Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson


4/11/1960, Doncaster, south Yorkshire, England

Birth Name

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson


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Jeremy Clarkson was born on April 11th 1960 and has been enthused with cars since a very early age. He presents the BBC2 motoring programme Top Gear.


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    • Jeremy: (On putting Wales in a microwave oven) I put Wales in there because Scotland wouldn't fit.

    • Jeremy: Only last week I was at my children's sports day and as I lay in the long grass by the river drinking pink champagne and chatting with other media parents, I remember thinking, 'God, I love being middle class'.

    • Jeremy: (About the retiring of the Concorde) This is one small step for a man, but one huge leap backwards for mankind.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: (Jeremy talking about all diesel engines) Sure it's quiet, for a diesel. But that's like being well-behaved... for a murderer.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: (Referring to the BMW 1-series) I'm choosing the words for my conclusion with even more care than usual. So here it goes, the 1-series is crap.

    • Jeremy: (the "Top Gear' co-presenter talks about showing footage of Richard Hammond's accident) Half the world wants to see the crash so I'm sure we'll show it. We're looking into whether we've enough footage of a good quality to show it. I imagine we'll be using it in the first show. Richard has no idea what happened to him so he'll be as keen as everyone else to see it.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: (Referring to fellow Top Gear presenter James May) James is known to his fans as Captain Slow. He thinks dawdling is reckless and practises the art of what he calls "Christian Motoring". Mostly, this involves letting people out of side turnings and generally being Edwardian.

    • Jeremy Clarkson: (In reaction to having a pie thrown in his face at his Honorary Degree ceremony) Good Shot!

    • Jeremy Clarkson: Smokers pay £19,000 a minute to the Exchequer, and that's enough to pay for the whole police force. Or to put it another way, for every £1 we cost the National Health Service, we give it £3.60. Please don't encourage the state to dictate how I live my life."

  • Well his attitude...

    First of all i gotta agree with vishus1990 but expect his huge ego and idiotic principles yes his sarcasm gives another taste when we are watching the show but lets not forget this is a car show and sometimes him depriving us from some serious car info is annoying makes us laugh but for people who actually is interested isnt good, i can understant he has to appeal to a mass people but i believe it isn't good also him criticizing some countries and giving wrong info to the audience is another issue ( Some European Countries, Asian Countries , Middle East Countries ) otherwise its a good show to watch, laugh and learn about cars...moreless
  • One word, attitude.

    With Jeremy's obvious passion for cars, he fits into the Top Gear show perfectly. Top Gear revolves around car reviews, car testing and more recently challenges. It provides plenty of car knowledge for car entusiasts about all the new and upcoming cars and also is filled with humour throughout each episode, hooking viewers in that know next to nothing about cars.

    Over the years, Top Gear has grown, and in my opinion is quite a popular show now.

    Jeremy is the lead presenter, hes the one that interviews all the guests. Also he does a share of the car reviews and takes part in challenges, with his stubborn attitude and huge ego, the show would never be the same without him.moreless