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  • One of the best actors, and my personal favorite. You will always recognize his distinctive voice-the way he rolls his 'R's. He had Sherlock Holmes down to a science, and after you see him perform, you will always picture Mr. Brett as 'THE' Holmes.

    I first saw Jeremy as Sherlock Holmes on a DVD of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." He was totally manic, a ball of energy, egotistical and could go from abusing Watson one minute to not being able to be without him the next. Seeing him was the first time I ever found a Holmes that matched how he was written-as a trouble genius. Brilliant, but needy at the same time. Jeremy Brett had so many of his own demons to deal with, it leads many people to say that he was "channeling" Holmes' spirit.

    My only criticism is that there are so few opportunities to see Jeremy, as many of his works are not released on tape or DVD yet. He is absolutely adorable as Freddy in "My Fair Lady" and for those who wish to see him in his prime, then try and locate a copy of "An Ideal Husband," a BBC play of the week from the early 80's, before Sherlock Holmes. His voice, and occasional over-the-top mannerisms (watch how he uses his hands) and especially his whip-fast grins make him such a special actor and so enjoyable to watch.