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  • I've know Jerry since college and I've always know he would "make" it so I took a few pictures when we were in college so I could say I knew him "back when'. I'm glad to know he's living his dream. Keep up the good work.

    I saw Jerry in an old episode of Seinfeld which is odd since I don't even like Seinfeld but I watched all of the episode that Jerry was in and I think he played the French runner extremely well. I have also see him in some odd show on cable, don't know the name, and have stumbled upon him in a few other endeavors. I think the world has yet to fully grasp and understand the vast and deep talent of Jeremiah Birkett and when the world finally does, look out everyone. I look forward to seeing Jerry in his next adventure and I may even watch the zombie movie. I'm not big on horror movies, but for Jerry I'll watch.