "PJ" on this site? She is not an actress. At least, not professionally. She was on Starting Over, a so-called 'reality tv" where women go on there for self-help. So if she gets her name on this sight for seeking self-help on television, then we mind as well do it for every person on Dr. Phil's show or any other mindless guru chats. PJ is a fraud. Everything she stated on SO was a big lie. Her 'controlling' parents are the nicest people in the world and she was just a bitch to make her dad look the way he did. Hey PJ, come live in my house and have my dad as your father, and we can talk. Okay? And if she could stop the self-adulation and all the sex talk for a supposed "virgin Mormon" who says her favorite book is "Good in Bed". My point? She is a liar and I couldn't stand her on SO and if I ever saw her on a regional play, I would probably choke on my own vomit.moreless