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  • Amazing!

    Jeremy Irons is one of the most talented actors I have ever seen. I have loved him since the first time I saw him on The Man in the Iron Mask where he played a priest, Aremous (I know I spelled it wrong). He did a phenominal job with that movie and that is still my favorite role I've seen him in. He did great in Elizabeth I and earned some long-awaited awards. He did wonderful as Tiberius in Kingdom of Heaven, though it was a minor role. He also appeared more recently in Eragon as the story-teller Brom and did great with that role also. Irons does a great job with characters in older settings, but every role he plays he does to perfection. I can't wait to see him in another role.
  • He's simply one of a kind.

    What can you write about Jeremy Irons?
    Well, if you ask me you can't wirte enough about him. He's talented, handsome, original and just amazing. When I first came across Jeremy I was 7 years old and I watched the Man in the Iron mask. I loved that movie and Aramis (played by Jeremy) was my favorite character. And as a child I watched the lion king, and the voice Jeremy's got is just perfect for scar. I loved it. As I grew older I kept watching his movies and I was just blown away by his amazing talent. For example in Chinese Box, Kafka and the Mercant of Venice. And his performance in Dead Ringers actually brought me to tears, which is something that doesn't happen too often. I have always been fascinated and always loved the Fantasy genre. And to see Jeremy in such films as Dungeons and Dragons, the Time Machine and Eragon is just heaven. I also loved him in both Kingdom of Heaven and in Elizabeth I (where he also got a Golden Globe award to prove how great of an actor he really is)

    I'm a great admirer of Mr Irons and wish him the best of luck in the future.