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    • Jenny: (in a 2008 interview) I'm kind of the girl that has really big parts in small movies and really small parts in big movies, and I'm kind of waiting for that tide to turn over, so I can be the girl with the big part in the big movie.

    • Jenny: I was in every play throughout high school and was a major drama nerd. That's just where I fit in. There was nothing like performing for me.

    • Jenny: (on her ideal horror character) Feel free to be disappointed in me when I tell you that I don't have a very active horror imagination. In fact all I can think about most of the time are bunnies, lollipops, rainbows, Velveeta, and Xanax.

    • Jenny: I'm no Paris Hilton, but I do enjoy my pink on occasion. I'm not so much the browns, black, and gray family.

    • Jenny: I don't think I've ever seen a horror movie without my trusty eye shield (fingers over peepers). That makes me a dork, I realize. A bona fide lame ass. Also, I tend to make funny sounds when I'm scared, which means in order to avoid humiliation, I would have to watch alone. And that ain't happenin', my friend.

    • Jenny: (describing her experience on filming "Feast") Being covered in blood all day had huge psychological effects on me. I had nightmares about all the cameras, not to mention the clawed arms.

    • Jenny: (on what inspires her) People with moral conviction. Anyone with musical talent (I have none). Anyone that appears to be handling life in a more competent, blithe, meaningful manner than I am at that moment.

    • Jenny: (about auditioning for the part of Nina on "Reaper") It was just one of those things that clicked. I'm kind of one of those actors that never does it the right way. Sometimes that works and sometimes they're like, 'You're crazy. Next.' So this was just one of those things that worked.

    • Jenny: (about being recognized by people on the street after her role as a demon on "Reaper") I've definitely heard more bad pick up lines than ever before! "Hey Nina, did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?" "Is your father really an underlord, because there's nothing like you on earth (laughing)."

    • Jenny: (upon first hearing she'd be playing a demon on "Reaper") Everyone's got a dark side. Getting to know about it in a loud way sounded like a good time to me (laughing).

    • Jenny: One of the most important things to create for oneself as an actor is a sense of privacy - and that is not easy to achieve when you are constantly being reminded that you are on TV and what you do and say can be used against you in the court of public opinion.

    • Jenny: I got into acting by just doing it. There's no strategy except the one where you decide you will do it no matter what and you are willing to take proverbial punches to the nads every day to get it even if you take said punches for 8 years.