Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Davies


10/8/1969, Traverse City, Michigan

Birth Name

Jeremy Davies Boring


  • Jeremy Davis behind the scenes of Lost.
  • Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday in Lost.
  • Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday in Lost.
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Davies was born as Jeremy Boring in Traverse City, Michigan. He's the son of children's author Mel Boring and is the second of four children. He moved to Kansas with his mother after his parents divorced. After his mother's death in the mid 1970's, he went to live…more


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    • Jeremy Davies: The creators of Lost are endowed with some seriously certified, god-size talent. For a misfit like me, an offer to make coffee for those gentlemen is one I'd find terribly difficult to pass up.

    • Jeremy: I'm kind of an agent's nightmare, because I've basically been hijacking my skinny acting career for years to turn it into film school.

    • Jeremy: I never expected that a misfit like me could get very far in this business. You know how competitive it is. It's almost like winning the interplanetary lottery to get anywhere within.

    • Jeremy: I have many strange pockets that are filled from my own life, different shades of dark and light, different colors. Rather than define a role completely, I like to make a selection and be aware of who I've been and how that goes into the character's perhaps twisted behavior.

    • Jeremy: If I have a page of dialogue, with ten lines on it, to arrive on the set thinking that's all I should offer, that would make me feel like I was insulting the director. I like to have so much more underneath. Each line I say is the consideration of a heartbeat.

    • Jeremy: (About his upbringing) I'm from America. I grew up mostly in isolation and had a really peripatetic youth. There 're many pockets of America that have echoes for me. But beyond stating that, which is fairly dull, I don't really want to get into my family.

  • One of the best actors in LOST. He play the role of a genius physician very well.

    One of the best actors in LOST. He play the role of a genius physician very well. Even though, scientific subjects in lost are extremely "crazy" with travel in time and such... He succeed to talk about these things in a manner that make them a little bit "acceptable". I mean here the manner of acting and not the content it self.

    Definitely a nice and "necessary" actor. Imagine Lost without a genius scientist that try to explain things a little bit. Personally, I think that even his appearance and voice are very adequate for his role. Great actor and one of the bests!moreless