Jeremy Birchall

Jeremy Birchall


Masterton, New Zealand

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Jeremy Birchall


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Jeremy grew up with a strong connection to theatre and dance, since his parents taught dance and English/drama in his home town of Masterton. From the age of ten Jeremy was involved in dance and theatre himself, and went on to study those subjects at Auckland's Unitec Performing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Jeremy has been involved in making several short films, including Three Martinis (2000) and Patients (post production, as of 2008).

    • In spite of playing the part of the cross dressing "Billy the Gay Guy" on the faux reality show Living the Dream, Jeremy is straight, and has a girlfriend.

    • Jeremy's theatre credits include:
      (2009-2011) Ooh Baby "Dr Guy Roche", Co Theatre Physical, dir. Margaret Mary Hollins
      (2009) Kairoa Glory "Town Mayor", TAPAC- AKLD Fringe, dir. Glen Pickering
      (2002) Orpheo & Eurydice, Auckland Chamber Orchesta, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1999) Cabaret, "Kit Kat Boy", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1996) The Changeling, Watershed Theatre
      (1996/95) Puff the Magic Dragon, "Uncle Wacko, Music Theatre Productions (New Zealand Tour)
      (1996/95) Noddy Goes to Toyland "Mr. Plod/ Mr. Sparks", Music Theatre Productions (New Zealand Tour)
      (1994) What the Butler Saw "Nicholas Beckett", Performing Arts School
      (1994) Kabaret "Jacques Brel", Performing Arts School
      (1994) Rakiura (Noh Play), Performing Arts School
      (1994) As You Like It, Performing Arts School
      (1993) The Birds, Performing Arts School Galaxy
      (1993) Medea, "Chorus", Performing Arts School Galaxy
      (1993) Spinning Tails, Performing Arts School
      (1993) La Traviata, "Actor", dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (1993) Carmen, "Chorus", Alan Smythe Special Events
      (1993) Grease, "Danny"

    • Jeremy sings in the light baritone/tenor range.

    • Jeremy enjoys playing tennis.

    • Jeremy has done numerous commercials, including those for Whitcoulls, Sky Digital TV, Cadbury Choc Away, Glassons, and Canon Business.

    • Jeremy has been a member of the dance squad for the Auckland Warriors rugby team.

    • Jeremy is part of the Loop Group for Power Rangers, and the movies Cave In and In My Father's Den.

    • While filming the faux reality show Living the Dream Jeremy was also editing a short film he made starring Sarah Pierse.

    • Jeremy performed as Danny in Grease, and there was a CD released of the production from Polygram Records.

    • In 2001, Jeremy was the National Hip Hop Champion (FISAF).

    • Jeremy is 5'10", with brown hair and brown eyes.

    • In 1998, Jeremy won the Reebok National Aerobic Championship in the Open Pairs category.

    • Jeremy is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Actors.

    • Jeremy Birchall appeared but was uncredited in the Xena episode "The Bitter Suite" as one of the singing warriors in the War/Peace number.

  • Quotes

    • Jeremy: (on his show "Living the Dream") It was exhilarating to only have basic storylines and you have to improvise it as you go along. There were no rehearsals or anything; just a meeting every day to block out basic storylines and then they just trusted us to run with it.

    • Jeremy: (on playing "Billy the gay guy" on the faux reality show "Living the Dream") Billy is extremely different from me. Billy dresses differently, walks differently, talks differently, and is much softer and feminine than me. It was exhausting. Even things like answering a knock at the door & I had to answer in Billy's voice and never my own to stay in character.