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    • Jeremy Davies: The creators of Lost are endowed with some seriously certified, god-size talent. For a misfit like me, an offer to make coffee for those gentlemen is one I'd find terribly difficult to pass up.

    • Jeremy: I'm kind of an agent's nightmare, because I've basically been hijacking my skinny acting career for years to turn it into film school.

    • Jeremy: I never expected that a misfit like me could get very far in this business. You know how competitive it is. It's almost like winning the interplanetary lottery to get anywhere within.

    • Jeremy: I have many strange pockets that are filled from my own life, different shades of dark and light, different colors. Rather than define a role completely, I like to make a selection and be aware of who I've been and how that goes into the character's perhaps twisted behavior.

    • Jeremy: If I have a page of dialogue, with ten lines on it, to arrive on the set thinking that's all I should offer, that would make me feel like I was insulting the director. I like to have so much more underneath. Each line I say is the consideration of a heartbeat.

    • Jeremy: (About his upbringing) I'm from America. I grew up mostly in isolation and had a really peripatetic youth. There 're many pockets of America that have echoes for me. But beyond stating that, which is fairly dull, I don't really want to get into my family.