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    • She loves cats and dogs. She has a dog, Willy, and two cats, Fletcher & Wilson.

    • Jennifer has appeared in movies like Night of the Demons 2, The Baby Doll Murders, Heathers, Slumber Party Massacre 2, Body Count, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Night Creature Sketches of a Strangler, Big Rose, and Ghost Fever.

    • Her favorite episode of Charmed in which she took part in is season 5 episode "Necromancing the Stone".

    • Jennifer Rhodes and Finola Hughes have guest starred in the following Charmed episodes, together. Season 1 episode; "That 70's Episode", Season 3 episode; "Just Harried", Season 4 episode; "Charmed Again (1)", Season 7 episode; "Cheaper by the Coven" and Season 8 finale; "Forever Charmed".

    • Jennifer has appeared in over twenty theater and television films.

    • Jennifer has guest starred on Charmed a total of 12 times, including the series finale "Forever Charmed".

    • When filming the movie Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, she tried to keep the time period in mind and used a 60s hairstyle for her character. She was suprised when she later discovered that star Jaclyn Smith didn't wear an original Jacqueline Kennedy hairstyle. She wore a modern 80's bob hairstyle instead.

    • Jennifer is the only guest star to have appeared in all eight seasons of Charmed, which gives her the distinct honor of be the longest recurring star on the show.

  • Quotes

    • Jennifer: (on playing "Grams" all these years) What a hoot that was!

    • Jennifer: (on her marriage to Jordan Rhodes and who later moved her to Los Angeles, kicking and screaming) But now it's my home, I love it and still have fond memories of New York. I still have fond memories of my marriage as well.

    • Jennifer: I was in my dentist's office in the waiting room and somebody walked by and said, "Hi, Grams" (a nod to her Charmed character). Having never had children, that always sort of startles me.