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    • Jenya is featured in Charmed trading cards as Inspector Sheridan, and Xena trading cards as Mavican.

    • Jenya is 5'8", with blue eyes and auburn hair. She also appears frequently as a blond.

    • Jenya has been featured in the Celebrity Skin magazine issue #152.

    • Jenya has done a number of commercials, including a series of them for Dove beauty and hair products, and for Nintendo.

    • Michael Worth, director of the western movie Ghost Rock was working with a very limited budget, so he talked a group of his friends into appearing in the movie. Jenya was one of them, along with Gary Busey, Jeff Fahey, Adrienne Barbeau, and James Hong.

    • Occasionally, Jenya is a guest actor at conventions due to her major guest starring roles in the sci-fi/fantasy genre shows Xena, Charmed, and Mutant X.

    • Jenya's Ten 'Til Noon co-star Alfonso Freeman said of Jenya, "I think there's many a gay guy who's seen the movie and might be reconsidering things, because she's so beautiful and talented. She's from Russia originally and you wouldn't know that as there's no accent or anything. I loved that look on her face where you almost get a softness from her... and then you see this vicious tigress that can take a life without thinking about it!"

    • Jenya was featured in an eight page spread for the Femme Fatales magazine issue #104, volume 12 #3 for July/August 2003.

    • Jenya is represented professionally by Don Buchwald and Associates, and is managed by John Hamner at Anonymous.

    • In 2006 Jenya won the Jury Prize for Best Actress Performance from the Philadelphia Documentary and Fiction Festival for the 2004 movie Killing Cupid. The movie itself also won an award for "Best Fiction Film" at the Hollywood Documentary and Fiction Festival.

    • Jenya provides the voice for the character Xenia Onatopp for the the 2004 EA video game GoldenEye: Rogue Agent.

    • Jenya took an acting class at the Shakespearean acting school Theatricum Botanicum run by Will Grier. One of her classmates was Renee O'Connor, who worked with her on the show Xena Warrior Princess. Renee didn't recognize her in her regular clothes at first, but she said of Jenya, "She's really lovely and has great presence. She's very simple, doesn't try to push too hard in her work. She's finding Shakespeare difficult because it's her third language."

    • English is Jenya's third language. She is Russian, and speaks Italian, as well.

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