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    • Jenny: I'm not proud of my work as a child actor, but I'm open to talk about it.

    • Jenny: (on the Watson Twins) I'm just so impressed with their instincts as singers and their relationship to my songs. They were very serious about them.

    • Jenny: (on Rabbit Fur Coat) I didn't even consider making a solo record until Conor Oberst asked me a couple of years ago. He said he was starting a label, Team Love, and he'd love for me to make a record for it.

    • Jenny: (about the songs on her solo album) There's a need to keep writing even after you finish a record, but it's taken me some years to feel confident writing alone. Now I realize the privacy behooves my songwriting. I was more relaxed and work on these songs at my leisure.

    • Jenny: (on her most embarrassing moment on tour) So we were in Florida, I think Orlando, and I was in the bathroom, putting on my makeup and these two girls walked in and they didn't see me and they're all, 'Can you believe how big her boobs are?' And I'm standing there like putting on my lipstick, and I look over, and we saw each other and the girl just turned bright red. I think she was more embarrassed than I. 'And uh, I was like, 'Are you talking about me?" And she's all, 'Oh! No! No no! Not at all,' totally lying, but it was pretty embarrassing. But sweet.

    • Jenny: (on the influence of other styles of music) I grew up listening to hip hop. I went through a five-year phase growing up where I dressed like an asshole and rapped occasionally, wore backwards baseball caps. I feel inspired by that type of writing. I think Bob Dylan has some great raps as well, it's really intricate.

    • Jenny: (on how being a child actor prepared her for being a rocker) It was so long ago, and I think I learned a lot about working with other people. I'm probably the biggest ball-buster in the band as far as practice schedule goes and I think I learned that from working ten hour days, supporting the family and stuff.

    • Jenny: I would always feel inadequate among my friends who are great songwriters. I've been really lucky to be around people who write amazing lines in beautiful songs. There's a [Tim] Kasher song and a Conor [Oberst] song kind of pushing everyone.

    • Jenny: I didn't intend to write a bunch of songs about God. I was surprised when I had all of the songs completed and there were so many God references throughout. I guess that's what happens when you're about to turn 30... I think being broken-hearted is not the only thing you want to sing about.