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  • Supernatural <3 Best show on Earth!!!!

    This is my first review so bare with me!!

    I have been watching this show from the very beginning and I absolutely love it! I love everyone that was ever on the show! I give a special shout out to ALL the people that were ever on the show because the show would never be a show without any of you, and thats what makes everyone on the show so special to me! I love Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim, Mark, Richard, Ty, and many more, just for the fact that they are amazing! EVERYONE of on the show is amazing! I wish I could meet the in person, because the ALL the actors that were ever in Supernatural inspired me to be who I am now! They inspired me to just be me and not try to be anyone else! The writers and producers are awesome too! I want to thank them for picking the best car in the world! A 1967, Chevrolet, 4-door, Hard-top, Impala was one of the touches in the show that makes me love it even more! I have about 4 of those cars fully restored and I absolutely adore them! I wish I could meet everyone that was ever on Supernatural, and/or was in the crew of the show, because they are the people I look up to the most! They are the reason I decided to take a stand when people were bullying my friends and most of the time me, They are the ones that I look to for advice when I need help getting through hard times in my life! Cast and Crew of Supernatural I LOVE YOU!!! SUPERNATURAL has changed my life in more ways then I can count!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
  • about me

    sir iwanna be an actor....

  • super natural fan.

    i started watching super natural when it first aired on . now since it is on i watch it every day. now i have become a big fan of the show.
  • Jensen/Dean

    I have seen the performances of many actors and actresses for more than forty years and a some have jumped out with their dynamic talent ! Well since I've seen the very first episode of Supernatural, I have been hooked on the series and also on Jensen (Dean Winchester). His awesome talent just pulled me to the TV screen and wouldnt let go until the end of each episode!! I feel his strength, his humor, his warmth. He is truly a great actor. Oh! and he is definitely a HUNK!!! huggss to Jensen!!
  • jensen

    i love him. He's best actor ever and he's so cute :)
  • livin to love jenson

    thank heaven for a man like jenson ackles,im a big fan for a long time and his looks get better with age! this is one gorgous man,nice on the eyes,does anyone agree?
  • jensen ackles is the best actor ever!

    well first i want to say that most of you trolls are annyoing as hell on here and also jensen was always a great actor as well! he was perfect as jason, he was perfect in days and really jensen is really a great actor in all his roles thats fact! and more ppl should lov him! yes jensen is the sexiest and hottest man ever! and dean is the best ! hes better then sam too! and who ever give jensen a low rating needs to be shot! also jess alba is a crappy actress and jensen is wayy better and who ever dont watch spn your missing out! and who ever sees jensen in person are lucky bitches! jensen is the best actor and hes perfect! btw you dumb bitches on here are annyoing! hope you all die! but lov jensen is the best ever! im his best fan. bye trolls!!!!!!
  • Great guy all around

    I came to know of Jensen through Supernatural, as probably most of us have. I can't say that I've talked to him myself, and I've never met him (the closest I came was seeing him at a convention), but my impression of him is that he is a genuine, humble, generous, hard-working, and classy guy. The list could go on! He's also a very, very talented actor.

    I really respect him, as a person and as an actor, and he deserves a lot of success in the years to come.

    Simplesmente MARAVILHOSO
  • hottie!

    One of the best actors ever! He's the one who puts the comedy in supernatural and it makes the show sooooo much better :)
  • They are like 60%)


    He is a good guy,and honest. I think)
  • Cameo

  • Mr. Jensen Ackles, the one and only.

    The first I saw of him was on Smallville. Jensen did a brilliant job as Jason by the way. However, he's even better as Dean Winchester. More than once Jensen has given out of the park performances on Supernatural. Examples being, What is and What Should Never Be, Dream a Little Dream of Me and you know there's more. We'll move on now. He seems like a great guy. He's funny, seemingly great with the fans, and I am under the impression that he's professional when the occasion calls for it. I look forward to watching him the rest of this season on Supernatural and hope I get to see more of him for a long time to come.
  • 6'1" of talent.

    I'm a hardcore SPN fan, and that's mostly thanks to Jensen and the character he plays, Dean Winchester. Some say that men are like wine, they get better as the years pass by and at 31, this one has definetely gotten better.
    This gorgeous guy ladies already has 12 years of acting behind him and is serious about his job. That's probably one of the things that I like about him. In every interview, in every episode, in every movie he does, I feel like he loves his job and he shows it and shares it to the viewers. It doesn't hurt that the cameras love him too. I hope to see him in more movies like "Ten Inch Hero", he was great, though, I'd really hate to see "Dean" go, if he has his big break on the big screen. And we all now, it takes a bit (lot) of luck and talent, and the later he has in spades. I hope to continue seeing him on my screen, where it's on my tivo or at the movies.
  • Jensen Ackles YAY!

    Well there are so many thing about Jensen Ackles, well where do i start lol. Well first Jensen Ackles is aweomse actor and pretty HOT! lol I love it when he is in action with Jared Padalecki there so funny they make me laugh all the time, man I love u guys. Also I cant wait until september the 10th supernatural is on YAY!, I can finally watched something good on tv beside Family Guy and That 70 show lol. Well Jensen Ackles is probably my hero is something just about him make me feel happy inside well I see him XD. Well peace out
  • But he took the much higher road and didn't kill them, then found out he could get the bomb in his head taken out before it exploded. Again Jensen did a great job, and has a great body! ^_~

    AI loved him in Dark Angel, Manily the ep: Proof of Purchase.
    Where Alec was forced into killing other X's in order to save his life. In the end he didn't kill Max or Joshua though. He'd rather die then kill a friend. And even though Max doesn't see it, it really showed how much of a caring guy he is and still changing
    This was a great Episode! It not only showed Alec with no shirt but it showed him as a solder. And also how much he didn't want to kill anyone but had to. I love how it showed him fighting with himself on whether on not to do this. Even though his whole life he was trained to kill. But now he had a choice, and he didn't want to. He would have rather died then kill Max or Josh! And when you think about it, that shows a lot, considering Max had been giving him such a hard time even since he got out. But he took the much higher road and didn't kill them, then found out he could get the bomb in his head taken out before it exploded. Again Jensen did a great job, and has a great body! ^_~
  • What possessed the PTB to produce a specimen so perfectly formed that the rest of us pale sorrowfully in comparison? Adorable and hilarious, the existence of the deliciousness that is Jensen makes me giggle in tween hysteria.

    Wh'ell, they say that to gain points on this fine site I must review people. How does one even do that? If there is anyone worth ranting about I have to say it would be the fabulous Jensen Ackles. Had I simply been exposed the smirky model pose and those deep greens, I think happiness would have hit me quite satisfactorily. Watching this man through the charming do-gooding in Dawson's would have led me close to elation. To see him further in what has been has been simply a small cherry on this incorrigibly delicious Sundae. I have to say that the perfection that threw me head first into 12 yr old delirium however is none of Jensen's acting gems, but the most exceptional choreographic brilliance to be observed ever! Kenny Ortega, I love you to death, but Jensen strumming the leg guitar atop the impala actually has me convulsing with appreciation as I sit alone remembering the nineteenth time I watched it. Perhaps it is because we almost share a birthday that makes this bond so special, because this man, in the words of sinatra, makes me feel so young. I am not sure it is even Ackles' acting that emits chemistry because I am so distracted by his face, although could I really be addicted to an incredibly scary show about horrible nightmare inducing demons if he didn't have a pretty hilarious sense of timing? Thanks parental Ackles. The world is a better place.
  • i don,t know...........

    what should i write . i like jensen's acting. i like the way he act.............. i love super naturallll..........i like this tv show or kya kahun mujhe pata nahi (what shuld isay i don't know)............ main problem is that cw chenel is not brodcast in i have to download it . & my net connection is mindbloingggggggggggg..............u knowwwww...............i don't know .what i m writeinggg...............

    forget about it whatever i write above....

    ...main thing i wanna write that super natural is very nice show & jensen is very good actor. ........... actullyyyy i lke the whole team of super natural.............

    let me tell u one thing . i never write a review for any one .......... so if anything is wrong with this for that i m sorryyyyyyy................

    even i dont know this review is submitting or not because there is no confomation like ur review has been posted or somthing like that.......ohhhhh what i m writtingggggggggggggg i don't know...............
  • Everything he touches is golden Dark Angel, Supernatural, and Smallville and every single time you want him to get the girl and to come out on top of it all.

    Everything he touches is golden Dark Angel, Supernatural, and Smallville and every single time you want him to get the girl and to come out on top of it all. He is a fantastic actor he is gorgeous and he has attitude. The best thing about Jensen is that he brings a new character out and makes them stick out. Once Jensen comes onto a show you don't want him to leave. He is just fascinating, your mind just wants to find out more about his character and can't get enough. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Jensen he is perfect!
  • The Best Of The Best.

    Jensen Ackles. What can I say? Seriously, he is just truely amazing. I don't know anybody else like him. His acting just makes me smile all through the show or movie. I mostly know Jensen from the awesome TV show "Supernatural", which we have to agree is one of the best shows out there. Anywa, back to the gorgeous Jensen. He is amazing in that show. I can't wait him to more things. He is pure talent and he is just too gorgoues for his own good. Well, I will never forget how good this man is at acting and making my heart pound every time I see him, yes he is love to me. All in all 10 out of 10 no doubt about it.
  • He's just LOVELY!!

    OMG - I saw Jensen in "Supernatural" and I just couldn't get him out of my head . . . He's so amazing! He's handsome, cute, funny, a god actor . . . Just everything! And then i found out that he'd also been staring in "Days of our lives" - then I was really HOOKED . . . I would love to se Jensen Ackles in more movies - or even better . . . series, so I can watch him every week :) (I don't really know what else to say in theese last 15 words ... Wops - there they went).
  • Dean, Dean, Dean

    I first saw him in Supernatural of course, it was love @ first episode :P I don't have much to say about him interpret Dean Winchester than that he is made for that role and he brilliantly plays it. But my interest for the actor didn't stop at his Supernatural character, no! I also watched Devour, I'm still not sure if I was disappointed or I didn't feel anything about his character, because there is no difference between his Supernatural role and his Devour character, which I found it quite funny. Conclusion => this guy was born for his Supernatural role ;-)
  • nice person and good actor

    I hope they can show more films followed, I made two good actors but jensen makes me a mysterious person, I hope some day to talk with them and not make friends because I command them greetings and writing from the city of Cancun in Quintana Roo Mexico . having an excellent year full of work and many good vibes. My most sincere wish is that some people are busy, I hope they have liked my comment, I'm not very good at English, even with my writing, but I hope they have liked my comment about his work. I can answer Hojala affectionately Ross
  • A talented, sexy actor who is living proof that, as long as the character allows it, the actor can take it's personality facades to a whole new level!

    I first heard of Jensen Ackles when he appeared in Smallville as Jason Teague. I admired him then because of his looks and his beautiful smile mostly. However, I thought he overdid his expressions. He didn't bring the character down to earth. It wasn't something the audience believed. I mean, one day he was coaching the local football team, the other he was caring a gun and chasing after people; no development process in-between. I was a fan of Smallville back then and, consequently, thought of him a lousy actor with no talent whatsoever to make the audience believe what they were seeing. After watching Supernatural, I realize now how mistaken I was. He is such a great actor. In the Pilot we see him portray this bad boy who seems quite uninteresting compared to his baby brother Sam. Nonetheless, he manages to give this bad boy a sweet, caring, adorable, funny, mysterious and serious side. What I thought was going to be a flat character began to show different facades in each episode. Ackles proved how he was not just a pretty face but a talented, hard-working actor. Therefore, I can only say he is one of my favorites and I adore the way that he portrays Dean Winchester cause if it wasn't for him, Dean would probably be that flat, kind of boring ,and sometimes dense, rebel. PS: Isn't it obvious that actors can only develop if their characters allow them too? Let's just thank god that Supernatural is a good, somehow realistic, sci-fi drama instead of a delusion with no serious plot line.
  • a most brilliant actor!

    when i first saw jensen ackles in "supernatural" i thought "oh well, he's really handsome but i guess, that's all there is to him ...". i was very wrong. jensen ackles has to offer so much more than only just his looks! he is perfect and believeable in every aspect of his character and the longer this show lasts, the better he gets and the more he makes dean winchester one of the most fascinating multifarious show characters. he can be incredibly funny but the strongest he is, when it comes to the more serious or even sad scenes. while on the surface his dean seems to be this very cool guy, underneath his armour of cynism lies a big heart and jensen ackles does a most brilliant job showing all the facets of his character, fear, the caring for his brother, desperation, ... and he doesn't do it with big gestures but very often with small, wonderful nuances.
  • OMG!!!

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  • Classic good looks and an amazing actor.

    Jensen is gorgeous, there is no doubt about that. He has the kind of eyes that you can melt into, hair that's short but charmingly tousled, and a smile that could convince a nun to to naughty things so its easy how his acting talents can be underestimated. All he would really have to do is stand there with nothing on but a light and women would watch, but the roles that he has taken on having him do more than that. I could run the list of projects that he was in and roles that he played, but it would be more efficient and this wouldn't end up being a 2,000 word review if I just chose the best example.
    That would be him in the role of Dean Winchester in Supernatural. At first glance, he seems to be playing bad boy charmer who kicks butt every week while tossing out one liners. But the more that you watch the show the more you notice the depth that he puts into the character. The one liners alone are delivered with such adept comedic timing that he somehow is able to transform lines that on the page seem dull and dry come out of his perfect mouth gut bustingly funny. He is able to make a moment that could potentially be corny into a heart wrenching scene. He brings layers and range to the role when he could've played it like a cartoon character. We see that there's more to Dean than just demon hunting and snide remarks. We see his darker aspects as well as the tortured vulnerable side that is played perfectly by Jensen. For me, a good actor transports you to a different place and is able to not only make you forget that you're watching an actor but makes you care about the journey that his character is taking. In my opinion that is exactly what Jensen does with every role that he undertakes. He manages to make people who see his work care about his characters, and not just because he has a pretty face.
  • Jensen Ackles has it all,Handsome,Talented.Compassionate,caring,Gentleman!

    Jensen Ackles is one of the Finest young actors I have seen in quite awhile! He is a well seasoned actor and a good singer as well! His Hardwork and Talent for acting is finally getting the notice he deserves! Jensen portrayal of Dean Winchester is remarkable! One last thing: Jensen Ackles Totally Rocks!I have watched Jensen from he's soap opera days to his movies,Devour,Ten Inch Hero,to his Tv Series,Dawson's Creek,Dark Angel,Smallville,and now Supernatural! Jensen's new movie My Bloody Valentine which is due out in early 2009, should be quite a Thriller! Jensen Ackles is actually the Hardest working actor I have seen on the CW,from Supernatural to interviews to new movies and more! This is one actor that gives his all to his profession!
  • Could there be a more close resembelence to a god!

    He is the epitome of brilliance. Not just his looks but his acting talents. I have never seen him in Supernatural - I have never gotten around to watching it - but in Dark Angel he is incredible. He plays the tortured soul to perfection Aka - 'Polo Loco' & 'The Berrisford Agenda'. But he is also great as the proverbial tomcat, with his cheeky smirk and hot body. His best moment for me in Dark Angel is, as it will be for most DA fans, in 'Borrowed Time' when he steps out of the bathroom in that blue towel Grrrr. He is so cool and I just love him!!!!!!
    10/10 from me!
  • i love him.....and who dosent??????? :p

    Jensen Ackles was born in Dallas, Texas, to Roger Alan Ackles and Donna Joan Ackles (née Shaffer). After modeling as a young child, he began to concentrate on a acting career in 1996 upon his graduation from Lloyd V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas. In 1997, he received a role on the NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" (1965) as Eric Brady, for which he won a 1998 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer.

    After leaving "Days of Our Lives" (1965) in 2000, Ackles went to Vancouver, joining the cast of the James Cameron television series "Dark Angel" (2000). His first appearance on the show was in 2001 as Max's (played by Jessica Alba) disturbed brother Ben/X5-493. After Ben died, Ackles returned to the series in the second season as Ben's clone, Alec/X5-494, who eventually teamed up with Max and stayed until the show's demise in 2002.

    In 2003, he made several guest appearances as C.J. on the hit WB Network show, "Dawson's Creek" (1998). In 2004, Ackles returned to Vancouver and became a regular on the popular WB Network series "Smallville" (2001), which revolves around the life of the teen aged Clark Kent/Superman. His character, Jason Teague, was an assistant coach for the high school football team and a love interest of Clark Kent's ex-girlfriend, Lana Lang, played by Kristin Kreuk.

    Ackles returned to television in 2005 in the new WB horror series "Supernatural" (2005) in the role of Dean Winchester, who teams with his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) to road-trip across the country investigating the paranormal.

    supernatural is my favorite show.....:p
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