Jenson Button

Jenson Button


1/19/1980, Frome, Somerset, England

Birth Name

Jenson Alexander Lyons Button


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Jenson Button finally proved in 2006 that he wasn't yet another British driver who almost but couldn't quite make it in Formula One when he finally secured his first-ever grand prix victory at the Hungarian GP with a stunning drive that even drew plaudits from his most fevered…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • During a fun press conference on the British GP weekend, Jenson challenged Lewis Hamilton to join him in a triathlon for charity on July 27 after Lewis had earlier claimed that he was the fitter of the two and was willing to prove it. Unfortunately, Lewis' father overruled his son and withdrew him from the competition the following day.

    • Jenson finished high in the time sheets after competing in the Sevenoaks triathlon in May 2008. He took 91 minutes to swim 400m, ride 27 kilometres and jog eight kilometres around Knole Park, in the English county of Kent. He finished 16th of the 250 triathletes, about eight minutes behind the winner.

    • Jenson revealed his least favorite food items are steak tartare or anything too fatty.

    • Jenson was given the nickname, 'The Real JB', after he met James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan at a party when. As he walked away he said "Oi, Pierce, I'm the real JB". His friends thought it was hilarious and name stuck.

    • In July 2007 an announcement was made revealing Jenson would remain with the Honda Racing F1 team for the 2008 season.

    • Jenson was forced to sit out the second practice session at the 2007 Silverstone GP due to a back injury. Although it is thought he will be fine to get back in the cock-pit on Saturday, the team opted to play it safe and avoid aggravating the problem, which he picked up at the US GP, when he was caught up in a first-corner shunt.

    • In June 2007 it was revealed Jenson would compete in the 2007 Race of Champions (RoC) in England on December 16, 2007.

    • At the 2007 Malaysian GP, Jenson showed off his new girlfriend, 21-year-old model Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

    • In 1998, Jenson won the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award.

    • In February 2007, Spyker F1 designer Mike Gascoyne told the press that Jenson is not world championship material.

    • In 2006, Jenson finished sixth in the F1 Drivers' World Championship.

    • Jenson's first Formula One Grand Prix was the 2000 Australian GP. Jenson retired from the race.

    • As at end 2007 Jenson has participated in 136 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has finished 91 F1 GPs.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has been on the F1 podium 15 times.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has finished in the points 60 times.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has had 45 retirements from F1 races.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has won 1 F1 GP.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has had 3 F1 pole positions.
      As at end 2007 Jenson has had 1 fastest lap in F1 GPs.

    • Jenson's favorite foods are curries, fish and pasta.

    • Jenson lists his hobbies as ski touring, music and cars.

    • As of February 2007, Jenson lives in Monaco.

    • In 1997, Jenson won the Ayrton Senna Memorial Cup.

    • When Jenson was 18-years-old, Aged 18, he drove in the British Formula Ford Championship for the Haywood Racing team. He won the title with nine race wins.

    • In 1997, Jenson became the youngest driver to win the European Super A Championship.

    • Jenson's father, John Button, was a rallycross driver.

    • Jenson won his first Grand Prix on August 6th at the 2006 Hungarian GP, after 113 races.

    • The engines Jenson has raced with are as follows:
      BMW E41 (2000)
      Renault Sport RS21 (2001)
      Renault (2002)
      Honda RA003e (2003)
      Honda RA004e (2004)
      Honda RA005e (2005)
      Honda RA806E (2006)
      Honda RA807E (2007)

    • The chassis Jenson has raced with are as follows:
      Williams FW22 (2000)
      Benetton B201 (2001)
      Renault R202 (2002)
      BAR 005 (2003)
      BAR 006 (2004)
      BAR 007 (2005)
      Honda RA106 (2006)
      Honda RA107 (2007)

    • The teams Jenson has raced for are as follows:
      BMW Williams F1 (2000)
      Mild Seven Benetton (2001)
      Mild Seven Renault F1 Team (2002)
      Lucky Strike BAR Honda (2003)
      Lucky Strike BAR Honda (2004)
      Lucky Strike BAR Honda (2005)
      Lucky Strike Honda Racing F1 Team (2006)
      Honda Racing F1 Team (2007)

    • Jenson's approx. height and weight:
      Height : 181 cm
      Weight : 69 kg

  • Quotes

    • Jenson: (after Honda pulled out of Formula One) We need to stay positive in ourselves, and as one team, because if we're not, who's going to be interested in taking us over? It's either going to make us stronger or it's going to break us. One or the other. If it doesn't kill us, it will make us stronger.

    • Jenson: (revealing his shock as Honda pulled out of Formula One) I found out at the same time as everyone did in the team, so it's just as much of a shock to me as it is to everyone else. The first couple of hours were the most painful. But after that, I thought 'what's the point of being down?' I tried to look at every reason for it, and it's not going to change. So we've just got to try and stay positive.

    • Jenson: (on Honda's appointment of Ross Brawn for 2008) We have what we did not have before and that is real technical leadership taking us in the right direction. Technically we were very weak. We were lacking some quality aerodynamicists but we have them now, and they have come in with some great ideas. We could be challenging to win races in 2009, and also challenging for the championship. Next year is too early, but we will be looking to make big strides forward and perhaps we could be towards the front end in the second half of the season.

    • Jenson: (with another uncompetitive season like 2007, Jenson vows to quit Honda at the end of 2008.) The car was a complete dog, and I'm just not interested in racing like this any more. I'd love to win the title with Honda but I've got to start winning, and if I don't then I have to be ruthless. If I'm not winning, I don't give a damn who else is. It doesn't make any difference to me if I'm not in a competitive car. I can't be bothered with working my nuts off and qualifying fourteenth any more. It's making me unhappy.

    • Jenson: (on his 2007 season with Honda) It's been quite demoralising at times, especially at the start of the year when I first jumped in the car and thought 'this car isn't going to work.' Every time I jumped in it, it made me so angry, because you just weren't in control of it. For a driver that is the worst feeling in the world - an inconsistent car. If you look at this year's car, you think 'wow, how did we get it so wrong?' But I think that was because we went in one direction with it, and it was the wrong one.

    • Jenson: (asked for his greatest achievement outside racing) My girlfriend. I wake up every morning and can't believe my luck!

    • Jenson: (asked what he is frightened of) Losing. I think everyone that's sporty is. Not achieving your goals.

    • Jenson: (asked who he would most like to get stuck in a lift with) My girlfriend. I can't think of anyone else – I try and do it regularly in hotels!

    • Jenson: (asked who his favorite designer is) Clothing or car designer? I don't really know. I love 575 jeans and I used to quite like Dolce & Gabbana but now I just wear a lot of linen stuff. I've gone a bit more hippy since I've been with my girlfriend.

    • Jenson: (asked for his favorite race of all time) It would have to be one I've been in and that would have to be Hungary last year (2006). Winning my first Grand Prix.

    • Jenson: (asked who he prefers - Mansell or Piquet) Mansell. Because I like the guy and he's got a great moustache – or at least he used to have a great moustache.

    • Jenson: (asked which racing car, past or present, he would most like to drive) That's a tough one. I drove John Surtees' old car, the RA301, at the Tokyo Motorsport Festival last year. That was a great car to drive and I'd love to take it out round a circuit. Apart from that the old Le Mans cars would be nice – the 917 Porsche or the old Ferraris back in the day. Or the best Formula 1 car of all time which is probably out there at the moment! But I can't drive that so we've just got to build one that's quicker.

    • Jenson: (asked which racing car, past or present, he would most like to drive) That's a tough one. I drove John Surtees' old car, the RA301, at the Tokyo Motorsport Festival last year. That was a great car to drive and I'd love to take it out round a circuit. Apart from that the old Le Mans cars would be nice – the 917 Porsche or the old Ferraris back in the day. Or the best Formula 1 car of all time which is probably out there at the moment! But I can't drive that so we've just got to build one that's quicker.

    • Jenson: (confirming he would stay at Honda for the 2008 season) Although we are still very firmly focused on the current season, I am excited about the opportunity that we have for 2008. It goes without saying that 2007 has been extremely frustrating but over the past few races we have gradually started to see some improvement. We have not had the performance to be competitive this year but what we do have is a very solid team of people which has been boosted recently by some key new appointments. Every team has good times and bad and I am confident that our recent difficulties are now behind us and that next year looks promising.

    • Jenson: (revealing in 2007 that he would quit if Honda did not improve) There will come a time when I get bored of finishing eighth. I'm in this sport to win and I won't want to keep on finishing eighth at best, which is what I've achieved this season with Honda. To be honest, I'd find it too tough to handle. If this continues then maybe in a couple of years I'll just call it a day and go and find something else to do.

    • Damon Hill: (on Jenson in 2007) He has still got time, definitely. Formula One is constantly changing and there is always drivers' on the move and teams are always looking for someone with that extra special thing. I think perhaps Jenson is understandably a bit detuned at the moment, but he always looks cheerful and happy and I am sure he gives everything he can when he is driving. But it is just harder when you don't have that kind of clear track in front of you. Once you get close to the sharp end of any race, something else kicks in. It is difficult to define. He really does have to show now though that he is not prepared to just sit where he is. I think he should also criticise the team more if they are not delivering the car he needs to win. It is fair to do that - you can do that within the team and you can say things publicly as long as you are reasonable about it. It is OK for him to say 'I want to win too and give me a McLaren-Honda and I can do it - we need to work it out here somehow!'

    • Jenson: (on Wembley stadium at the launch for the 2007 Race Of Champions race) I'm really looking forward to competing in the Race of Champions for the first time this year at the new Wembley stadium. It's fantastic for me that this year's event is being held in London and it will be great to race in front of my home crowd twice in one season. I'm very proud to be representing England against some of the world's best drivers. We're especially hoping to beat the Scottish team led by my fellow F1 driver and friend David Coulthard!

    • Jenson: (when asked about Honda's 2007 livery) I don't mind what colour the car is as long as it's fast!

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