Jennifer Youngs





12/13/1972 , Staten Island N.Y.

Birth Name

Jennifer Rebecca Youngs




Jennifer Youngs & Ronnie Champagne

Jennifer, born in Staten Island N.Y., daughter of actor John Savage (the Dear Hunter) left Cape Cod in 1990 with her dog and her bass guitar to pursue her love of music and acting in L.A. After a couple years of small parts [Primary Motive, Someone is Watching, Changing Habits, Killing Obsession] Jennifer landed a role on D.R. Quinn Medicine Woman as the Swedish immigrant "Ingrid", all the while playing around L.A and writing songs with her band "what's the bob". Eventually Jen was ready to make a real recording of her band, which is how she met Ronnie Champagne.
Ronnie, a native Canadian, left Calgary at age 24 to get busy on the Los Angeles and Seattle music scenes engineering and producing cd's for the likes of Janes Addiction, Social Distortion, Alice In Chains, My Sisters Machine and Remy Zero. When he met Jennifer he had just returned from working in Europe producing and mixing cd's for bands wanting that American sound.
Jennifer and Ronnie hooked up in Topanga, California in 1996. Their relationship grew and they began creating recordings in their home studio beginning with a multi media performance piece about reincarnation called "Mobius". What would become "Jennifer Savage" was a sound track for a screenplay about a rock star named Lucidity. "Lucidity" started out loud and heavy but was interrupted by Ronnie getting called back to Europe to go on a 68 city, 20th anniversary European tour with Portugal's pre-eminent rock band, EMI's 'Xuto's e Pontapes". They both went, Ronnie playing guitar at outdoor festivals, stadiums and coliseums for massive crowds in Portugal, Madeira, the Azores Islands and Germany, including the first ever-western music festival in Mozambique, Africa. After the tour, they formed a band with Xuto's drummer Kalu Ferreira to pick up where they left off with the Lucidity songs, calling the project "Jennifer Savage".
Jennifer and Ronnie returned to the east coast of the U.S. in fall 2001 and immediately got married. They made a cd of pop songs written in Europe called "I like to watch TV" and two electronic avant-garde cd's "CHAMP" 1 and 2.
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